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if you missed it you can watch above! AEW DARK is a appearntly weekly thing where AEW show the dark matches of last weeks episode of Dynamite for free to everyone on youtube and likely other platforms! so if you dont feel like watching it you can check out my recap below, shar eyour thoughts below rate in the poll above. And enjoy the show!

Darby Allin VS CIMA

After a intro from Tony confirm AEW DARK is indeed the dark matches from last weeks episode of Dynamite, we get things started with Darby vs CIMA.

CIMA immediately hits darby with double knnes into the corner to start off, cima tries to strike darby again but darby is too quick, this mans speed is inhuman and his agility is incredible, he flips around Cima like its nothing and takes him out and knocks cima to the outside, he does three dives to the outside onto Cima, then gets cima in the ring climbs the top rope and does the faith drop, but cima turns it into a powerbomb, then Cima hits a superkick and transitions to a submission.

Daby is so quick its incredible, Cima sets darby down goes to the top rope but darby gets up and stops cima sets him up in t eh tree of woe, nails cima once and twice Cima falls down.

Darby charges cima in the corner Cima gets a knee up, cima chops darby in the back lands a swinging DDT from the top rope for the nearfall. Cima lays a overhand chop onto darby allin, then darby returns the favor, then cima responds in kind, they go back and forth with chops.

Cima asks for darby to chop him darby acts like he will then htis a fluryt of punchs kicks and the hits a rolling stunner on cima for the nearfall.

Cima ends up hitting a wicked backstabber and then a perfect driver for a nearfal...this si a realy good match so far, cimas on the top rope (not turnbuckle) and springboards off of it to hti a meteora to the back fo darbys head for the nearfall, cima goes to the top turnbucle and goes for meteora but darby gets out of the way. and it leads to Darby hits a coffin drop on cima for the pin.

Great match

Lucha Bros, jack Evens and Angelico VS Private party and the best friends

This match is very hard to keep up with so im not gonna try lol, im just gonna share my thoughts as it goes on.

Orange Cassidy put his hands in his pockets and it gets a pop from the crowd, i love it lol, oh and there is someone dressed like him in the crowd that got a pop too LOL.

this match is a bit chaotic, i wouldnt be able to recap this even if i tried lol, i wouldnt get to enjoy the match, which i am, espacially prviate party, they are a bit of a standout, they are so great they work so well together, they are easily one of the best in the deviison, second only to Jurassic express in terms of how great they are.

I wouldnt mind private party vs jurassic express fighting for the AEW Tag Team titles

Oh my god orange cassidy dived from the top rope hands in pockets, great stuff even if hes not part of the match lol

Lucha bros just did a modifyed double team canadian destroyer, great stuff, a package piledriver and lucha bros pick up the win.

The Hybrid 2 is the name of the jack even angelico tag team, noted.

Really solid match. All these tag teams are fantastic.

Allie and Brit Baker VS Penelope Ford and Brea Preistley

We start off with Allie and Brea, after some exchanges allie tags brit and brea tags penelope....im just gonna call her ford lol.

had to go afk so i wasnt able to truely recap this match. but thus far its been pretty good.

This is a totally random thought, but i feel like the only thing AEW is missing is a The Fiend or Undertaker type character in their roster, their current roster is great, but i feel like they could use atleast 1 character like that that captures ones imagination.

Imagine The Fiend in AEW....Hell In A Cell wouldnt have happened lol, but anyway, onward an dupward with the match.

Its a solid match so far both teams doin really good stuff, its good enough and thats what matters.

the way justin roberts said 10 minutes gone by 10 remain legit mad eme lol.

Brit baker wins the match with a mandicle claw like submissio...thats irony if ive ever seen it, because i just thought of and talked about the fiend prior lol.

Jurassic Express VS SCU

This match should be fantastic

We got duelign chants of Luchasaurus! SCU! as Marko stunt and christopher daniels, marko stunt ha shim in a headlock and he switchs to standing straight up bringing marko stunt up with him hialriously.

these tow go back and forth and its great. Marko tags jungle boy in frankie tags in, Jungle boy is so great in the ring. after some back and forth frankie takes control.

franky tags in scorpio sky. has some offense tags daniels back in and they try to double team jungle boy but he gets away tags in luchasaurus crowd pops big time. THis guy si insanely over, he lays waste to daniels he tags jungle boy back in gets a nearfall.

jungle boy tags marko stung and does allmost a powerbomb thing onto christopher daniels for the nearfall. jurassic express does a beautiful 3 person triple team for a nearfall.

jungle boy has daniels in a headlock but he fights out, lays out jungle boy both men down and jungleboy tags marko in scorpio sky tags in.

More stuff happens. SCU double team luchasaurus AND OMG LUCHASAURUS SIT SUP UNDERTAKER STYLE! lol crowd loved it. Luchasaurus does his thing, he hits a chokeslam while marko and jungle boy takes out scorpio and frankie, then he htis a standing moonsault for the nearfall...more stuff happened but i had tech issues but i saw the match and how it ended.

Which is to say SCU pinned marko stunt for the win. Really good match, Luchasaurus is so over its crazy, he is super talented and deserves it.

And that was AEW DARK! so share your thoughts below rate in the poll above and i'll see yall tomorrow for AEW DYNAMITE!


President of DAOKO Stan Club
I won't give a rating as I only watched two matches, but the CIMA v Darby match was laughable as I thought it would. The Women's tag match was good, though it would have been better if Ford wasn't involved as she looked stiff. Allie and Britt looked good as well as Bea, and I am interested to see where Bea's and Britt's rivalry goes from here.

white crow

The Serbian Butcher
I don’t feel like the goal was to make it especially good anyways. It came out to be something like “WWE Superstars” former show except it was better. Matches were interesting and I liked Arn’s talk so I’mma give it 6/10
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President of DAOKO Stan Club
I don’t feel like the goal was to make it especially good anyways. It came out to be something like “WWE Superstars” former show except it was better. Matches were interesting and I liked Arn’s talk so I’mma give it 6/10
Agreed, and I will say if I did watch the whole show 6/10 is what I would probably give it
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Grievous 3D

[Title Redacted]
Love your work InsaneAlphaBeta InsaneAlphaBeta


AEW Dark #1 Notes!


~ Hey Tony...

~ Allin vs. Cima
was pretty solid...& I find Darby Allin to be an
interesting performer...he's very unique in a skinny, speedy,
depressed kind of way. Also it was good to see him finally hit
a Coffin Drop...even though the commentators seemed to be
repeating themselves throughout the match.

Come on guys...mix it up a little...

~ Lucha Bros/Team Puke Green vs. Private Party/Best Friends...

& there was a lot of talent in this match...perhaps a little too
much talent as this was a very "messy" match with so many
bodies being involved. Orange Cassidy is good value however.

~ Allie Hugs & Dr. Baker vs. BP & the Luscious Ms. Ford...

& I swear I've never really liked blondes until I came back to
wrestling...Penelope Ford is very, VERY yummy in a Porn Star
kind of way. You just know the "Other" company would be
"pushing" her...if you know what I mean.

This match was pretty cool & it was good to see Allie get some
kind of win...even if Britt earned it with that weird "Rings of Saturn
x Mandible Claw" submission hold.

I think the AEW Women's Division is still kind of "scattered" at
the moment...although I'm glad Riho won the title & Brandi
hasn't been the overall central focus...yet.

And we get my Boys the Jurassic Express vs. SCU...&...Ugh...
look...I don't expect every one of my "favorites" to win every time
I watch an AEW event...but can the Jurassic Express win a match?
Please? I'm just concerned if Luchasaurus keeps being booked
on a losing team...the fans will just see him as talented loser with
a cool gimmick. Can we perhaps have the Big Lizard start winning
a few singles matches? Like we need to give him some proper
momentum right?

This match was good...but not as good as the match these teams
had a All Out.

Random Thoughts:

~ I like the format...
~ Hearing & seeing Tony Schiavone again has been really cool...
& has triggered many a memory of old Nitro shows...
~ HOWEVER...the arena crowd was EXTREMELY flat for these
matches compared to the actual Dynamite show they were filmed
at & I think AEW needs to record these "Dark Matches" before the
true broadcast starts...not after it ends.Perhaps have a limit of two
match & use the rest of the time on "Dark" for vignettes, recorded
promos & hype packages for the "main" feuds.

Again that's just my opinion on the matter...and I'm not telling these
guys how to run/market their product.

All in All...

I is liking the AEW...

Its not perfect...but I prefer it to that "Other" Company.


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