Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Danielson, Oct 15, 2013.

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  1. What do you think?
  2. GOAT. Best song from the album so far.
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  3. Self Explantory. Em is a Rap God. Song is great
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  4. Its decent I suppose.
  5. honestly ive avoided his album so badly. Either im going to be butthurt as fuck (ill listen to every song twice before deciding) or i'll be amazed. I really liked what Eminem has done since moving past his crew shit and having to rock the almbums, but this is dogshit radio beat at it's finest.

    The thing i love is always pointing out this dude has a masters in english. That is cool as fuck. This is white people rap at it's finest. Cheap final lines, great lyrics but pushed too fast to let it soak in, and the beat is what 90% of the main stream idiots will flock to.

    I know you disagreed on my blu stuff but below the heavens is 100% more soul track hip hop and give me my flowers while i can smell them is inbetween Blu's good shit and the radio he wants to hit. I'd rather listen to Travie McCoy honestly.
  6. Nice, so did you like the song or not?
  7. It was main stream quality. Not really.
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  8. He actually raps about mainstream in it, pretty interesting. Not sure if i'll hear that on the radio though, we'll see.
  9. sig bet on it?
  10. The beat is awful, but the lyrics are insane. Best Em' song I've heard in a while. It's pretty incredible. Doubt it's going to be on radio since he mentions him rapping about kids dying, lmao.
  11. he hasnt had a good song in years.
  12. Rap God is a good song.
  13. you arent sure what a radio edit is, Crayo, are you.
  14. ..........read the post where danny says its his best song in a while. That is a reply. I meant before it chief.

    Learn2Read. Put the controller down for 30 seconds and read above before you post.
  15. Nevermind.

  16. Anyway, since we're not talking about that and are talking about this song, this song is good. There's too much for the radio to edit imo but I bet they'll try since it's Em. Don't care if it's on the radio since I am not a hipster faggot who immediately hates it for going mainstream. I hope there is more songs like this on his new album.
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  17. What's that? I was right?
  18. it doesnt become bad because it goes mainstream, champ. It gets worse because mainstream will work for it, only because it's Eminem, while the decent songs get wasted. This song isnt bad but it's not great IMO. Good lyrics, horrible beat, if Kanye put it out people would hate their asses off, bet on that.
  19. No they wouldn't, because Kanye couldn't spit these lyrics in a 100 years of trying.
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