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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zardnaar, Sep 18, 2016.

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  1. This thread is to rate your favourite wrestlers of all time on a scale of 1-10 on 3 criteria. the Criteria are.

    Mic Skill

    This is about how good the wrestler is in ring in terms of variety of moves used, technical skill at wrestling, and in ring ability. A 1 for example is a crap wrestler probably a rookie who should not be in the ring an example of a 2 would be Zeus (from No holds barred)while a 1 is a guest wrestler who attempts to fight (as opposed to Drew Carey). A 10 would be AJ Styles maybe Shawn Michaels/Bret Hart.

    This is in ring gimmick or how entertaining they are to watch or how they sell their gimmick using non verbal skills. This would also include hijinks such as Mankinds extreme matches, Austins vehicular antics, Undertakers dead mans thing etc. Also can the wrestler do a decent job as a heel and a face?

    Mic Skills. Self explanatory. A low score would be Ultimate Warrior. A 10 is about as good as it gets and I would only award that rating to 6 wrestlers- Austin, Flair, Foley, Hogan, Rock, Shawn Michaels. A;lso the rating is an overall one from the heigh of their career vs

    Anyway a few.

    Hulk Hogan

    Technical 4
    Hogans move set is very basic even back in the day and there was also a routine to them as well. His leg drop as a finisher is also weak/boring.

    Performance- 9
    Being generous here as his in ring move set was fairly basic but it worked with the crowd. Hulking up and the finger point of doom YOU. I do not like Hogan much but he also reinvented himself as a heel in the NWO/WCW.

    Mic Skills 10
    Well Hulkamania existed for a reason. His mic skills were also some of the best of all time and you should see the crowds reaction when he turned heel in WCW, they filled the ring with thrown objects.

    Shawn Michaels.

    Technical 8
    Shawns in ring skills were great and going as far back as his Rockers thing he stood out with his high speed moves that stood out against lumbering big men like Hogan/AndreUltimate Warrior.

    Performance 10.
    Shawn has always gone over the top and it is funny to see up upside down on his head. From The Rockers to his ladder match to Mr Wrestlmania only a handful of WWE wrestlers I would rate a 10.

    Mic Skills 10
    Shawn is one of the best wrestlers to ever cut a promo both as baby face and heel. From his Degeneration X Oral Ofifce promo to his montreal reaction he got when e baited them with Bret the Hitmans Heart music.

    Overall I think Shawn is one of the greatest wrestlers of all time in all categories. A few can equal or beat him in some narrow areas but he beats a lot of them with his technical skill (eg Austin, Rock, Hogan).
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    The Undertaker

    Technical 9.
    This guy is a in ring pioneer he knows his way around the yard that's because it is his yard (1980's-2000 taker was way more active)

    Mic Skills 10
    He is the Phenom anytime we are blessed with a promo by the deadman is a blessing (Always strong and powerful messages with a undertaker promo) That is what Bray wyatt is trying to do (The Ministry of Darkness Undertaker was a talker)

    Performance 100
    If its in ring gimmick in the WWE none are bigger then that of The Undertaker from the cold days of paul bearer with the Urn and the appearance of Kane That internal struggle and back and fourth drama, the casket, inferno, hell in the cell ,buried alive matches all made for the Phenom. The man can make lightning strike indoors in a dome WTF! He is a wrestling god

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    I agree with HBK he is my 2nd favorite wrestler
  5. Masked Kane

    Technical - 8.5
    Performance - 9
    Mic Skill - 3

  6. :aj:

    Technical - 10
    Arguably one of the greatest in-ring performers of time and quite possibly the greatest high-flyer. Styles is a master in the ring. Smooth, varied and almost never fucks up. Styles is one of the few wrestlers who can be trusted to give it 100% and have a match of the night every time he performs and it's been like that for over 10 years.

    Performance - 8
    Styles has had his fair share of terrible gimmicks (thanks TNA) but he always tries his best to make gold out of it. In recent years he hasn't really had a gimmick, he's gotten to that point in popularity and experience where he doesn't really need one, AJ Styles is the gimmick and he's been killing it every show he's on, especially working the cowardly and cheating heel better than anyone else in recent memory, I personally adore how he hails back to older heel antics with pearl-haboring the opponent at every possibility.

    Mic Skill - 6
    That southern accent has always been a hinder especially when he was Christian Southern Boy Styles in his promos ("Don't you DARE talk about my JESUS!") but Styles has been showing in recent years that he is still an enjoyable promo. The man is especially probably the most enjoyable in WWE at the moment as we have all been spouting his recent catchphrases and his chemistry with Gallows and Anderson always helps. Now if you excuse me I'm going to go BEAT UP JOHN CENA!

    I'll just leave some of the worst promos of all-time here...

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    1st off LMAO
    Hey turtle don't you ever bring up that disgrace of a wrestler The American Badass Version of Undertaker How dare you! But in defense the ministry of Darkness taker was mentally unstable. Undertaker would smash Aj styles and Im a fan of both
  8. I liked American Badass most. :pokerface:
  9. Solidus your going to allow this mockery by the turtle of The undertaker to continue
  10. Everyone has their dark days I'll just leave this here

  11. You've done it now. You'e gone and made a big mistake.
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  12. I don't think I would giver undertaker a 10 for mic skills as I think a few wrestlers are better at it than he is and technical maybe a 7 or 8.

    Technical 8
    Performance 10
    Mic Skills 8 or 9.
  13. Hey I feel you Overall tho nobody can argue Undertaker is a 10 so is Shawn Michaels
  14. What you gone do turtle
  15. This is a bit odd because it's hard to look at our favorites through non biased eyes. I applaud people who can do it better than me, but there's just no way that I can't look at Ric Flair and just give him 10s across the board.... the greatest wrestler of all time in my view.

    I would say:

    Technical 10 Even though his move set became more and more limited when he got over, there was never another wrestler in my opinion who knew his way around a ring more than Ric Flair. don't think there has been anyone in the history of wrestling, in my personal opinion, who elevated more wrestlers to look better than they actually were than Ric Flair. I know a lot of people think Shawn Michaels, but I politely disagree. Michaels lacked the humility Flair had and very often would refuse to put over another wrestler if he didn't like them for some reason. Flair very often would put over guys he absolutely didn't like: Kerry Von Erich being a prime example of this.

    Performance 10 No one was cockier when he was playing the cocky heel. From the strut, to the wooo, to the disdain he had for his opponents. He could appear frustrated and it was obvious. He could and did switch from a heel to face during the course of the match solely based upon his actions. He could get his fans on the edge of their seats in worry by making it appear that he was completely outclassed.

    Mic Skills 10 In my opinion, the best talker in the history of wrestling. He reinvented himself over and over again and had more catch phrases than any wrestler I could think of. He was able to be a heel and a face without changing much.

    As Flair got older, he of course began limiting his move set. He also began taking on a more comical persona. But even late in his career, he was able to put on a few really good matches with Undertaker, HBK and Triple H. I enjoyed everything he did up until his retirement match with Shawn Michaels. To be honest, I just couldn't watch his TNA run but that's because I like to tell myself he retired against HBK.
  16. I would not give flair a 10 for technical wrestling as he was not really that varied at his height. 10 for mic skills and performance would be fair enough. There are a lot of wrestlers better in ring than Flair IMHO. Flair has also indicated he thinks Shawn Michaels is the best of all time (excluding himself). Flair might be the greatest of all time based on charisma and career, as charismatic as The Rock and Stone COld are their wrestling careers were kind of short in the ROcks case and Austin was at the top of his game for 3 years, maybe 6 as an A lister.

    Anyway Chris Jericho

    Technical 9
    IMHO Jericho is one of the best technical wrestlers and the only reason he doesn't get a 10 is I think there are better technicians than Jericho.

    Performance 9
    Jericho has always been good in ring, the scary thing is he can still have a great match in his 40's and can put over younger talent like Kevin Owens and his AJ Stiles work this year as well.

    Mic Skills 9
    I would almost give Jericho a 10 here but he is perhaps outclassed by Austin, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, Hogan, Flair, and Foley on the mic.

    Overall I am leaning towards Jericho being the G.O.A.T and is more or less the total package only beaten in that regard by Shawn Michaels. Very charismatic and a better wrestler than some of the greats.


    Technical 8
    Performance 10
    Mic Skills 9

    The Undertaker had a large amount of technical skills for a wrestler his size and is very good in ring, just not the best. Performance wise the Deadman persona has been over with the crowd for a very long time and he can cut a great promo but he is not the best at that beaten by various wrestlers I would rate a 10 and perhaps slightly by Chris Jericho.
  17. Yeah he was. Perhaps you need to seriously take a better look at his matches because there is a reason so many [people in and out of the business recognize him as the greatest of all time.

    Wasn't this about giving our individual ratings for our favorite wrestlers? Therefore it is a subjective measure that you asking and thus every point could be argued. If you were looking to start a debate, maybe you should have said that, but you simply asked for our opinions.
  18. The Miz (The GOAT)

    Technical - 7
    Performance - 6
    Mic Skill - 10
  19. Kurt Angle (Best Wrestler Ever!!!)

    Technical: 10
    One of the best technical wrestlers who very few can compete with. He is on a similar level to that of AJ Styles even if AJ is just a little bit better.

    Performance: 10
    Angle knows how to work a crowd as a face or heel and dose so in an amazing way. One of the best performers ever on a level similar to Chris Jericho.

    Mic Skills: 8
    The only "weak" element to Kurt which dose not allow a perfect 10 score unfortunately. But, he has proven to be a very capable performer on the mic. Only a small blemish on a near-perfect wrestler.
  20. Yeah I have not seen many of his NWA matches in the 80's or his 70's work. I'm not saying he is bad at all I would personally have him in the top 3 wrestlers of all time I just think he is a little over rated.

    There is also a difference between a wrestlers skill set and charisma which is why I think Flair is a little over rated.

    As charismatic as The Rock/Austin/Flair etc are I think there are better in ring performers. A company is going to care more about a stars draw power than in ring work though.
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