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The Dave Meltzer of WWEF

Hello everyone and welcome to the rate AEW thread and recap! tonight we got le celebration for le champion Chris Jericho and the rematch fo Kenny Omage vs PAC! aswell as Scorpio Sky taking on Chris Jericho for the AEW World CHampionship! so as always rate in the poll above share your thoughts below, as i review and recap AEW DYNAMITE!

Chris Jericho Thank You Celebration for Le Champion.

This was a fantastic and hilarious segment, Jericho is great. It started with Jericho being given hilarious gifsts and then Jerichos father was there and it was great, they even did the insult your local sports team thing jake hagar brought in Crhsi Jerigoat which was funny, it was all great, and then after Justin Roberts read the official thank you front AEW TNT and Warner, SCU, who was part of the marching band people came in for the save.

Lucha Bros VS Best Friends

Alright, ima be honest, this new guy on commentary because tony couldnt be there this week..he aint good, infact hes bad, he makes whats his face look like a pro, why they didnt just use him instead of this rando provided by state farm is beyond me.

Man this guy, marco something, you cant tell how uncomfortable he is..its just bad..very bad..

Id rather l;isten to Michael Cole....let that sink in

So Best Friends get the pin and THANK GOODNESS HES LEAVING IT WA SONLY FOR ONE MATCH! -breaths sigh of releif

Hikaru Shide and Kris statland VS Bea Preistly and Emy Sakura

I think its saf efor me to say Hikaru Shida is one of my favorite women on the roster, she is pretty and really good in the ring, i can erasily see her being the future of the AEW Womens Devision.

This was a decent match, as i said before this womens devision is something they are gonna have to build up over time, this is not a over night process, this will be several months of work, maybe years.

Cody Rhodes VS Matt Knicks

So its Cody vs a Jobber it would seem, and yes he is indeed a jobber, Cody wisn with the figure 4 leg lock. And now hes got a mic.

He calls out MJF but this dude comes up through the ring and attacks cody, then some other dud ecomes out, the blade and the butcher...and also now Allie. New faction? alright then.

PAC VS Kenny Omega

This was a really good match, espacially for TV, had some nice back and forth between these two good reversals and such, Omega won with a rollup, great stuff

Hangman Adam Page VS MJF w/Wardlow. Dynamite Dozen Ring

So appearntly this ring thing is gonna be a annual thing, this was a decent match, DDP came out and presented the ring to MJF

Chris Jericho VS Scorpio Sky. AEW World Championship

So interesting note its a 60 minute time limit but its like 8:48PM and they said if the match si still going after TV time, then they will basicly stream the rest of the match online so we all can see the result...very interesting, reassuring fans that they wont miss this match. Makes me wonder if they are gonna do that route.

Well, it would seem no, Jericho won with the Lion Tamer, still that was a fantastic match, great way to end the show.

That was the show everyone! hope you enjoyed! have a great night!
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Terminator Oscillator
Nice recap as always InsaneAlphaBeta InsaneAlphaBeta


My "Explosive" Thoughts:
~ So I could have done without the entire opening promo celebration...
I just don't like these kind of segments no matter which company is
airing them...although I did chuckle a couple of times...
~ Tony Schiavone was sorely missed tonight...
~ The female ring announcer was pretty rough tonight as well...
~ Lucha Bros vs. Best Friends was okay I guess...but I've noticed that
the Lucha Bros have been suffering a lot of losses lately...as a team
& in singles matches...which seems odd to me. The Best Friends &
Orange Cassidy "work" but I'm not sure how a title feud with SCU
would work out...if that is what the AEW is building towards?
~ Priestly/Sakura vs. Shida/Statlander was fairly disjointed in my
eyes...and Bea Priestly continues to NOT impress me...and Sakura
pins Statlander...but I'm not really sure why?
~ Moxley called himself Napalm Death!

~ Cody vs. Matt Knicks...which was a short match...and then...
Okay...so we have Braxton Sutter as the Blade...one of the guitarists
from Every Time I Die Andy Williams as the Butcher...and Allie as
the Bunny...so 3B then?

EVERY TIME I DIE's Andy Williams Makes Television Wrestling Debut on All Elite Wrestling's Dynamite

Oh...and because MUSIC...here is my fav Every Time I Die track...

~ Pac vs. Omega...& I'll admit I could watch these guys wrestle
every week. It was a great match & Omega predictably got his
win back. I'm curious to see if they are building Omega up to
challenge & take the title from Jericho...
~ MJF vs. Hangman Page...for a Diamond Ring? Okay...
And MJF gets the win & the ring...and I'm still not sold
on Wardlow as a bodyguard/enforcer (especially when
Jake Hager is already playing that role with Jericho) or
MJF as a worker...that Crossroads looked terrible...
~ Hey DDP is here...and that's cool I guess...but again
I really didn't need to see MJF presented with a ring...
~ And then Dustin Rhodes comes out...and then the
Inner Circle comes out for a beat down...and now the
Bucks of Youth come out to even the odds...and I'm
guessing we will be having a WarGames match at
some point in the near (or distant) future...
~ This Dark Order/Church Sermon stuff is okay I guess...
I'm still not sold on them as an actual tag team...
~ Chris Jericho vs. Scorpio Sky...and I'm curious to see
how this plays out...
~ Great to hear Aubrey Edwards getting a pop during the
ring introductions...
~ J.R has been doing a REALLY good job of putting Scorpio
Sky over in the last month or so...and Scorpio is living up
to it with his in-ring performances...
~ And Jericho retains...which we all knew would happen...
but it was still a solid with the crowd invested in every
pin fall...
~ And I'm glad Moxley decided to show up...can we book
that match already?

Final Thoughts:
This Thanksgiving I'm Thankful for AEW.



The Lunatic Fringe
The whole diamond ring but stemmed from last weeks dynamite dozen battle royal and the last 2 guys in the ring were going to fight for a diamond ring the following week (this week) so it does make sense,and ddp presenting a diamond ring made sense too as he's been with the company now for a while and you know, the whole diamond thing.

I could see mjf being the one to dethrone Jericho somehow, or maybe someone else who has a short reign after Jericho and then he challenges cody to a title match and that's how they get around the whole "never fight for a title again" angle.

Anyways this week was solid I love this show. 10/10 no complaints from me really. Jericho segment in start was good and then his dad coming out and playing the asshole role was awesome. It fit perfectly.
Best friends are turning on Cassidy. I noticed this the past few weeks they have started to shun him on their entrances and then it was obvious after they won. Orange Cassidy to the dark order maybe? Speaking of them, their video packages have been nice the last 2 weeks. Adds intrigue to an otherwise bland group.

Cant wait for next week,as always lol
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