Rap Legend at TLC, Zack Ryder and ADR comment on TLC

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  2. Face Alberto has a lot of potential, he could be a "badass"/take-no-shit type of face.

  3. His best friend is Ricardo. :haha:
  4. Wasn't it just DMC?
  5. They could've used Zack Ryder instead of the jobber Brooklyn Brawler.
  6. Ryder's tweet sums up his burial and misuse very well. :dawg:

    Looking forward to see how Del Rio's face run will be.
  7. Unsure, but yes. There's Run, then there's DMC. It would be impossible to have all of them there since the DJ is dead, it could be possible it was Run.
  8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run%E2%80%93D.M.C.


    Poor Zack. :Sad1:
  9. I meant as in just D.M.C the member.
  10. Ah like that.. :hmm: Dunno.
  11. They've really fucked Zack up.
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