Rap fans, come in.

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, Jul 11, 2013.

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  1. Is this tune a candidate for one of the best rap songs of all time? I know it being mainstream inevitably hinders its chances, since hardcore fans have such a fetish for hating mainstream, but if you look at the rhyme schemes and lyrics here, it has to be a candidate. I'm a known die hard Eminem mark though and he is in my opinion the greatest rapper ever (or in the top 4 with Nas, Biggie, and Pac), but I'm pretty confident this tune is up there with the best.

    Wutcha' think?
  2. I wouldn't call Eminem the greatest rapper ever, but he's up there.
    Top 10 for sure and yes, it's an awesome tune. You pumped for Ill Mind of Hopsin 6?
  3. It depends what you mean by "best." Till I Collapse might be in the top 100 of all time, but it's certainly not in the top 10, or even top 20.

    It's not even one of Eminem's best. It's a solid song, but the subject matter is too superficial to be considered great. All he's basically saying (screaming) is that he's a good rapper and he's not going to stop being good. There's no deeper meaning to the song, no impact. It's just a song. A finely crafted song, but still...

    But that's just IMO. I prefer Eminem's darker work. His darker songs have a nihilistic magic that can't be replicated on tracks like Till I Collapse.
  4. It's solid but I agree with some of the points Laura hit on. Nate Dogg on the hook definitely adds a ton though.
  5. I was hopipng content wouldn't be a factor in the debate. You can't really make a list of 10 all time greats without the content I know, but if you put it like that, songs without real deep meaning will never get there. I don't agree with that ideology. I think there are rap tunes with more meaning than this, more impact than this, and a better overall effect than this - immortal technique comes to mind - but they aren't executed as perfectly as this, and the genius behind it just isn't there. The lyricism in this is original as fuck. Eminem (with Lose Yourself as well) outdone himself and 99% of others in his era with the way he was coming up with the rhyme schemes.

    I can not think of an Eminem song that's better than this, I'd love to hear one.
  6. IMO the GOAT Eminem song is Infinite, especially from a flow/rhyming point of view
  7. Tis' up there in a flow/rhyming point of view, but I don't think the delivery or flow is as good as this one. Though to be fair, he had more resources when he mad Till I Collapse, Infinite was pre-mainstream-success wasn't it? Still in my top 5 though.

  8. Yea it was before the SSLP
  9. Not even his best song imo. "The Way I am" to me is his best.
  10. I fucking LOVE Eminem, and this song is amazing. It took mere seconds of listening to love it.
  11. God no, I really dislike Eminem.
  12. Why though?
  13. It's the voice, and the stupidity in most of his videos.
  14. Eminem is good, but I don't think that song is GOAT.
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