News Rapper Performing Live on Next Week's WWE RAW

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    - WWE has announced that rapper Wiz Khalifa will be guest starring and performing live on next week's WWE RAW from his hometown of Pittsburgh.

    WWE wrote:

    "Khalifa is set to perform a medley of his hits, including a cut from the official soundtrack to “Furious 7,” which stars Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Vin Diesel and Jason Statham. He has two new exclusive tracks on the "Furious 7" original motion picture soundtrack, including “See You Again” (featuring Charlie Puth) and “Go Hard or Go Home" (with Iggy Azalea). The soundtrack will be available March 17."

    Khalifa tweeted:

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  2. Interesting, WWE seems to enjoy Wiz Khalifa, they used his song for Royal Rumble last yr.
  3. And WWE 2K15 I believe.
  4. This is the first guest I've actually given a crap about since Betty White (Don't judge me)
  5. Yeah that song with John Cena lol.
  6. eww steelers hat.
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  7. Well, sounds good .
  8. Not my favorite, but could be worst I guess. Dude did use a Pink Floyd song for the background of one his songs, so I kinda like him I guess.
  9. Even less wrestling on RAW? Woo hoo!
  10. Great! 10 mins I'll be able to skip.
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  11. Rollins will rap better than him!
  12. Wiz is great. I can't wait for this.
  13. modern rap lol
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  14. Hopefully Cena will perform their songs together.
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  15. John Cena rapping outside of the studio? I doubt it.

    Might be cool to see if he would be able to.
  16. Perhaps I wouldn't be [gladly] skipping this segment on RAW if only Cena were to come out and perform Basic Thuganomics.
    To hell with Wiz Khalifa.
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  17. Wiz mixtape > albums,
  18. Fucking gay all around.

    Lets get some Sabbath on Raw, then I'll give a shit about musical guests.
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  19. You said it bro, i'd love to see some Linkin Park or the Foo Fighters on Raw.
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