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The #1 contender match - This match had its moments. Chris Jericho coming out and joining the commentary or sitting in a box to watch over the matches is just getting old. Not sure if they are making this show for wrestling fans or kids. quote from show "Ortiz used some tiger claws on Moxley". Thought match ended well with Moxley getting revenge for his eye.

Think its time for AEW to get a new Champion! Roster is already getting stale!

SCU VS Best Friends - Love SCU they are one of the top wrestlers of AEW. Best Friends isn't bad but do like Orange Cassidy!!! Orange Cassidy needs to start something before he just gets real old though. Would love to see him turn on the team and start wrestling! "Dark Order" stormed the ring. PLEASE NO!!! Get rid of the Dark Order!!! You have to be REAL careful using a gimmick like the Dark Order as it either really makes it or it fails miserably! Kane, Undertaker, and even the Brood were good. But this Dark Order thing is just TOO MUCH talk and not enough wrestling. For one thing they aren't that good in the ring and they just sound LAME!!!

Britt Baker D.M.D VS The Magical girl. OK please drop D.M.D from Britt Baker and just keep her as Britt Baker. NO ONE cares she was or is a dentist!!! Loved how she knocked her tooth out but still NO ONE CARES about her being a dentist!!! She doesn't need a goofy gimmick!

World tag team match. 8 man tag - was OK. Kenny Omega needs to take control of this group and possibly go back to bullet club gimmick! This friends.elite thing just isnt going anywhere. Like the Lucha Bros, but again the Butcher and the Blade??? Who is coming up with these wrestling names??

PAC is under used in AEW.

Again who comes up with the wrestlers names in AEW? Superbad VS Bad Boy? Is Scary Man going to interfere? Snore, change channel.

MJF and Wardlow ten lashes on Cody. Like MJF, like Wardlow, and like Cody. Wasn't too big on the ten lashes thing. Too many people came out of the ring to tell Cody how much they liked him and they were behind him. Would have rather they tied Cody to the ring and took their lashes and left him there bleeding. THEN they could have rushed the ring to untie Cody. It just took too long!!! Also not a fan of shows ending with a gimmick and not wrestling.

Overall I thought the show was a 3. PLEASE don't turn into the next TNA Wrestling or whatever they call it these days.

People who aren't doing enough - Adam Page! He's holding 2 titles!!! Quit putting him with the Bucks!, Darby Allin, Private Party, Jake Hagar, Jimmy Havoc, SCU (probably because they are the only real tag team besides the bucks and Lucha Bros), Kip Sabian (get rid of calling him Superbad), MJF, Young Bucks, Orange Cassidy, PAC, Sammy Guevara.

People that need to dissapear - The Hybrid2, CIMA, Dustin Rhodes - unless he goes back more to a gold dust persona, DARK order!!!, Jurassic Express, Michael Nakazawa, Sonny Kiss, The Butcher and the Blade (keep bunny).

Would love to see Chris Jericho hand the title over to MJF. Chris is just not Chris in the ring anymore.

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