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The "Narrow Minded" Dave Meltzer of WWEF
Hello and welcome to the only show that isnt controlled by a old man who will probably need life alert by 2020.....


Hello everyone welcome to the rate and recap of AEW Dyanmite! as always leave your thoughts below rate in the poll above, we got a packed show tonight, the first ever AEW world champions will be crowned, got some great matchs good matches, more promos and just a good time, so enjoy the show! share your thoughts, as i recap and review AEW DYANMITE!

The show begins with Tony Schavoni...shavony? i forgot how to spell his name lol, anyway him and cody getting ready for the contract signing of Codys match against Jericho at FullGear. And then we get a recap and bonus footage of the aftermatch last week, showing the Moxley PAC match and what happened after it ended, Moxley wa soutraged and went backstage and spoke with tony khan behind a closed door, saying their match ahs to be a lights out match, unsanctioned, moxley basicly says what happens to omega is on you and he leaves, it was a great recap. and a great way to start the show.

Hangman Adam Page VS Sammy Guevara

yes i know i derped sammys last name lol.

A really solid start to the show, Sammy and page have a really good match to start the show, great moves reversals back and forth, just a solid all around match, i enjoyed it.

Adam page cut a promo at the end, said things havent been goin well for me lately, but tonight? tonight felt good, at full gear ima do some real coyboy shit, and takes PACs head off, the crowd chants cowboy shit as

Next up we got some womens action.

Shanna VS Hikaru Shida

Seeing as i didnt have much to say about the previous match, i will give commentary on the match as it goes on....unless ofcourse yall prefer the shorter summery, give me your thoughts below!

So shannna is a new member of the AEW womens devision from france, appearently she is very skilled in the ring so we shall wait and see, got some solid wrestling to start Shanna hhas soem good athletic ability rolls through and takes control, tries to dive outside but Shida hit her with a knee.

Shinda just set up a chair and ran, using it to leap and knee shanna in the face, nice move.

So far id say this is a average match thus far, its not great but it certainly aint bad, right in the middle, for now atleast.

I do think Shanna is a welcome addition to the AEW womens roster, it feels like it could use a few more people in it, same for the main roster.

We come back from commercial and shanna does a double stomp while shida was caught on the second turnbuckle, got a extremely close 2 count, so clsoe the crowd said 3 lol, great moment and shanna is slowly getting over

Shida just hit a wicked move, like a piledriver but like pages deadeye, we got shida chants shannas on the apron shida on the top rope grabbing shanna and hitting a suplex from the outside to the inside.

nice sequence between these two with rollups, so seemless, great job,

THis match started slow but has picked up and went from a average match to a really good match, Shida finally won with the knee strike, great performances from both women, Shanna definately earned soem fans tonight.

So chris van fleet comes out and starts to interview the rock n roll express, then Ortiz and Santana comes out and attacks them getting massive heat, young bucks come out for the save ortiz and santana run. good stuff.

Best Friends and orange Cassidy VS ..i forgot their names lol.

THis was a okay match, definately weakest match so far id say, orange cassidy is so over, and who would have thought that the biggest heat someone could get would be to stop a hug from happening lol.

Cody Rhodes VS Chris Jericho Contract Signing

So they sign the contract, chri sjericho says their match is the most important match in the wrestling world, and if cody wins he will achieve his dream of being a world champion, if he fails he will be a failiure, Jericho says hes gonna teach cody a lesson at Full Gear, about how he is a loser.

Jericho invites cody to shake his hand and cody accepts but pulls jericho closer, then jericho says i can do this all night, but you might be needed elsewhere, then on the screen behind them sammy guevara is seen and jake hagar is beating up dustin, slamming him on the limo and smashing his head on the limo, denting it, great angle.

THe Hybrid 2 and Kip Sabian VS The Elite

kenny omega legit is dressed as SANS from undertale....i love it lol.

Ive learned that recapping a young bucks match is next to impossible unless you are watching in slo mo LOL, so i ddint bother even with commentary because its so freaken fast, either way it was a reallly good match, loved it.

So the librarians come out and peter starts to cut a promo, and then Moxley comes out through the crowd and lays out peter avalon with a Paradim Shift and cuts a great promo, i cant recal it all right now, but man it was great.

And now its time for the main event.

Lucha Bros VS SCU - AEW Tag Team Championships

This match quickly breaks out of control to start and there are some great exchanges between both teams, pentagon takes control of frankie and hits a piledriver for a nearfall.

the atheletic ability of these teams is fantastic, espacially rey fenix running the ropes like its nothin, incredible stuff.

A great sequence where lucha bros throw scorpio into frankie and scorpio lanuches frankie into lucha bros knocking them both down, awesoem spot, these teams chesmastry is on point right now.

great double team move by scu, knocking fenix on the ropes, scorpio kicks his face he falls back into frankie who does a back suplex for the nearfall.

OKAY I NEED TO RECAP THAT SPOT! OKAY! so rey fenix has frankies hand, he runs to the corner, runs up it to the ropes, splits his legs apart to dodge scorpio and plants his feet on the middle rope, bounces back up to the top rope and continues his move on frankie...goodness rey fenixs ability is top notch and out of this world, amazing spot.

Reminder whoever wins this match becomes the first ever AEW tag team champions, honestly it doesnt matter to me who wins, both teams deserve it.

Ouch, frankie tried a hurricane ranna on the apron but he landed on the apron in a not to good way, he seems okay though.

The canadian destroy will never not look wicked, this match has been fantastic so far, great way to end the show, love it.

I hope the rock n roll express are still able to deliver the AEW tag team championships to the winners. goodness frankie was put through a table by pentagon

Luch abros went for their finishing move, but scorpio sky rolls up pentagon into a inside cradle, and frankie keeps rey fenix in the corner for the pin, SCU is your FIRST EVER AEW Tag Team Champions!


Fantastic show tonight, i loved it, but what did youy think? shar eyour thoughts below rate in the poll above, and i'll see you all tomorrow for the car wreck that will be crown jewel!
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Grievous 3D

Is Currently In Stasis...
*Looks Around for a moment*

So...there are other members here watching this
show right?

Well...either way...its great to watch some wrestling
that doesn't make me want to vomit with anger...

Thank the Lord Raptor Jesus for AEW & the NWA.

Now...My Thoughts:
~ Hangman Page needed that win...
~ Its good to see Hikaru Shida get a win...
~ Question: Who is Riho facing at Full Gear?
~ I avoid EVERYTHING involving Rick And Morty...so I skipped Best Friends/Orange Cassidy match...
~ I've never been a fan of contract signings...they just seem like a waste of time to me...they could
have recorded this & thrown it on Youtube...
~ They did do a good job of making the Inner Circle threatening & dominant...for the most part...
~ Is Jake Hager actually going to "wrestle" in AEW?
~ I still don't "Get" the Young Bucks...although Omega is great value...
~ Its good to see Jon Moxley enjoying his work again...
~ Aubrey Edwards makes me feel happy in pants...
~ & SCU win the tag titles?! I didn't see that coming at all...& neither did the crowd by their reaction...

Another great recap InsaneAlphaBeta InsaneAlphaBeta

Keep up the good work Broski...


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