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The "Narrow Minded" Dave Meltzer of WWEF
Might aswell give my two cents on the subject.

Equality means everyone is equal, in strength, in value, in ability, both to do and able to do. And that is something i believe in, ive always believed everyone should have at the very least a basic level of respect for eachother, regardless of race creed gender and so on, because at the end of the day we are all human, and that wont change.

Despite accusations against her, Tessa Blancherd has pushed the boundries of women in wrestling like no other, her matches with Sami Callihan have been fantastic, she has shown men vs women is okay, and can be done well. I remember when there was a little tease of Becky Lynch vs John Cena with their little encounter, i and everyone else was so ready for that match, mind you this was back when Becky was at the peak of her recent run as a badass.

So with all of this said, Nyla being champion doesnt bother me, not at all, if anything her being champion is great because whoever beats her is gonna look even better then they would beating Riho. AEW is a place for everyone and it shows, people of all types, even people WWE didnt use correctly and now their true potential is unleashed on the world.

Im perfectly fine with Nyla as champion, and its gonna help whoever beats her later on.

Jeffry Fucking Mason

Your Local Sports Team Sucks
LDW Management
practically a real life Anime.
Pls no. Don't make me hate wrestling.

Anyone, man. woman, midget, Montel Williams... who resorts to violence and is the aggressor deserves to receive exactly what they deserve.
If Montel ever starts a fight we know we're doomed as a race and should all just call it a day and give up on humanity
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