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The Dave Meltzer of WWEF

Hello everyone and WELCOME to the rate AEW Dynamite and Recap! i dont have a fun whitty intro this week, for AEW atleast but i always do for Raw lol, anyway you know how this goes rate in the poll above share your thoughts below, as i share my thoughts on this weeks episode of AEW DYNAMITE

Nick Jackson VS Rey Fenix

These two are great together, Rey Fenix is one of the best in the buisness right now, the back and forth reversals near misses these ar eso damn clean and smooth and justr effortless, Rey Fenix makes it look easy, and so does Nick Jackson. THis match is atleast t ish minutes in and its great.

Rey Fenix walking the rope will never get old to me, its incredible. Rey Fenix plays with the ring ropes like they are a toy, he owns the ropes, he uses it like he made them, and now Nick Jackson is matching him, HOW ARE THEY DOING THIS? good lord man that is incredible atheletic ability, even Jeffery would have to give them props despite not liking AEW lol, because this match is fantastic so far.

Beautiful back and forth of superkicks, rey fenix walkin the middle rope turning into a hurricanranna, breautiful.

Both men on the apron, nick jackson hitting a beautiful stalling german suplex, gets him in the ring hits a beautiful facebuster, jackson back to the apron does the canadian destroyer for the nearfall, steps into the sharpshooter, great sequence.

Rey Fenix hits a beautiful springboard into a spinning kick in the corner to Nick Jackson, then hits a spinning mucsle buster for the pin, A fantastic match to start the show, great match.

Hikaru Shida VS Britt Baker

Beautiful sequence of back and forth to start this match..LOL Shes A Dentist chants. We cme back to Lets go Shida Lets go Brit chants

This was a really solid match, Shida got the win which im glad, she deserved it.

Who Is The Dark Order?

Well, the dark order seems not nearly as corny and dumb now lol, im digging this new direction, good stuff.

Dynamite Dozen Battle Royal

This wa sokay, im not sold on the significance of a ring so i didnt care much about the match, the last 2 people at the end of Adam Page and MJF and they will fight next week for said ring.

Jerichos Special Announcement.

So Jerioch cuts this promo where he tries to apoligize for hwta happened last week, but sinc ehe cant say the word sorry he gets Jake Hagar to do it and its hilarious, he announces a special thank you celebration for next week, and then as he leaves SCU comes out.

SCU and Jericho have a great back and forth on the mic, with Jericho saying he wants a 1 on 1 match against Scorpio Sky to avenge his loss, SCU acts like they need to prepare atleast a few months in advance and jericho says we do it next week and they act like thats bad news, then they act like they wouldnt be able to handle it being for the AEW championship and so jericho makes it for the title, and only after they shake hands SCU gets serious, beautiful stuff.

The Inner Cricle take out SCU and the Jurassic Express comes out for the save, when Luchasaurus gets in the ring he stands face to face with jake hagar who leaves.

Speaking of Luchasaurus hes in action next.

Luchasaurus VS Peter Avalon

Yeah this was a squash match lol

Luchasaurus is fantastic, easily one of the most over people in AEW.

Proud and Powerful VS Private Party

Firstly Rest in Peace Matt Travis, who was a essential part of these teams even being in wrestling.

Really good match both teams are really good, Proud and Powerful tried to cheat but Nick jackson came down for the save and Private Party got the win, after the match Sammy Guevara attacked nick but Dustin Rhodes came down for the save crowd cheered a ton, great stuff.

Jon Moxley VS Darby Allin

Not gonna lie, this match hasnt even started yet, im looking forward to it to such a rediculess extent, i think both of these guys are amazing and i cannot wait to see the match.

I have no idea who will win, part of me think Darby Allin, he absolutely deserves it, but id understand it if he lost.

Darby immediately dives out to moxley before he even gets in the ring and they brawl to the outside, Darbys speed mixes so well with Moxleys power.

Darbys used his quickness around the apron to dodge moxley and hit a crossbody while moxley was against the ropes, wrenching his back as Darby flew to the outside afte rhitting moxley, Darby hitting moxley into the steel stairs great stuff.

Lots of dueling chants Lets Go Moxley lets Go Darby

Moxley had to hit a avalanch paradime shift from the top rope just to win, great match, id love to see these 2 have a longer match.

Fantastic show tonight, loved it!


The Dave Meltzer of WWEF
And on this week of AEW can’t go one week without mentioning WWE,
WCW mentioning WWE was apart of their downfall. Why are you making the same mistakes?
This wasnt on air, this was not during the actual show, so why is it a problem? Cody was having fun with the fans who paid their tickets, there is no problem, now if this happened on air? during the show? then yeah its a big problem but thats not what happened.
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The Lunatic Fringe
Solid show. 9/10 here. Another referee blunder on the pin fall during PP/P&P (wow lots of p's).
Loved the opening match, womens match (britt bleeding made that match way better tbh), loved the battle royale.. billy Gunn! And the main event. That paradigm shift... OMG!

So much greatness emanating from this show week after week.

I love this show.


Terminator Oscillator
Explosive Thoughts:
~ Fenix/Matt Jackson was a great opener...although I'd be
happy if the two didn't wrestle on TV again for 6 to 9 months...
~ Britt Baker/Hikaru Shida was solid...although they both
seemed to lack chemistry with each other...
~ Britt's nose was bleeding...I hope she isn't injured again...
~ Shida got the win which hopefully means she gets a shot
at Riho next...
~ That Dark Order "commercial" was pretty interesting...
~ These AEW Battle Royals are always good fun...& its
a good way to keep multiple feuds going without actually
having matches...or matches with fucked finishes...
~ Penelope Ford is wearing too much...
~ Hangman/MJF next week will finally give me an opportunity
to see how good MJF is in the ring...
~ WOW! Leva Bates looks great as a sexy librarian...YUM!
~ I could do with less of Jericho walking around being a
prick...just get him out to the ring to cut a promo...
~ And now he in the ring cutting a promo...
~ Jake Hager spoke! HELL YEAH!
~ SCU! Scorpio Sky is a pretty likable...& he likes big butts...
~ Chris Jericho vs. Scorpion Sky for the title next week?
Oh Hell Yeah! Makes perfect sense booking wise...
~ And a beat down by the Inner Circle...
~ And Marko Stunt to the rescue! No...not really...
~ And now Jungle Boy...who also fails...
smartly save that physical encounter for another time...
~ Oh Go "Shhhhhhh" yourself you idiot!
~ Can Leva Bates just go back to being Blue Pants now?

~ Proud & Powerful/Private Party...two exceptionally
talented tag teams who I'm glad are wrestling in AEW...
~ That "Suplex Hand Off" spot was great...
~ That "Suck It Vince" sign has made my laugh every
time it has popped up...
~ Oh shit...Santana was out of position to break that
pinning attempt...and the crowd was not happy about it...
~ And Private Party get the win! Wow...that's a big win
for them...and a surprise to me...
~ And Dustin Rhodes is back!
~ Omega/Pac Mk.II next week?! Oh Hell Yeah!
~ Omega is talking to us now...Hey Kenny!
~ Darby Allin is good value...he may be the best young
talent in wrestling today...and he's over like rover!
~ Jon Moxley really does have a new lease on life
in AEW...I'm so happy for the guy...
~ And the fight gets going before the bell even rings!
~ Both these guys are over...and the crowd is so
invested...which is great to see/hear...
~ And after a great match Moxley finishes off Darby
Allin with a shockingly brutal looking top rope paradigm
shift! That looked incredible!
~ I have to be honest & say Darby Allin is one of those
special performers who can be pinned...but still comes
out looking like a winner...

Final Thoughts:
I'm so grateful for AEW...

It makes me proud to be a wrestling fan.


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