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Kairi HoHo

Cody said in his Post Show comments of AEW Dynamite this Week being the best and I totally agree. The Young Bucks vs Omega/Pag e at Revolution has the perfect set up right now and boy it wasn't easy them getting past the Lucha Bros in an amazing bout. I'm starting to think maybe Page and Omega turn Heel to break up the Elite, but then I remember Omega has an Iron Man Match with Pac coming up. Still Page and Omega has become a damn good Tag Team and their is going to be a war coming with The Young Bucks.

I don't see what AEW loves in Kris Statlander vs Shanna who I know has the goods and personality to get over, but hey this Match was very enjoyable making both ladies looking good in the process. Britt Baker is going to get it badly after taking Shanna backstage after the Match she might need some Dental work after dealing with Shanna. Cobb vs Moxley was perfect with Cobb looking great, and Moxley fighting off a tough challenge at less than 100%. The Post Match stuff was great especially when Darby showed up man that pop gave me chills when Darby appeared.

So happy for AEW having Figures for their Company. First Figures, then comes a Game within a Year or two that sounds like a plan. Cody vs Wardlow was a great Main Event hitting all the checkboxes you want in a Steel Cage Match. Wardlow was highly impressive in his first Match in AEW he has a great potential to be something after what I saw with him in this. Wardlow was taken to school with Cody and you can tell him loving every moment being in there with Cody. Great and crazy finish with MJF getting his ass kicked and MJF wondering Cody is fucking insane want an ending.


Tag Team Battle Royal - I am not a fan of tag team battle royals as it is really a singles match that last man standing wins for his team. Plus was there any question Bucks were going to win?
Jurassic Express still not a big fan of them. I think Luchasaurus has possibility of breaking out but needs to drop the gimmick and be a big man.
Stronghearts - solid tag team
Butcher and the Blade - again not a big fan of them
Best Friends - only successful due to Orange Cassidy which I still like! Just wish he would wrestle.
Dark Order - Again just PLEASE go away. I have a bad feeling once the reveal is here it will be more disappointing then I am currently imagining.
TH2 - Can be a solid Team
Private Party - I like them.
Ortiz and Santana - can be used many ways. Good team
SCU - Who doesn't like SCU
So WHY are they putting Bucks and Kenny and Page? The Elite need to stay as the Elite. I would like to see the Bucks and Private Party in a long term deal.

OK womens side need to go watch WWE because AEW is a joke on the Women's side. There is NO ONE I care to watch except for Nyla Rose and Kong.

Jon Moxley VS Jeff Cobb. Thought was a great match! Love both of them. Want to see Moxley in more matches like this and away from story lines with the inner circle.

Tag Championship - AGAIN!!! Come on first off Kenny and Page need to be single wrestlers and how many times are Lucha Bros going to wrestle for title and lose???

Cody VS Wardlow - Now this was a good idea at a match. Like Wardlow and MJF together (not as a tag team!).

What is the next Pay Perview? OH yea Revolution! I really think they had a contest on who could say the name the most.

Wasnt a bad show, just need to open the roster up some. All the people behind AEW cant be the only wrestlers getting real pushes!! Jericho needs to lose the title. Pac, and Darby Allen need to be used more.

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