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Guardian of Light. The Dave Meltzer of WWEF

Hello and welcome to the only show that actually makes an effort to listen to fan feedback NXT not included because thats already amazing....


Hello everyone! welcome to the rate and recap of AEW dynamite! we got the go home show for AEW Full Gear this saturday so its gonna be a fun show tonight! as always rate in the poll above share your thoughts below, as i give my recap of AEW DYNAMITE.

PAC VS Trent

This was a really great way to start the show, good wrestling and some great back and forth between these two, great nearfalls in what was a fantastic way to start the show. The finish was admittedly kinda weird, i think Trent accidently got a shoulder up, but either way PAC won. But Trent shown he could be a fairly good singles wrestler, great stuff, and PAC cut a good promo after the match aswell.

I think its strange they go duel screen when nothing is happening, its just crowd shots and stuff, either way.

Cody Rhodes Makes A Announcement

The fact that cody is one of the people running the company, and yet the fans are totally into him beating jericho is incredible, i will say i think Jericho should have a dominant reign as first champion though.

Codys promo ability si second to none, he cut a wonderful promo, the passion was there, the energy and everything, absolutely great stuff. He announced that if he does not defeat Chris Jericho this Saturday at Full Gear, then he will never challenge for the AEW World Title ever again, a big stipulation.

Private Party VS Dark order

I seriously need a Street Profits VS Private Party match one day

Im sorry AEW..but i dont like Dark Order..and im not going to like them, please change their gimmick, because it aint working. On the bright side Private Party won and it was a decent match.

Chris Jericho Video Package

So the inner circle does a video package is basicly a mocking of the cody rhodes video package from a week or two ago and its absolutely hilarious, its so good, i loled multiple times.

Hilarious. Jericho is absolutely gold as a heel.

Riho and Shanna VS Jamie Hayter and Emy Sakura.

Riho is easily the biggest female star in AEW, and they have alot of work to do when it comes to their womens roster, they arent stars, but hopefully they can build them into stars as time goes on.

Shanna is a great new addition to the womens roster, i said it last week i think she is really good in the ring, i think shes pretty good. Emy sakura got the win ina epic sequence of roll up reversals.

Brandi Rhodes....k then.

Im still not certain what i think about this direction brandi is going in. shes sitting in this red chair, awesome kongs face popping in, its just...weird, so idk what to think.

Shawn Spears VS Brandon Cutler

This was a okay match, nothing special, shawn spears went over and got the pin, tully braught a chair in for shawn to use but joey janella made the save.

Moxley VS Omega Video Package

I cannot wait for this match, great video package, i got a good feeling about this one.

Sammy Guarvara and Chris Jericho VS Hangman Adam Page and Kenny Omega

This was a really good match, and it wa sonly topped by the chaos that insued after it ended, a gigantic brawl between the inner circle the elite and others, it was fantastic, first it was jericho sammy and jake beating up kenny, then cody came in for the save, then moxley came in and him and omega were about to go at it, then LAX came in, then the young bucks and it just became absolute chaos in the best way, now THAT is how you do a go home angle.

My favorite episode of AEW Dynamite thus far, loved the show tonight! shar eyour thoughts below, and i will see yall this saturday for AEW FULL GEAR!

Grievous 3D

There Existed An Addiction To Blood
Random Dynamite Thoughts:
~ Good to see Pac get a win...especially when he was (technically) out numbered...
~ Great promo from Cody...& he mentioned a "Match Beyond"? Are AEW going to
build to a "WarGames" type match between The Elite & the Inner Circle?
~ Private Party are great to watch...and I'm glad they have a spot on the bill at Full Gear...
and I (also) still don't "get" the Dark Order...although Evil Uno looked better wearing a vest...
~ So that Inner Circle promo was pure gold...I seriously laughed every time they cut to Jake Hager...
~ Oh God...so the women's tag match was solid...but I hate seeing Champions pinned unless its a
title change. Sakura could have easily pinned Shanna to build some momentum for the pay per view
instead of Riho. Speaking of Riho...she is such a sweetie...*Sigh*
~ I don't know what this Brandi/Kong stuff is leading to...& I honestly don't care...
~ Good to see Shawn Spears get a win...but he needs to build some more momentum...& a win over
Janela would do that...
~ Hager makes a great enforcer/bodyguard for Jericho...apparently Jericho pitched that idea in WWE...
~ Aubrey Edwards makes me "happy in pants"
~ Jake Hager took a bump! Wow!
~ Pac showing up in the main event made sense...
~ And the Judas Effect finishes off Page...
~ And Cody shows up for the save...in a fantastic suit...
~ And now MJF shows up with a chair...& CROSSROADS on Jericho!
~ And now Moxley is here! As is Santana & Ortiz! & the Young Bucks! EMPTY THE LOCKER ROOM!


I'm ready for Full Gear...

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