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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solidus, Jul 19, 2015.

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  1. Quick summary:

    Orton def. Sheamus with an RKO
    PTP def. The New Day
    Bray Wyatt def. Roman Reigns after Luke Harper's assist
    Charlotte def. Sasha Banks and Brie Bella
    John Cena def. Kevin Owens via submission
    Brock Lesnar def. Seth Rollins (I guess?) via DQ after Undertaker takes out lesnar with a chokeslam and several tombstones.

    Full report here
  2. I'd give it a 6. Wyatt won a good match against Reigns and Luke Harper helps keep Bray around so I'm very happy about that.

    Cena/Owens was a good match with a shitty ending IMO.

    The Deadman looks great and I must admit I missed him. So I'm okay with that.

    Nothing to call grandma about but I'd give it a 6/10.
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  3. Gave a 6 as well. Owens/Cena was MOTN.
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  4. No match really stood out above the rest I'd say, but none of them were terrible. Well besides the main event, but I won't fault the first part of it. The suplexes on Rollins before Taker were ok I suppose. The best match overall would be the diva's triple threat for me. Brie wasn't horrible, she played her part in it well.

    I'll go with you two and give the PPV a 6/10 as well, it would've been higher but the end left a really sour taste in my mouth.
  5. I gave it a 7. It started out pretty slow, but definitely had its strong parts as it went on.

    I liked:

    Sheamus vs Orton was all right... not good, but not bad enugh to put in the dislike column

    That the PTP retained even though the match was boring.

    Wyatt versus Reigns was a solid match and it had the best possible ending. Dissolving the Wyatt family was pretty dumb from the beginning and it left all three members in some sort of limbo. It was enjoyable

    The Divas triple threat was great. It is nice to see a good womens match on the main roster

    Kevin Owens vs Cena was the match of the night but it had a crappy ending. Owens of all people shouldn't have lost by tapping out.

    The main event wasn't bad. Rollins actually put up a good fight for a while. In the few minutes he put up more offense against Lesnar than most guys have as of late. I have no problem with the Undertaker getting involved, especially since it was quite clear it was going that way anyway. As much as I have liked Lesnars involvement, I dont want the belt back on him. I think the WWE title should be defended every month and if he isn't going to be paid to wrestle every month, the belt does not need to be on him. Plus I just thought it was cool to see Undertaker not at Wrestlemania.

    I didn't like:

    The tag match itself

    Big Show and Miz segment

    Barrett vs R-Truth
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  6. I voted it an all around 7. The Wyatt vs. Reigns and Cena vs. Owens match were the best of the night in my opinion.
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  7. I love you for making voting public Soli.
  8. I gave a 8

    Divas match was good, glad to see the new faces in action!!

    Owens vs. Cena was very good, amazed at the moves Owens can pull off for guy his size.

    Reigns vs Wyatt was pretty good i really like Bray's character and the way he plays his role.

    Brock vs. Rollins: i was hoping they would wrestled longer before the Undertaker came out and Rollins could have showed off more of his athleticsm. I was totally surprised by the appearance of the Undertaker so that was exciting for me personally, Undertaker looked to be in pretty good shape. WWE did a good job of foreshadowing the Undertaker comeback, made sense to me that the Undertaker wanted revenge for breaking Kane's ankle in addition to the loss at Wrestlemania.
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  9. 7/10 my first rating on a wwe event in several months. If only the first half a healthy dB defending the ic belt against DZ.

    Cena vs Owens was motn, probably best of the year in wwe and the finish was perfect.
  10. Orton/Sheamus was a good opener. These two guys have a tremendous amount of chemistry and play off of each other well. It had a good ending after a few false finishes and both guys got some good offense in.

    PTP/New Day was not an exciting match. It was serviceable, though, and gave WWE an excuse to tell everybody that the Tag Titles were defended on the PPV.

    Wyatt/Reigns was a very entertaining match that showcased what both guys were good at. I'm supposing that Erick Rowan re-joins the Family in fairly short order. Breaking them up made no sense from a story standpoint and was shoddily done. The appearance of Harper to assist Wyatt was well done.

    The Divas triple threat was very entertaining and it's good to see Charlotte win her first match. The only "bad part" was that Sasha Banks couldn't also win her first match on the main roster, but I digress.

    Cena/Owens was (again) the match of the night. I didn't like the ending because I think having him tap out to the STF was a mistake. I hope they've got a good follow-up feud for both men as I think it would be a bigger mistake to try and stretch this feud to Summerslam. Cena won. Move on.

    Lesnar/Rollins was a good match. We all wondered how Rollins was getting out of Battleground with the title and having Taker be the one to interfere (and setting up a Summerslam match between Lesnar and Taker, which is a tremendous idea) was an inventive way to do it.

    Basically, it was an enjoyable PPV, but just not much to really sink your teeth into. (Insert rant about Raw being three hours ruining enjoyment of watching WWE television here.)

  11. Idk why I decided to watch this lol

    Sheamus/Orton was clunky and horrible. Probably the worst match I've seen between the two of them

    lol tag teams

    Wyatt/Reigns was actually good

    Cena/Owens... I died a little inside seeing Owens tap out to Cena's shit ass submission

    Taker/Brock?? lol wtf why no thanks

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    Last edited: Jul 20, 2015
    Decent PPV. 6/10

    - Orton vs Sheamus was OK. I'm a fan of both guys, but this feud's been meh and not to mention they'd already faced each other, like a hundred times before.
    - PTP vs The New Day was alright, but nothing special.
    - Wyatt vs Reigns was good. I'm usually not a fan of screwy finishes, but I liked seeing Harper helping Wyatt get the win. If this is leading to a Wyatt Family reunion, then I'm all for it.
    - Charlotte vs Brie vs Sasha was solid.
    - Cena vs KO was great and easily MOTN.
    - Lesnar vs Rollins was a good ME. Thank God the finish to the match wasn't THAT screwy, I actually didn't mind Taker appearing and taking Lesnar out. This sets up a match 'tween the two at SummerSlam and will probably write Lesnar (and perhaps Taker, as well) off TV till Mania season.

    - Barrett vs R-Truth.
    - Ehh, not a huge fan of the PTP retaining the titles. I like 'em, but I want the titles back on The New Day, they're far more entertaining.
    - The Miz/Show segment.
    - The finish to Cena/KO.
  13. Orton def. Sheamus with an RKO - decent opener, the crowd got into it and they work well together.
    PTP def. The New Day - I'd rather had TND go away but what can ya do? Woods sitting on the steps clapping like a mad man was great.
    Bray Wyatt def. Roman Reigns after Luke Harper's assist - couldn't get into this. They didn't mesh, the ending was cool though.
    Charlotte def. Sasha Banks and Brie Bella - skipped.
    John Cena def. Kevin Owens via submission - they've over done this match now, it was the same old stuff, ending blew also. Second worst ending of the night.
    Brock Lesnar def. Seth Rollins (I guess?) via DQ after Undertaker takes out lesnar with a chokeslam and several tombstones. - Worst ending of the night, didn't make sense and the match was just a squash.

    I think I voted 4, cba to look up.
  14. Didn't see that ending coming, that's really it
  15. 6/10

    King Barrett vs R-Truth -- Not even gonna call it Mid-Card bullshit as it is tight on the mid card superstars

    Randy Orton vs Sheamus -- Not a bad match good ending IMO but nothing really to mark over apart from RKO's

    PTP vs The New Day

    Bray Wyatt vs Roman Reigns -- Wasn't really assed about this match tbh but when I was watching it, it was a whole different story enjoyed it thorougly and glad that Luke Harper is back.

    Charlotte vs Brie Bella vs Sasha Banks -- Best Diva's match I have seen for a while and probably better than the Triple Threat IC match it replaced.

    John Cena vs Kevin Owens -- MOTN absolutly fantastic. I have to admit the ending was a bit crap but overall the match was good. Somethings telling me KO is not done with Cena, A triple threat @ SS with Cesaro would be awesome.

    Seth Rollins vs Brock Lesnar -- Overall match was predictable and boring compared to some of the other matches. But whenever the Undertaker returns I mark out so IMO I loved the ending resulting in a No Contest.

    (All the winners down the left hand side #Illuminate)
  16. Opener was OK (Sheamus jobbing.. eh). Tag match was fine also (not even sure why they took the belts off the New Day in the first place). Reigns/Wyatt was fun by the end, even if it went longer than it should've. Girls triple threat was good. Cena/KO was good, worst of the 3 for me, also I guess they were trying to protect Owens but the ending was very weird and there was no one better to take the US title off of Cena. Main event was good besides the finish... is Taker supposed to be a heel? Also not looking forward to the match itself, and if Taker just pins Brock after all of this then lol
  17. They prolly wanted to capitalize on Titus winning that dad of the year award and the PTP got awarded with the tag titles afterwards.

    But yeah, New Day as champs >>> PTP. I like both ND and PTP, I just prefer ND a helluva lot more.
  18. Because random awards no one hears about are a great reason to push people. :dawg:
  19. 7/10

    I didn't completely zone out and do something else for three minutes due to a bad Divas match. It's a completely new experience and I'm so happy to see great women actually getting to wrestle. Since AJ left I've been without any girls to admire on the main roster and it kinda sucked. (I know there are a few other good ladies but they never seem to be around and the Bellas are just an insult to women's wrestling.)

    I was expecting the ending to the ME to go as it did and I'm pleased. I want to see Undertaker get revenge for the streak being broken, and maybe put the fire back in Kane while he's there. Now that he's back in shape I don't mind seeing him around a bit. However I still want to see Rollins prove that he can be the bad ass conniving son of a bitch champ I know he can be.
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  20. Yup, that seems to be the logic.
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