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  1. Go go.
  2. Nickelback/10.

    It was a fun RAW to watch, but the stream was unbearable. Nickelback at the start and end of every commercial.
  3. Marked for the intro and liked the old clips.
    But fucking stop showing Bob Barker, that shit was whack.

    Antonio/Flair segment was alright.

    The Rock Concert was good and short.

  4. Would've been 7/10 but fucking super Cena dropped it to a 6
  5. 7/10, thanks to supercena
  6. 8/10 for me and only because of Cena winning and kicking out of everything. If it wasn't for him I might have rated it higher.
  7. 7/10. It was one of the more entertaining Raws I've seen in a while.
  8. 7/10 for sure.
  9. This is going to be more of an entire show, segment by segment breakdown, review than simply just rating because I develop my score's for wrestling show by taking the average of each segment rather than just give off the top of my head based of my thoughts on the show as a whole. Basically, to get a more precise rating for the show, and as a benefit, I get to rant for an extended period of time and I love to do that. Also, I'll be repeating a lot of what I said in the discussing thread. Finally, I much prefer rating things out of five but I'll conform here and

    20th Raw Anniversary Review

    Opening Segment
    Meh. Vince's portion of it wasn't really entertaining, it was the same generic kind of promo that are unavoidable on anniversary shows. Makes totally sense to include it but that doesn't make it something fun to watch, just makes it hard to deduct points for. Then Big Show & Del Rio stuff happened and considering who was involved it was pretty good. Considering Del Rio's heel promo's in the past have actually caused me to change the channel because he was putting me to sleep (not exaggerating), I was pleasantly surprised that his performance here wasn't horribly boring. Big Show wasn't even that bad however, they failed to get me interested in the match. I couldn't care less about this rivalry or their upcoming Rumble bout and while that's not the fault of the segment, it is partially the fault of that segment that my mind isn't changed. I mean, the purpose of a the vast majority of segments are to get you invested in a rivalry, and get you excited enough to want to see the match. This didn't accomplish that.

    Segment Rating: 4/10

    Barrett vs. Orton
    It was alright. It had one nice spot involving the barricade, a great result, and just some decent wrestling. It's also interesting to note that this is the first of three matches where who received the jobber entrance still won their match.

    Match Rating: 6/10

    Team Hell No vs. Rhode Scholars
    Yeah, I'm tackling all these at once since there wasn't enough time to justify doing all three of these segments individually. The segment was pretty good, I laughed during it though I had several problems that really aren't big enough to address. The matches themselves were hardly long enough to mention too. The rating is the average of my ratings to all three portions of this.

    Rating: 3.3/10

    The Shield/Ryback
    I did not like this segment. Would've much preferred The Shield going over but whatever. That's personal bias, I understand why they didn't and it isn't terribly reasoning I suppose, so I won't bitch about this but Ryback's promo was terrible. I like Ryback, I do. I love his intensity during the match, I think he has a very fun moveset but this was my first experience hearing him speak and it wasn't a good one. Some really stupid lines, obviously "Feed Me Shield" was idiotic and the crowd didn't seem to buy into it. But that wasn't my favorite. Now, I'm going to quote him exactly. "Josh, I will not rest, I can not rest until I give back to The Shield, what they have taken from me." The only thing The Shield have taken from him was the WWE Championship, he even says something to this effect prior. So basically, he's saying he can't rest until he gives The Shield the WWE Championship. Because they didn't take away a beating from him, they took away the Championship (which he never had but in his mind he would've otherwise). So either Ryback is nicest guy on the planet or he needs to start thinking these lines through.

    Segment Rating: 3/10

    Eve Torres
    Firstly, the segment were she slapped Teddy was awesome, and I really enjoyed here "I Quit" speech taking into consideration of time she was allocated. However those weren't really big enough to even consider combining them with the match, but they certainly helped in my opinion that Eve Torres stole the show. The Diva's Championship match was great and I don't feel like a complete fanboy when I say that was completely because of Eve. Now of course, if Kaitlyn wasn't competent, it would've probably sucked, but she contributed nothing that really made it anything besides your run-of-the-mill diva match. It was like she was the opponent just be the opponent. But everything about Eve was incredible here; from the moves she used; from her selling, she totally made that spear look incredible; and even from her reactions and expressions during the match. I absolutely loved it. I don't really have a complaint outside of, damn she should've won and continued to wrestle (she should've stayed until Mania dammit) and I won't take off points for that because it's not the matches fault.

    Match Rating: 9/10

    Punk/Clay & Punk's promo
    This was easily Clay's best match and that's sadly not much of a compliment because I've dislike every Clay match and this was the first one I liked. Liked Punk mocking Clay by dancing, and I liked the finish. As for the promo, nothing spectacular but I liked it outside of the overuse of the word opinion. I don't know why, but it was kind of irritating.

    Rating: 5.5/10

    Sheamus vs. The Air Guitar Spirit Squad
    I love JBL. Anyway, this wasn't bad, some nice spots and Sheamus lost. Wasn't thrilled about Sheamus taking them down-post match but they won. Also, this and the Diva's match was the other match that the jobber match didn't matter.

    Match Rating: 6/10

    Miz TV
    *Sigh* This was atrocious. Cesaro was fine though I don't see why people were praising him because he's delivery was really lacking here. He almost, keyword almost, felt bored during each line he delivered. I also got two chuckles out of Flair, the car response and correcting Cesaro when he said it was twenty million. Everything else was completely unpleasant to my eyes and to my ears and that includes the montages (which I'll get too later). Mostly this goes back to the fact that I was never a fan of Flair. The "Wooo" contest between Miz and Flair was absolutely the worst and I'll never get the appeal of Flair elbow dropping clothes. Sorry, but a sixty year old man fighting his jacket is about as entertaining to me as half the wacky crap Hornswoggle use to do and I despise that midget and pretty much everything he's associated with. The only positive Hornswoggle moment that comes to mind is JBL kicking his ass. Anyway, let me formally apologize to comparing Flair to Hornswoggle, so everyone can put their pitchforks down but I think I made my point. Flair does it for most, not for me.

    Segment Rating: 2/10

    I feel like enough time was dedicated to these to warrant it's own section. The montage of all the old Raw theme sonfs at the beginning was an incredibly cool idea and I'm glad there was at least one good montage. They rest were terrible, two stand out. Bob Barker, that episode was garbage. Stop reminding me of WWE. And the AJ one, mostly because the framing device they used made them waste more time and gave AJ mic time. AJ should never have mic time. Ever.

    In fairness to this show, I won't rate this after all. I figure since my rating system doesn't incorporate weight (because I'm not doing all that math), this is the best way to aid the show's rating.

    Main Event
    I love bitching, I love ranting, I love intelligent discussions and debates about wrestling (hell, it's why I'm on here), but even I have my limits. You see, I started getting lazy around The Diva's match but my brain doesn't allow me to normally get concise, as my mind automatically thinks of every little detail that I can criticize or praise and just keeps going from there, which is why my posts are normally long. I can't help it once I get started, it's annoying but I can deal with it. That's why I don't want to talk about this match because I'm worried I won't be able to stop. I can put concisely, great match ruined by a terrible finish and I fear if I go any further than that I'll get on a massive tangent about WWE so I'll stop here.

    Match Rating: 5/10

    The Rock
    The Rock & Sock Connection promo was pure gold. The Rock concert was not. It goes a little something like this. The Heyman song was really bad and not funny at all. Fat guy's not seeing their penis wasn't funny when Family Guy did it, and it wasn't funny when Rock did. The Vickie song was awesome; I hate Vickie; it was legitimately funny; & Rock is not a bad singer. The stuff after with Punk was very good stuff too but it's nothing I really feel like commenting on. Great progression for the feud but eh, it was alright.

    Segment(s) Rating: 7/10

    Show Rating: 5.1/10

    So pretty much any average show. Back when I reviewed Raw's on a regular basis, it normally came out to 2.2-2.8 for the most part, and this comes out to 2.6 converted into the five point scale. If it was weighted, it probably come out somewhat differently but I don't think by too much. This wasn't good enough however to get me to watch a full show again for awhile, so this review is kind of a one time thing. But I am glad I watched it.


    Oh, and I forgot to mention, this blew the 1000th Raw out of the water (as that show sucked).
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  10. 7 because of Cena.
  11. Same, except for differing reasons.
  12. 7/10, only because we got the see Eve, Kaitlyn, Miz TV featuring Ric Flair and The Rock Concert.
  13. 7/10 because it was definately one of the better Raws we've seen in a long time. Still laughing at Rock for calling Vickie a "byatch"
  14. 4/10 just for kaitlyn,Ziggler and the rock concert the rest of the show was boring imo.
    I really had high hopes for this show i even heard that HBK and Taker were gonna show up,really disappointed :sad:
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