SPOILER! Rate AEW Dynamite! 1/1/2020

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Guardian of Light. The Dave Meltzer of WWEF

Hey everyone! welcome to the rate AEW Dynamite thread and recap! its the first episode of Dyanmite! happy new year! So rate in the poll above share your thoughts below. And i will see yall tomorrow for the ratings!

Darby Allin VS Cody

Great m atch so far, lots of great wrestling and back and forth action, really smooth reversals fun high spots. Darby allin is one of this companys biggest stars and is always fun to see in the ring.. Cody is also great in the ring aswell.

Darby with the top rope canadian destroyer during the commercial break for the nearfall, great move.

Cody picks up the win with a small assist from Arn Anderson

Nyla Rose VS Hikaru Shida VS Britt Baker VS Riho. AEW Womens Championship

Okay i must admit, Hikaru SHida is my favorite woman on the AEW roster lol

Man the crowd really wanted Hikaru Shida to win, as did i, when she didnt win they were mad lol, so hopefully she will get the push she deserves. Riho won with a rollup.

Jon Moxley VS Trent

This was a really physical match and a good one at that, really enjoyed it.

Dustin Rhodes VS Sammy Guvaura

THis was a really good match, Dustin doing a canadian destroyer was insane, and ofcourse sammy won with help from jake hagar

MJF has a chat

MJF is one of the best heels in the industry,, he cuts a great promo and named the sipulations for his match with cody,, which ofcourse was that cody cant touch him, and if cody wants the match he has to beat wardlow

Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks VS Lucha Bros and PAC

A fantastic main event to end the show, solid tag team action, The Elite of Kenny and the Young Bucks get the pin and The Elite stand tall to close the show.

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