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The "Narrow Minded" Dave Meltzer of WWEF
Hello everyone and welcome to the rate and recap for AEW Dynamite! if you are one of the few who read the recap you'll notice its a bit different, rather then play by play ima just review the matches and segments after i watch them. as i wanna enjoy the matchs and such lol. So as always rate in the poll above share your thoughts below, as i review and recap AEW DYNAMITE!

ALSO! dont forget to check the Wednesday Night War thread tomorrow to see how AEW did in the ratings!

SCU VS Best Friends

What a great way to start the show, These two teams put on a great match, lots of great moments and fan service, giving fans the stuff they wanted in the match, like the best friends hug spot, or scorpio sky and his shoes. Notably this started with SCU being attacked by Lucha bros, Pentagon did a piledriver to christopher Daniels on the ramp so scorpio sky had to take hsi place and the crowd loves them.

They put on a great match with SCU getting the win and advanceing in the tag team tornament, great match and a great way to start the show.

Next up Santana and Ortiz are in action.

Santana and Ortiz VS John Silver and Alex Rennils

So this was a squash match to showcase Santana and Ortiz, these two are great, i remember them as L.A.X. they are such a great team, super talented, but this was a squash match, so ti could only be so good, squash matches have limits..oh HI jericho on the titantron.

Jericho cut a great promo, saying that Santana and Ortiz challenge the Young Bucks to a match at Full Gear...thats gonna be one hell of a match.

Next up we got a promo package of Cody about his battle with Jericho at full gear, the production quality the music, its so damn good, its so good, it legit made me want cody to win despite his position in the company, which is incredible.

God damn that promo package was fantastic, this is why i love AEW and want it to succeed, and so far it is, its great.

Riho VS Brit Baker - AEW Womens Championship

This is a pretty good match, i can easily see Brit Baker being the face of the womens devision of AEW, it wasnt as good as the prior matches but still pretty good, solid match with Riho retaining her title.

Jurassic Express VS Lucha Bros

Sadly no Luchasaurus as he has a thigh injury, hopefully he heals soon, his talent is incredible, luckily Jungle boy and marko stunt are great too.

Pentagons outfit looks awesome, just wanted to point that out.

THis was a really good tag team match, with The Lucha bros going over, sad Luchasaurus wasnt there but thst is okay, Marko stunt did pretty good, there was a odd tag moment, rey fenix was in the corner inside the ring and pentaon tagged in, which made no sense because rey was in the ring, so he couldnt have tagged in, but he did, little mistake but didnt hurt the match too much.

PAC and John Mocley VS Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega

So far best match of the night, these 4 men are great in the ring and it shows, i can see all of them being AEW champion at some point in the future easily, and Moxley flipping off PAC and leaving him for dead after hitting Death Rider was so great, love it.

THis was a great match as i said, And now, the maine vent.

Chris Jericho VS Darby Allin - Street Fight - AEW World Championship

A fantastic main event to the show, this was a great match and i seriously think Darby Allin is the future of AEW, Jericho tied his hands up behind his back and he still did great, fantastic match and a great end to the show with Jericho winning thanks to a assist by Jake Hagar.


Well that was the show everyone! i thought it was a solid 8/10 9/10 show myself, as always rat ein the poll above share your thoughts below, and have a great night!


The Lunatic Fringe
Keeping consistent with a 9.
There was a few areas that felt slightly awkward, and a couple notches, but it's to be expected. They're still figuring each other out.
The intro of the show was great, unexpected. Although it was obvious that scorpio sky was a bit delayed running down the ramp.. en whatever. The match itself was great and he was doing so well he even got a fucking shoe over with the crowd. That was hilarious.

Santana & Ortiz squashed the jobbers. Which I'm fine with for now. Builds their brand a bit more. As I said in chat last night, sometimes a squash match isn't a bad thing.

The cody promo was greatness. Chills.

Britt Baker vs Riho was alright. This is where some of the awkwardness came in though. There was a couple times you could visually see they got their signals mixed up and it made for a few odd seconds. But all in all it was decent. Great reverse at the end for the pin. Unexpected.

Lucha bros vs Jurassic Express (minus the Jurassic)
This was mostly a 1 sided beat down which was to be expected. Marko stunt made these guys look like giants lol

Mox/pac vs omega/page... excellent. This was every bit of awesome that it needed to be, topped off with a big ol "fuck you buddy" hits the finisher then leaves pac there for the taking. Showing mox doesn't really give a shit about a win loss record, and keeps to his character of not needing anyone else. Just great all around action all match. Very pleased.

Chris Jericho vs Darby Allin
As if his star wasn't already starting to shine, Darby got the push of a life time. Those hands behind the back moves were so impressive. My God his athleticism. Looked a bit scary there when he did the flip off the top turnbuckle. Was worried for a second he didn't flip enough and was going to come down on his head, but he pulled it off.
This was also all it needed to be. I know the crowd was a little dissatisfied with the lack of weapons and brutality. But it was fine in the end. Also the rope breaks... why does nobody understand this? Jr made mention a few times before the match even began about rope breaks. It's not a huge deal. Then by the end allin wasnt able to get a rope break so whatever lol. I thought it was good. Even the Hager interference was acceptable to me. It didnt hurt jerichos character, it kept the inner circle consistent. Hes the enforcer... he will help out whenever he needs.
Some say the show cut out too quickly which it might have but I'd rather have that then another 10 minute brawl for a 3rd week in a row.

9/10 for me. Keep up the consistency AEW!
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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
I’ve seen only the first hour so far so I’mma restrain from rating and definite comments until I finish it. What I’ve seen so far was very good, but still visibly worse than last week.

The Sheik

The Architect

The Cody video package was really good, they need to start doing that with the younger guys. A lot of these wrestlers are just doing matches and the fans know nothing about them.

The final two matches were great. Darby Allin is going to get over huge in AEW, they need to do something big next week with Mox and Omega, the heat just isn't there anymore. It should feel like a bigger deal.

Chris Jericho is also so good at getting over talent, his faction to his opponents. Jericho is the GOAT.


Formerly 'Grievous 3D'
AEW Dynamite Notes!


And the show is kicking straight into the action with SCU...&
the Lucha Bros are are on the attacks! And a package piledriver
to Chris Daniels on the ramp! Jiminy Cricket!

+ SCU vs. The Best Friends +
~ And the Best Friends are working heel in the match? Kind of?
~ The crowd is hot! I love these AEW crowds...
~ HA! Someone threw his shoe back to him! Nice!
~ Everyone is over! Cheer for everyone! Yay!
~ And SCU get the upset(?) win...and while this was a good match
it makes the Best Friends look kind of lame...

+ Ortiz & Santana vs. Alex Reynolds & John Silver +
~ Why was this jobber entrance so long? WTF is going on?
~ And Ortiz & Santana get the win in this squash match...

+ Jericho Backstage Promo +
~ Ortiz & Santana vs. The Bucks of Youth at Full Gear? Sounds
good to me...

+ Cody Vignette +
~ It was okay I guess...you have to hype up this pay per view
matches & this did a fair job at that. Its interesting that
Jericho is cutting promos while Cody so far has only used
a couple of vignettes...

~ There was a long pause between the end of the vignette &
the next match. Stop wasting time AEW!

+ Princess Riho vs. Dr. Britt Baker +

~ Riho is such a sweetie...I just want to give her hug!
& No! No that kind of hug...although I wouldn't say no...
~ And I honestly thought they would save this match for Full Gear...
~ Britt looks good in that crimson pink outfit...
~ This match "felt" off at the start...but it got better as it went along...
~ Oh...so that awesome submission hold Britt uses is called
"The Lockjaw" which is a cool name for it...
~ I love it when Riho does the "Matrix Escape" even though
the AEW commentators don't call it that...
~ I have to be honest & say Britt Baker hasn't really done
anything to impress me yet...
~ That was a very close 2 count on Riho...in fact it was a
little too close to the point that the crowd didn't like it...
~ Single Leg Crab by Riho!
~ Wow! Riho was quick to climb the ropes for that double stomp...
~ OH SHIT!!! Britt nearly has Riho in the Lockjaw!
~ And Riho gets the win with a beautiful counter...YAY!
~ So who does Riho face at Full Gear?

+ Jurassic Express vs. The Lucha Brothers +
~ Wait a second...Where.The.Fuck.Is.Luchasaurus?!
~ Luchasaurus is injured? Really?!
~ Apparently Luchasaurus is really hurt...which is just the worst
timing ever...
~ I see Private Party are in the crowd...
~ Pyro for the Lucha Brothers...
~ I don't normally say this...but Pentagon looks wicked tonight...
~ And Aubrey Edwards is the ref...& she is just lovely...
~ The crowd seems to be into the match...which is fine...although
I was really hyped to see Luchasaurus wrestle against Pentagon & Fenix...
~ Those chops are fucking nasty as hell...
~ J.R his name is Jungle Boy...not Jungle Jack!
~ Dude...I don't really want to watch Marko Stunt get the piss
beaten out of him...just saying.
~ Arm Breaker by Pentagon!
~ And the Lucha Brothers get the win...and while the match was
solid & pretty entertaining...I'm honestly just pissed Luchasaurus
wasn't involved...

+ Pac & Jon "Rabid Chipmunk" Moxley vs. Hangman Page & Kenny Omega +
~ Can I just say I think its awesome that both Pac & Moxley even work
for AEW...both guys look so much better working for this company...
~ Nice "Entrance Promo" by Moxley...the guy is clearly loving his
wrestling again...
~ Moxley has a mic...& he doesn't like commercials either...
~ Pyro for Omega...
~ Is Moxley using a Texas Cloverleaf?
~ Did Moxley just a hit a Boss Man Slam?
~ Moxley & Omega are beating the piss out of each other...
~ & now barbed wire weapons...
~ And Pac gets rid of the weapons...
~ And Moxley turns on Pac & now he's leaving...
~ And Omega & Page get the win as Pac is pinned for the first
time in AEW...but he was protected by that finish...

~ And I can hear J.R & Tony talking? WTF?!

~ And we are getting Pac/Moxley next week? SWEET!

+ Chris Jericho vs. Darby Allin +
~ I really like Darby Allin...the guy is very interesting to watch...
~ And Aubrey Edwards is the ref...& I like that...
~ Judas is great entrance theme...
~ Pyro for Jericho...
~ Jericho wearing a shirt while wrestling is weird...
~ I wish Aubrey Edwards would push me around...stand on me...
tell me I'm dirt...Yes...I have issues...
~ No one in the crowd believes Darby is winning this match...
~ Is that duct tape? WTF?!
~ And Jericho gets the win thanks to Jake Hager...and the
Inner Circle stand tall at the end of the night. That was
a great showing by Darby Allin even defeat.

+ Random Thoughts +
~ So my "version" of this show had no "Picture in Picture"
commercials which I liked...
~ The injury to Luchasaurus is VERY disappointing...but
hopefully he will be back sooner rather than later...
~ Riho vs. Britt Baker was good...but Britt Baker just seems
a little awkward to me...does anyone else see that?

+ Final Thoughts +
Honestly...I'm just happy to be able to watch a wrestling show
that doesn't make me cringe. I find AEW very refreshing as a
product & I would gladly wear a T-Shirt representing the T-Shirt

8 Out Of 10...


The Lunatic Fringe
I've been wondering if the luchasaurus injury was real or a work. It would make sense. Covers the story better for why the JE lost the match, 2 young rookies getting beat up. If the dino man was there it could look bad on him. Plus it gets both jungle boy and Marko stunt more tv time + experience... idk though it could be a legit injury and if so I hope he's better soon.

Suplex Idol

Master of the Suplex
I've been wondering if the luchasaurus injury was real or a work. It would make sense. Covers the story better for why the JE lost the match, 2 young rookies getting beat up. If the dino man was there it could look bad on him. Plus it gets both jungle boy and Marko stunt more tv time + experience... idk though it could be a legit injury and if so I hope he's better soon.
He got legit injured

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