Rant Thread: What do you not like about Roman Reigns?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Feb 14, 2016.

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  1. Nearly everyone here doesn't like him, so here is a good why do we hate Roman rant thread.


    Most of people complain that Roman is hated because how WWE is pushing him like crazy. But most of it is because of his character, what character? Exactly! WWE just calls him "The Big Dog", and he just cuts weird ass promos like Tater Tots. He also wears a Bullet Proof vest which isn't necessary for him because of how muscular he is under it, but why wear it? To protect Vince's trophy from getting injured. Roman is also too protected, we expect that Roman Reigns from the end of TLC, that Roman Reigns which was in the shield to be around, the Destroyer one we liked. Vince is too scared that Reigns will get injured which is why he won't utilize him. Instead we get this very protected Reigns. At the Rumble this year, when Vince had the league take him out, it didn't sound like was laughing because he stopped him from winning, he was laughing because his trophy is now protected for a majority of the Rumble Match. He also acts hurt way more than John Cena in an average match, try 10-15 minutes down on the floor! I was giving him a chance around the end of last year but WWE had blew it at the rumble with him spending a good majority of the match backstage drinking beer with Vince over the fact that nobody was gonna injure him. But wha happened when he came back in the match? The whole crowded turned his back on him again, now WWE put him back at square one. And a massive pop erupted when he was eliminated because Monday wanted him to win! Now we all predict what will happen next, at Fastlane, Lesnar and Dean fight while a Roman just lays outside the ring hurt for 20 minutes until at the end when the Wyatts of course cause Lensar off Reigns takes out Ambrose with one spear and wins. It's obvious fact, and I'm pissed this will happen, because it ruins Mania 32. I can't see Reigns putting on a good math with Hunter, not after last year where against Lesnar he just got murdered until Seth cashed in.

    So yeah, fuck Roman, there is my rant, who wants to go next? XD
  2. He has potential but is a long way out thus far. Out of the three I always favored Rollins followed by Ambrose, and Roman was last. My issue with Roman is that Vince is forcing him too much. He is not getting the chance to build his character according to his talent. Instead of learning at his own pace, he is forced into doing things too fast which is why he is not good on the mic. In ring, he is entertaining but lacks passion. He can give and take decent but I don't really feel like he cares as much as some other wrestlers do.

    With that being said, no I am not a Roman fan... But I give him the benefit of the doubt. He can be amazing if Vince actually let him build his character.
  3. He feels fake. There's little to no personality to him that endears him to me. And when he speaks it's so obvious that he's reading lines off of a script. Why should I care for him or want to watch him wrestle when he does nothing that makes me pay attention and care for him?
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  4. Put perfectly.
  5. Stopspot is right. He also doesnt look the part at all (for the character they are trying for) and constantly is put in the spot you can see coming a mile away. They pair Ambrose with him so he can leak off the popularity and then shove it down their throats via him being his friends savoir. It's weak and annoying.

    How the entire angle is going annoys me and i expect to consider the Ic or even US title match as MOTN regardless of spot. In the favor of WWE, they REALLY could smark it out and make Fastlane filled with amazing matches that make WM really feel like the midcard runs shit. @Shadow knows what I am talking about.
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  6. Still feels like he isn't his own man. When Ambrose isn't by his side it feels like they picked a member from The Shield to do this or that. But without those cool one-liners and badass gimmick. When his music hits I still feel like The Shield is about to come out. Even though one of his saying it's one vs all, it never feels like it. And that doesn't work when you're supposed to be the top guy.

    So yeah, my main problem is his booking. Some people will dog his mic skills, but he's good when he's himself. His promos for vs Brock last year was great. He could incorporate more power moves as well, most of his moveset is strikes. I'd say that he should use the powerbomb, but that'd add onto the Shield stigma he already has.
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  7. He feels artificial, and forced. He can definitely go in the ring, but WWE restrains him to simple moves. Give him the Kevin Nash "swagster" gimmick, and let him cut any promo he wishes. It will work better.
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  8. Agree 100%

    It's fun to have a thread where I can just quote rather than offer any new information.
  9. You realize Kevin Nash Swagster Gimmick is 100x better than anyone who will use it. The guy bleeds cool, you see those grey hairs? That guy picks pussy today grey haired for 20 year olds who don't know WCW ffs.
  10. Softspot wins the thread
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