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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by The Reagmaster, Jul 23, 2017.

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  1. Rate stuff and discuss stuff below. I would prefer the discussion to be on how I'm a better person than Jacob Fox because I put through the torture of this ppv to do this thread but you can also talk about this ppv.
    The match everyone wanted to see. The singer versus the Perfect ten. And Tye Dillinger predictably bea- wait what? HE LOST? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Bye bye Dillinger’s career. I knew you were probably gonna fail due to Breeze failing but losing to Aiden English on the preshow. Ouch.

    In a match which was called by Project Jonny “a fucking amazing match” Xavier got the victory and the belts for their team by flying off the turnbuckle and highfiving the moon before elbow dropping one of the usos because who keeps track of which usos which at this point? Oh and Fans chanted this is awesome during the match. Fuck you crowd.

    Two of WWE’s best brawlers imo. Other than Ambrose and Owens of course but more on Owens later. They had an average match where Corbin destroyed Nakamura for most of it then Shinsuke came back and got kicked in the balls for it. Corbin wins via DQ which was probably the best decision. Corbin then gave Nakamura an end of days because he a big meanie.

    Naomi sat in commentary because that’s better than y’know COMPETING IN A MATCH?! She is the womens champion afterall! So the eliminations were Becky making Tamina submit. OH COME ON! She should have at least been close! Ugh….Tamina & Becky might be my favourites of Smackdown tbh. Talking about Lynch, she then made Lana tap. Good. Make Lana your jobber, I approve. She didn’t know the rules of a 5 way considering earlier she interrupted a pinfall of Natalya pinning Flair. Yep. Then Lynch got eliminated….this website does not tell me how. Dammit. And of course, as predicted Charlotte bea- Wait what? AGAIN?! Charlotte loses to Natalya?! When was Natalya even close to being relevant tho! Me no want Naomi vs Natalya! Nuuuuuuuu. Well that’s gonna be terrible.

    AJ Styles vs Kevin Owens
    This was the match where my laptop decided to give more than 1 frames a second. So thank you my laptop. And it was a alright match for what it was. Until the end. That referee is the worst. When Kevin Owens pushes Styles into you, you don’t look directly at them every second then pretend to be injured again! Come on man! He was just waiting for Owens to pins Styles. Ugh…but the shoulder was up so Styles probably gets a rematch.

    Worst match of the night. Terrible. The stipulation was stupid and the symbolisim through the match was also stupid. It was all stupid. Cena planted the flag but it was all stupid and me no care.

    This match I thought had some potential but damn it suffered being the toilet break match. Short match and it ended with Maria stopping Sami from hitting that t-bone suplex into the corner only as as soon as Maria got out, Sami reversed Mike’s finisher and did it anyway. Huh. Sami followed it up with a HELLUVA KICK TO THE JAW! And Kanellis didn’t kickout?! He’s been here a month! This is his first ppv match and he lost? …why? Is Sami getting a world title match against Jinder or Orton at Summerslam or something? It doesn’t make sense to me.

    Also side note. Remember when Mojo Rawley won the ATGMBR? Nice to see he’s gone nowhere since.

    So this was a Punjabi match…I don’t know why. But I expected Khali to burst in through the ring just because he’s The Great Khali and he’s supposed to be backstage. TBF Maybe he was just there to give the kendo sticks to WWE? Nevertheless. The Singh Brothers somehow got out of the apron which provides the question, when did they go there? They had a segment with Mahal backstage earlier. When did they have the time to go under the ring? Mahal beat down Orton with Kendo sticks after the Singh Brothers were killed…again. They are so the new J & J Security, I love it. But then one of the brothers literally crawled through the holes in the Punjabi prison and then pays for it by getting punched off the top of the PRISON THROUGH A ANNOUCE TABLE. STOP THE TOURTURE OF THE SINGH BROTHERS! Also nevermind what I said previously. GREAT KHALI LITERALLY RETURNED. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. HE ACTUALLY RETURNED. AND CHOKED OUT RANDY ORTON. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME RIGHT NOW?! WHY!?
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  2. Khali's return be like...
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  3. This happened on the "break"... Something go wrong?

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  4. Clearly. The Referee they put for that match was just dreadful and he messed up most of the ending imo.
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  5. Sucks for AJ and KO then. This whole PPV... Well, most of it, sounded like one mistake after the next. How you doing to start out a PPV with a solid match and then end it with one of the worst wrestlers in WWE history? Like... What?

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  6. So stoked about the Great Khali return. Just when u think Smackdown couldn't get any worse, Vince pulls something brilliant off and now it all makes sense. 10/10
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  7. #7 Grievous II, Jul 23, 2017
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2017
    ~ So Carmella is on the kick off show...wonderful.

    Did you know how many singes matches Carmella has wrestled so far this year?

    6...she has wrestled 6 singles matches in 2017...3 of them against nameless
    jobbers and 2 of them broke down into brawls or were turned into tag matches.

    She did pin Naomi once...but that was due to outside interference.

    I thinking Carmella needs to win a few matches (without that chinless freak
    helping) before she can be seen as a credible threat and a possible future champion.

    Shame she couldn't have a match at Battleground. I guess when you have
    the MitB briefcase you don't need to wrestle or be booked as a credible threat.

    Oh hey Baron're you going? You're going to kick Nakamura in the balls
    later? fun with that.

    ~ Aiden English gets a win...are they going to do anything with him?

    ~ And...the New Day defeat the Usos and win the SmackDown tag team
    much for saving that title change for Summerslam.

    Well...I'm glad the New Day won. Now can we just get the rematch out of the way
    and have a new team challenge them Summerslam?

    ~ And I guess the Corbin/Nakamura match ended in a way where nobody was really
    effected. While I really like both of these guys...I think this feud is a bad fit for both of them.

    Nakamura should be involved in feuds with higher profile performers...I mean...he
    isn't getting any younger...and Corbin should be booked on some kind of dominant
    winning streak to build him up for when he actually does cash in.

    ~ And Naomi is on commentary for this match? So the women's champion and the women's
    MitB winner are reduced to sitting around talking while the 5 other women on the roster actually
    get to wrestle on the pay per view?

    Does the WWE even view any other pay per views besides the "Big 4" as actually
    being important? Like no offense to the WWE...but these "regular" pay per views
    just seem like an extra episode of RAW or SmackDown with a random title, theme
    song and advertising promos thrown in.

    ~ The match was exactly 11 minutes long. 11 minutes? W.T.F?! Why can't these
    women get enough time in the ring to actually show off their skills and talent?!
    ~ Its awesome that Becky eliminated Tamina & Lana...
    ~ I'm very glad neither Becky or Charlotte was eliminated by Lana...
    ~ I was hoping either Becky or Charlotte would win...but...Natalya winning does
    make sense as far as booking a basic Face vs. Heel match at Summerslam goes...
    ~ I know Nattie is the heel...but I want her to win at Summerslam...
    ~ Is this the first time ever Natalya has cleanly pinned/defeated Charlotte?
    ~ So Charlotte has now been pinned/submitted 3 times in 2 weeks...and while
    I don't expect her to win every match...I can't believe that she will be left off
    the Summerslam card.

    I personally don't see the point in a Charlotte vs. Tamina/Lana Tamina
    is 39 years old and Lana is frankly still too green in the ring.

    I guess Becky & Charlotte don't need the title...when they have each other.

    Well...I am glad Natalya had a win...and she may finally be getting a run with
    the SmackDown women's title...which in my opinion is long overdue.

    Of has to think that Carmella is going to be cashing in at
    Summerslam...and we all know how much Vince loves to fuck with the Hart family.

    What's the bet that Natalya actually defeats Naomi at Summerslam...only to have
    the belt for like 4 minutes before Carmella swoops in and "steals" it.

    Talk about some "hart breaking" booking...


    ~ And...I guess we will be getting Styles vs. Owens Rd.4 at Summerslam then.
    I admit I have no idea how the WWE makes their booking decisions and frankly I
    think its best not to think about Vince/Hunter/Whoever standing backstage flipping
    a coin.

    ~ So far I haven't picked a single match on this card. I guess I'm better at
    predicting the RAW pay per views that I don't really give a shit about.

    Also I guess that rumor that the WWE was holding off on any title changes till
    Summerslam was just that...a rumor.

    ~ Cena Wins! LOL!

    ~ Would it be too much for me to hope that its Eric Young and SAnitY attacking
    Breezango? God that would inject some life into SmackDown. Becky Lynch vs. Nikki
    Cross please!

    No wait...Becky turns heel and joins SAnitY!

    Wow...I'm really getting ahead of myself...moving on.

    ~ And Sami Zayn gets the win! That makes 2 matches I predicted so far...Yay!

    ~ I thought Talking Smack was cancelled?

    ~ And Jinder retains...Thank the many Hindu Gods! No more title shots for Orton and
    we can move on from this feud!

    Also that Khali guy showed up and did some stuff...but who cares! No more title
    shots for Orton!

    Jinder is still the Champion and the WWE can continue to market its network to a country
    where 70% of its population can't afford to pay for it.


    ~ And...I'm done...
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  8. Pros:
    Aiden English winning. I love Tye and Aiden, and depending on how this goes, both men could leave looking like gold

    Natalya winning. I've never been a big fan, but next month she will break a record. She will have the most ppvs in WWE female history, and it's fitting that it's in a title match

    Jinder winning. I don't even care that it was 4 on 1, I love Jinder

    Mike Kanellis getting crushed. Fuck Mike Kanellis, I will happily watch as he becomes the next big Jobber

    My neighbors forcing me to miss the tag match and the women's match

    Tamina being eliminated first. She's one of my favorite wrestlers in general on Smackdown, I see so much potential and it's just being wasted

    Cena.... He's won me overish, but the amount of suck upping that match give to America actually made me ashamed to be an American

    The fact that this Fashion Police thing didn't climax

    Styles v Owens. They're amazing workers, but they apparently don't like this fued, and without that spark it's just two wrestlers killing time. Who knows, maybe it'll be great, maybe I'll be souless
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  9. I predicted her to go first. I assumed people would team up to get her out. #LOLatWWELogicalBookingEverytime
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  10. I did not know that...that is awesome for Nattie!

    I'm sure if Tamina was younger she would be booked/treated differently...
    but the WWE is clearly building for the future with its women's division and
    Tamina is 39 years old. She's older than Mickie the WWE may
    believe her "time" past by a few years ago.

    This may also be why she's been booked as a bodyguard/enforcer for the
    later years of her career.

    I predicted Lana because she's Greener Than Turtle Shit...
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  11. Well in her earlier years of the WWE, she was the manager of the Usos and the love interest of this guy

    I don't think it was because of age...
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  12. Well...I wouldn't really know...I missed a lot of that...

    It is possible that she has never had a "proper"
    push because of being injury prone?

    I'm actually sad I missed Santino...all the clips I have
    watched of him have had me he made
    a cute team with "Dancing" Emma back in the day.

    That's right...I'd rather spend my time watching
    Santino Marella than CM Punk & Brock Lesnar.

    Fight Me!
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  13. *Fite

    /me hits Reag with a chair
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  14. Fite = Fight in internet speak, cause you can't fight in real life... So you "fite" online. :dawg: :downer: :cry:
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  15. Oh...I is understanding you now...
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  16. #FireRoadDogg trended on Twitter.
    Good. It's long overdue. Never should have been in that spot in the first place.
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  17. Wait...why is everyone pissed at Road Dogg?
  18. Around Wrestlemania time, he became the head writer on Smackdown.
  19. Well...I admit that the women's division was being handled better
    before that time...but its wrong to single out one guy to blame.

    Plus he may be getting orders from higher up to change stuff...
    which we know can happen and at the last minute.
  20. Khali is a legend.
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