Rate ADR's current reign / 10

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Sep 16, 2013.

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  1. You know what to do. Post why you rated what you did.
  2. 0/10. I have no interest in the WHC title whatsoever. Seems like Del Rio has held the title for the past five years and has done nothing with it the entire time. I even forget he's carrying the WHC most of the time... it's how little I care. "oh right Del Rio :pity1: :facepalm:"
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  3. Even as a huge Del Rio fan, 2/10. His last reigns were better but I feel this one has just been pointless and a time filler until someone else steps up.
  4. I too have legitimately forgot many-a-time that ADR is the WHC. I only remembered he was in a feud with RVD when I watched NoC this morning.
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  5. I'd give it a 2/10. Del Rio is terrible on the mic, but pretty good in the ring, I'm just waiting for someone to take the title off of him so Sandow can cash in, to be honest. I don't hate Del Rio, I just believe he should be sent down to the midcard.
  6. After the Ziggler/AJ/Langston split at Summerslam, they should have given it back to Ziggler at Night Of Champions. That way, HHH can be pissed that a guy who spoke out against him is now champion and that's a third story separate from Bryan/Orton and Big Show that HHH can be heavily involved in. It also would highlight the WHC more and make it seem more important.
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  7. [​IMG]

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  9. Saying ADR is bad on the mic is horse pucky.
  10. 1/10, only redeeming thing was the match quality with Christian.

    Hasn't Del Rio been feuding for the World Title ever since he debuted? Feels like it. He hasn't ever felt like a guy worthy of holding a World Championship, he never had enough momentum or a strong enough character (or a character at all, really)... Out of kayfabe the dude is simply boring, don't see why they bother with such a strong push.
  11. 6/10

    the Ziggler stuff was all great. Everything since was pointless filler with Christian/RVD, but I just dig watching ADR wrestle PPV matches. It doesn't matter how little I like the build, once he starts wrestling on a PPV I enjoy watching him perform. Idk, I guess its just me.
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  12. 4/10 - Some decent matches but he is just so shoved down our throats and he has not really done anything to ever justify his reigns.
  13. I'd give his title reign a 3/10. Outside of his feud with Ziggler, it's been lackluster and the feuds with Christian and RVD have not been interesting. They haven't done a whole lot different with his split with Ricardo either.
  14. 5/10.

    His stuff with Ziggler was good, considering the double turn of the match, him putting on good matches is a plus, and the whole situation with Ricardo is slightly interesting, since WWE did at least try to make something look interesting about it. Although still, the title reign feels like something filler, I can forget that he's not even champion most of the time, but I blame WWE more than Alberto.
  15. I like ADR but even I can't put it above a 3, he out works 95% of the roster but they can't seem to work him out. They start off with a good thing then let it fade. He could have been a great Bo dallas style champ after NOC but they chose to chase a different route.
  16. 2/10 Every championship he touches becomes irrelevant. He has decent in ring (even though I dont pay attention to his matches anymore), but god does he need to work on his persona. I feel like I'm watching a low budget spanish soap opera whenever he comes out.
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  17. Thought this was an Aids post :happy:
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