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  1. 7/10 - Good episode

    • The triple threat match was great, RVD had some cool spots.
    • Punk v Fandango was good and the ending was sweet with the superflex into the vise.
    • Cool backstage attack by Sandow on Rhodes.
    • Layla - had to be the worst heel turn ever, meh.
    • Ziggler was there but didn't have a match - wtf?
    Also, Del Rio is definitely retaining at SS, right? Fuck Christian being champion.
  2. Good thread, will comment again once I've watched.

    Just one question though, why don't you want Christian as champ?
  3. i know i should be adjusted to the different ways the month/date/year are used, but i still was thrown back by the thought that a thread from smackdown on feb 8th was bumped. Whammy.
    Will watch tonight.
  4. Other people deserve it more like Ziggler or Rhodes or some other new young guy. No point in the title changing hands and ADR is a good transitional champ.
  5. Month/day/year is so dumb. Damn 'Murricans.
  6. Ziggler needs a step away from the title right now to finish off the split from AJ and Big E. Rhodes is locked up in a feud and just isn't credible for the WHC right now (this isn't 2011). Christian is a solid and good contender and would be a good transitional champ.

  7. Ahh okay, was curious. Thought you had something against Christian in particular, but I agree with you on that one.

  8. IMO Dolph can get re-involved with the title after the feud with Big E is over at Summerslam (hopefully). He's still due a proper title reign, and I see no reason why he doesn't deserve it after SS.

    I do agree Christian's the perfect filler feud and would be a good transitional champ in different circumstances though.
  9. Wait, Smackdown's still a thing? Forgot all about it. Guess it oughta be a good way to kill a couple of hours.

    Alex Riley on commentary? :yay: I'm in for sure now!
  10. Anyone want to watch it with me?
  11. I give Smackdown a 7/10 as well. Pretty enjoyable though it had flaws.
  12. Fuck you.
    Rhodes and Ziggler have many many years left and their time will come. One last run with Christian wouldn't be bad and if he turned heel, the better.
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  13. 7/10 overall it was better than RAW and I really liked it,the only thing I didn't like was the divas segment and match...well besides Layla ofc.:gusta:
  14. dont you dare.
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    Honestly wonder why we don't have more SD discussion threads. It's a bearable hour and a half online + all the important Raw stuff is recapped on SD anyway so we can kick that to the curb.

    7/10. Good stuff. Entertaining throughout.

    Show Spoiler

    -Good job, writers. You made me not completely hate a segment involving ADR and a mic. That was funny, but not sure what they're going for with Vickie.

    -Anyone remember when Swagger was a pseudo main-eventer and Rhodes was on the ass-end of a jobber tag team getting booted from Wrestlemania just a few months ago? Yeah, me neither. Finally, the roles are correct in this scenario, and the win was flukish enough to be believable.

    -This Rhodes/Sandow feud makes me feel like a kid again, it feels natural to really pull for Rhodes here. He was friends with a pompous ass and got tired of his crap, so he turned on him. Simple. Believable. Awesome. Hey, WWE, we need more feuds like this, and less feuds like...

    -Big E Langston vs Sin Cara. Yay, squash. Big E's character was never really defined, so this feud is really falling flat for me. It doesn't feel like the payoff that this should. The match should be good, but where the Rhodes/Sandow feud succeeded this one failed.

    -Fast-forwarded through Punk and Fandango since it was pointless, then I turned off my brain, rewound it, and drooled while watching one hell of a match.

    -Again, no setup = terrible payoff. Kaitlyn and Layla were friends for all of 5 seconds before Layla had her "diabolical heel turn" that looked terrible on top of that. So is Layla going to go back to the atrocious LayCool character + the Bellas are doing the exact same gimmick + AJ Lee still being a person + Kaitlyn now being the only face diva you've... well, you haven't really given us a reason to care about her, either... I want to like the Divas but this is going to be awful television. Can they just go back to Superstars?

    -Really good main event. They've telegraphed Christian for the past 2 weeks, but still a fun match. Knew Orton wouldn't win so this felt like WWE was speaking to me, saying "Hey, Christian may be quite boring atm, but at least he's not RVD..." So yay, Christian! Can't think of a better option.
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  16. 7/10 as well, I really enjoyed it. Overall, Smackdown still>RAW. That triple threat match was wicked. Lovin the Rhodes/Sandow feud as well. Fucking awesome gif below though.
    Show Spoiler
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  17. Haven't watched it yet but I heard RVD did a rolling thunder and Orton caught him with a scoop slam. Pretty damn cool I must say.
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  18. 7/10 Thanks Danielson for making me watch it great show :yay:.
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  19. The triple threat main event was freaking amazing ..Match of the night.
    The overall rating I would give the show was 8/10
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