Rape is a good crime to commit-- if you want to get away with it...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 5, 2013.

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  1. All aboard the rape express
  2. See, black people are always falsely accused.
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  3. inb4BlackMenRapeMost
  4. at least we get those damn injuns every time
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  5. *toot* *toot*

    I can see it being hard to prove in court
  6. Oh I thought those were Washington Redskins fans :jeritroll:
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  7. The thing about this chart, how do they know if the information is true? Anybody can easily say they've been raped and haven't. Wrong place wrong time can be for those who were falsely accused, but still jailed and we don't know. So many possibilities for a chart this big, not to say there are not a lot of rapists, but this kind of information is hard to narrow down accurately.
  8. You roll with DKFJ's bullshit penis chart without batting an eye but want to question my rape statistics? Oh hell no
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  9. Rape is a hard crime to prove in court.
  10. ya think? I'd always heard 'most rapes go unreported' but if it is really anywhere near this high of a % that is crazy.
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  11. Hey, I said Cali was a mistake :tough: Should have been number 1
  12. too many Asians
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  13. We need to get rid of Chinatown and anything math related :tough:
  14. Time for a rape spree?
  15. Way ahead of you bro
  16. In other news, a rapist is on the loose her on wwef.

    Seriously had no idea how few actually get reported, but why? Are people still dumb enough to think a rape kit wont help you get justice? I have to assume quite a high % are family/known to the rapist that go unreported.
  17. Thing about a rape kit is psychological. After being raped, do you think they trust even a doctor to touch them there? They lose insecurity and trust for nearly anybody. And yes, it is a high percentage. I know a good few people who were raped by their family and were not reported, one of them being part of my family.
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  18. Surely with the advances in DNA sampling it'd be easy to convict someone?
  19. I can picture someone like Jonathan taking inspiration from this thread. He'll go out and think "You know what, I'm going to rape someone because D to the Z said I can get away with it". Then he goes out there and tries it, but the woman overpowers him like the little girl he is and then rapes him. He'll come back to this thread and post some witty response like "Today I learned the definition of irony".

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