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  1. 8/10 for me.

    Very strong show, Morgan got his needed squash against Doug Williams, Aries is still the GOAT and #TGMTEL, the Fortune tag action was fucking brilliant, and Bobby Roode still needs his damn title back! Hardy is fine, but Roode is just level above everbody in TNA.

    Aces & Eights is shaking up nicely with Wes Brisco and D'lo Brown playing something, and I like Hogan-Contender deliberations so much.

    Great show.:yes:
  2. Really really entertaining show. Every match that was on was quality and there was reason for it. Aries was the star of the show by a long way, his Brooke jokes were just awesome, and the ME was fantastic. Loving the Bully/Hogan angle at the moment, although what happened to Bully/Devon? I missed last week so I'm not sure if something happened there that ended it? Seems random anyway.

    Yeah I could see Roode taking the title off Hardy at FR, the ratings have flopped with Hardy as champ so I don't see any reason why Rooooooo shouldn't win it back.

    Overall about as good a show as you can get without a big return. Stories were built and there was some great wrasslin', 8.5/10
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  3. I don't like how Aries is being booked. He backed down from Bully Ray and that's something he'd never do. At least he didn't lose to RVD.
    Morgan winning was perfect.
    Entertaining all round, 9.
  4. Also, Aries comment about Brooke laying on the desk was hilarious. He can do no wrong.
  5. Yep. Even more hilarious were Zema and King bursting into laughter after the joke lol, and Kash asking WTF he just said. Winning all around.:hogan:
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