Rate And Probably Argue About Impact 2/21

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Snowman, Feb 21, 2013.

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  1. Maybe I'm hating a little too much on a lot of this, but sorry guys. Can't give this one any higher than a 4/10.

    (There, Nazi, I didn't wait to steal your rating.)

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  2. :lol1: Wow, I'm impressed.

    Hmmmm.... I had actually been debating a 5 or 6 myself. Tempted to go 6 just because yours is so low, but ....... I'll say 5.5.

    Do we have to "spoiler" anything we mention in rating threads? I hope not, because here are a few comments:

    We all know how much I loved the 8-man tag match. Was great to see Park and my orgasmic dream team of AA/Roode/Kaz/Daniels all at once. It ended as we expected, but it was great to see them all together regardless. Plus it had some good parts, and I did find the back to back tags and the way Roode/Aries exited amusing. Park's double clothesline was also great. Although the KO I wanted to win didn't, it still wasn't necessarily a bad end to their match. Spud won, which I marked for. Big Rob T bucked up at Robbie E finally and made Robbie E piss himself and run like a pussy, which I double marked for (not really, but go with me here). Glad to see them split and looking forward to seeing what Rob T does. Brooke's boobs stayed clothed, and I didn't have to see Hogan's leg drop or other in ring action from him.

    Screw it ..... 6. It had its share of bad points, but the good parts I enjoyed enough to go ahead and bump my score up to 6.
  3. :meh:

    Not the best. 5.5/10
  4. Had to work tonight, so pumped to watch tomorrow. :pity1:
  5. Agree with Rain, 4/10.

    -The good was good and I jizz over the chemistry that Roode & Aries have. The backstage segment was another piece of gold from them. I don't see why TNA have so much faith and backing behind Chavo & Hernandez, and I don't see why your tag-team champions lose in a match like this, especially when they are both former world champions. Joseph Park is a genius though so meh.

    -Anytime Robbie E and T are on the show it's good news.

    -I hate RVD matches and I hate seeing him win. I love me some King but RVD being RVD made this monotonous.

    -Bully Ray being the #1 contender is cool, but sort of weird considering last week. Anyone else smell a swerve? If there isn't some sort of swerve it makes last weeks impact rather irrelevant.

    -I hate seeing Samoa Joe shoved in there with dull wrestlers like Garrett and Wes. Kurt announced he'll face Wes. WOAH, EPIC, SO MARKING OUT RIGHT NOW.

    -Velvet Sky is hot but I wish she didn't win this.

    -I'm so glad Hogan didn't compete, but I'm seriously fed up with seeing Sting. However, the big scary heel group of TNA won for once so that's good. I guess. I don't enjoy them but I'm glad they won. I'm glad I didn't watch live though because I'm sure I would have raged seeing Hulk Hogan announced for the ME.

    :meh: sums up this impact imo. I'm just not as pumped to watch next weeks Impact as I would have been 6 months or so ago.
  6. 4. I was bored for most of it.
  7. I actually havent bothered watching TNA for the last 3 weeks....

    i dunno...just isnt doing it for me
  8. :yay: I take over Test's spot as being the highest ranker!!

    I considered a 5, I really really did. But with the extensive enjoyment I got from the 8-man tag match and the whole thing with Rockstar Spud (who I like) winning and then the thing with Big Rob and Robbie E .... Yeah, those just pumped me up, so I had to go with the generous 6. Even though I admitted myself in another thread I was being a bit generous with it.
  9. A 3 for me, worst Impact since I started watching regularly. The only match that was remotely enjoyable for me was the 8 Man tag, and let's be honest that hardly achieved anything. The rest was just so tedious.
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  10. Didn't love the moment of Hogan coming back, are they so needed?

    My rate for this show is 35/100
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  11. Look at the freaking surprise....


    Just a solid IMPACT. Really liked all the matches aside from the X Division match because it featured two suckholes who barely tied it up together. Ugh.

    The rest of the segments was good and a nice tease with Hogan "wrestling". Kudos to young Bischoff for being a good heel too.

    DOC pins Sting = I marked!
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  12. A half?? A HALF?!? 0.5?! :why: You just had to outdo me, didn't you? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  13. Damn, here I was saving this popcorn for the Testify vs Crayo battle on this thread.
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  14. :lol1:
  15. You really think you are an insider of our INSIDE CLUBHOUSE, don't you? Touche.:mad2:

    Is that why wrote "probably argue" in the title? Hahhaa, it's never too late. I'm always in the mood for it. Crayo hatin' = my blood pressure getting better.
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