Rapper involved in fight at tonight's RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    - TMZ reports that rapper Wale punched a heckler in the face at tonight’s WWE RAW from Washington, DC.

    The story is that Wale was sitting right behind the announcers and was watching the show when a fan seated nearby began taunting him. This led to Wale punching the man in the face and the two started fighting.

    Security rushed over and broke the fight up, taking everyone involved out to a hallway. A few minutes later, Wale and the fan returned to their seats.

    Source: DailyWrestlingNews
  2. Never heard of the guy, but if he was being heckled, then he has the right to stop the heckler.
  3. What kind of moron goes to a WWE event and doesn't put up an emotional barrier. The fans are ruthless.
  4. Good for Wale. Heckling is fine but sitting close to the man and being damn right annoying 24/7 for no apparent reason is lame.
  5. Punching someone in the face like that is such a immature way to handle it.
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  6. There's a small video of it on world star. Not much to see though.
  7. I bet he was all "this will help my cred" lol
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  8. Never heard of the rapper, but it sounds like the fan had it coming. I'm surprise security let both guys go back their seats afterwards instead of escorting them out of the building, though.
  9. Sounds like the "fan" is a moron and the rapper is an idiot.

  10. Way to go Wale!
    Sometimes when you're at a wrestling event and all that adrenaline is pumping and some douchebag starts heckling or being annoying like that you just gotta punch em in the face.

  11. At least they didnt call him a recording artist or someone people should expect to know. Wale is on that tier of rappers who should have made it, but failed, making his biggest career moment on TMZ.
  12. I don't how many times I've seen updates on this thread and thought it was title "Raper in fight" lol. Funny how rapper and raper are only one letter apart.
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  13. [​IMG]

    The incident on RAW last night didn't stop Wale from going out after the show, here he is in a pic with Redskins WR Pierre Garcon, CB DeAngelo Hall and Ex-Eagles WR DeSean Jackson. They hit up a club in the D.C area about an hour after RAW ended which the show was in Norfolk, VA.. not far at all from DC.
  14. Meh.
  15. This pretty much sums up modern rap in general.
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  16. On a list of rappers I've never heard of and don't give a shit about... let's add WALE!! Next are his cronies SCOTLAN and IRELAN!!
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