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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jacob Fox, May 6, 2018.

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  1. Rate Backlash 2018 and let us know what you thought of the show by leaving a comment or two!

    Intercontinental Championship: Champion Seth Rollins vs Miz

    Rollins retained by pin fall

    Raw Women's Championship: Champion Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss

    Nia Jax retained by pin fall

    Unites States Championship: Champion Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton

    Hardy retained by pin fall

    Elias Segment

    Elias was doing his normal spiel and was interrupted by the New Day wanting to play music. Then, he was interrupted by Aiden English and Rusev talking about Rusev Day. He tried playing again but was interrupted by No Way Jose and his dancers. Finally, he told everyone not to interrupt him again. Bobby Roode interrupted and hit him with a Glorious DDT. Then everyone danced out of the ring area, including Bobby Roode shaking his booty in front of Rusev.

    Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan

    Bryan won by submission

    Smackdown Women's Championship: Champion Carmella vs Charlotte Flair

    Carmella retained by pin fall

    WWE Championship No DQ: Champion AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura

    Neither man was able to answer the 10 count and for some odd reason the match was called a draw.

    Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley vs Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

    Braun and Bobby won by pin fall

    Roman Reigns vs Samoa Joe

    Reigns won by pin fall
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  2. "Johnny Wrestling" chants gave it 1 point.
    The Elias segment with No Way Jose and New Day and Bobby Roode gave it 1 more point.

  3. This show had some potential, but it completely ruined it with stupid decisions. The WWE title match should have been the main event, not Roman vs Joe. The WWE title match was no DQ but it ended in a count out, which was stupid as hell. It was a good match ruined by dumbness. And Joe kicked Roman's ass through the entire match... Roman got a lucky and very clumsy spear and beat Joe.

    This was just a bullshit show. Miz vs Rollins was really the only thing done right and it was the opening match.
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  4. First let me just say, this PPV was a pile of dog shit.

    Opening match was solid. Miz and Rollins seem to have great chemistry. Best match of the night and the only match worth watching and reviewing on the PPV.. Elias segment was ok to.

    If you haven't seen the PPV yet, just watch the opening match and don't waste 3 hours of your life watching the rest of the show.

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  5. 5/10 for me just for the opening match.

    Seth vs the Miz was the best match of the night and the most entertaining one, I skipped Nia and Alexa because it would be boring, Jeff and Randy was boring as hell, the Elias segment was meh, Daniel and Cass was meh, Carmella and Charlotte was utter shit because 95% of the match was fucking Carmella screaming, AJ and Shinsuke was okay, Booby and Braun v Kevin and Sami was meh, and Joe and Roman was fucking dumb as hell.
  6. And the Elias segment.. That was great.
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  7. I agree, i added that to my post..
  8. Well, this sounded generic. Had I watched, I would have given it a generous 3.
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  9. You're too nice. Usually I give PPV's at least a 5.. I've never rated anything a 2 before. If that tells you how bad the PPV was.
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  10. :hmm:

    I guess I give it a 3/10 having not watched then.
    Probably get a 1/10 if I did.
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  11. The Roman/Joe segment was good. Imo. I thought for sure that Joe was gonna win. I shoulda Known Roman would've.
  12. That match would've been better if they didn't spend 10 minutes in rest holds.. After 3 hours that's the last thing the fans want to see.
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  13. Let me show my initial responses to the Backlash results with "Smileys"

    Ruby Riott defeated Bayley...

    Seth Rollins defeated the Miz...

    Nia Jax defeated Alexa Bitch...

    Jeff Hardy defeated Randy Orton...

    Daniel Bryan defeated Big Cass...

    Carmella defeated Charlotte...cleanly...1 on 1...

    Styles vs. Nakamura ended in a no contest...

    Strowman & Lashley defeated Owens & Zayn...

    The Plank of Wood defeated Samoa Joe...

    Okay...a few motes...

    WWE reports Alexa Bliss is injured

    I fucking said before these 2 even started feuding & having matches that
    this was a sure fire way for someone to get hurt and nobody listened to me.

    Well...I WAS RIGHT!!!

    Also I'm guessing Ruby Riott will be Nia's next "feud" & hopefully its not
    as cringe as this entire Nia/Alexa feud has been.

    + So...Carmella finally did something on her own & finally won a singles
    pay per view match. do realize you had Charlotte defeat
    Asuka as Wrestlemania right? That was kind of a big was
    to some people anyway.

    I guess it doesn't mean anything now because instead of having Charlotte,
    Asuka & Becky feud over the belt & push women's wrestling to a higher've kept it on the annoying loser who couldn't wrestle herself
    out of a wet paper bag.

    I don't care about mic skills, merchandise or who's ass looks better...I want
    to see competitive, engaging wrestling matches.

    I'm sorry...but I can't take Carmella seriously & I wont. She is an annoying
    clown without make-up with a terrible win/loss record & below average
    ring skills.

    Charlotte doesn't need the belt...but someone else should have it instead
    of Hot...but Lame.


    + 5 World title matches...and Nakamura has failed every time. He's a loser
    and I can't take him seriously anymore. Styles vs. Joe or Bryan now please.

    Less nut punching & more actual wrestling please.

    + Why was the Plank of Wood vs. Joe match the main event? Someone out
    there explain to me why this was the right decision to make.

    Also the Plank won...but that's no real surprise seeing as he's been booked
    as a pathetic failure since Elimination Chamber...time to make him look strong

    This show sounds horrible. I think I'll give it miss completely...well...apart from
    Rollins/ I'm sure that match would have been solid.

    Did you guys catch Rollins/Balor on RAW this week?

    That was a fantastic match...
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  14. I liked it when Roman won and they cut to loads of people in the crowd getting up to leave as fast as possible. As soon as he won, they got up and left straight away lol.

    Tbf if you are setting up Roman vs Brock again, then Roman had to win.
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  15. Won't get a rating since I stopped watching after the BS WWE title finish. But now I can see why people are giving it low ratings. The opener was very good. Next two were what they needed to be. The segment with Ellias was gold. Cass vs Bryan was good overall in the David vs Goliath story. Then the SD women's match was rough. Then the WWE Championship match was really kicking it into high gear until a BS ending killed it.

    You had potential WWE, WHY?! *slaps head*
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  16. I finally got to watch Supercard of Honor XII. It's amazing how a company with only a fraction of the resources WWE has knows how to put on a good show.

    It is bizarre to me how the WWE can do this. They have to know how crappy it is. I mean, unless their intention is to make us think it is crappy. I dunno.
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  17. #18 Redboy123@, May 7, 2018
    Last edited: May 7, 2018
    Miz, Seth and Finn are the only ones who have had really good matches this year.

    The mixed tag match at Mania was the best match year. That's embarrassing to the rest of the roster.

    Guys like AJ, Roman, Nakamura, Lesnar, Orton, Joe, Cena, Usos, New Day, The Bar, Braun, KO and Zayn have all sucked this year. None of them have had top quality matches.

    This ppv was WWE's 2018 in a nutshell. I don't know why the match quality this year has sucked so much on the main roster.
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    The worst thing is the WWE built up some real excitement & momentum
    at Wrestlemania & with the superstar shake up...and they basically pissed
    it all away...

    ~ The constant pushing of a guy most REAL fans can't stand...
    ~ A landmark women's match with the possibilities of a more
    intense rematch thrown away to push another loudmouthed,
    unskilled blonde because of MIC SKILLS & CUTE BUTT!!!
    ~ Styles/Nakamura failing to deliver on 3 separate occasions...
    ~ The entire tag division being completely disrespected...
    ~ Strowman being "stalled" in pointless tag team matches...
    ~ The constant "Smoke & Mirrors" surrounding Ronda Rousey...

    This company has so much talent & unlimited resources...
    and yet they serve up shit like this.

    And without any "true" competition...they will just keep
    doing the same old shit with the creative & booking on

    Soon those people won't even bother showing up to the
    events...they'll just stay at home and watch something else.

    I'd personally include Charlotte & Asuka in that group...
    but then that's just me.

    Careful Beavie...don't hurt yourself because of
    the terrible booking.
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  19. Wait....people expected this ppv to be good? Lol. I knew this ppv was going to be terrible just from the card.
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