Rate Big E's Title Reign

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Ric Flare!, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Has Big E, NXT Alumni been as good as he was on NXT? Has he been a great IC Champion? What do you think of his title reign so far? I think he has just been forgotten as all IC Champions get
  2. I think it's unfair to rate his reign, or any mid-carder's reign for that matter, seeing as WWE don't give a damn for the IC title or the US title. I personally feel big E has done most with the few opportunities he had to shine, but overrall his reign was really poor due to bad booking and non-existent feuds
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  3. His defense against Swagger was quite awful, Big E lacked and was all over the place on that bout. Problem with him is he was thrown into Ziggler & AJ, without Ziggler he was AJ Lee Friendzone and without AJ he's a bland jacked guy. WWE has no mid-card heel, and it doesn't look like they will be making one soon. His reign has been awful
  4. Lil Wayne/Pink Floyd
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  5. He was so goddamn great in NXT, but for whatever reason, they didn't let Big E use the five count gimmick. I accepted him not using it for the first month, but why didn't they let him use it after he won the IC title? He could've done the five count challenge or something to help setup rivalries. It's a shame to see that most good NXT talents are being misused.
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  6. DB/Shitty
  7. I'd say 0/10 but he has some big titties so ill give him a generous 4/10
  8. Exactly, a dope way to make some interest in the IC Title
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  9. Typical Intercontinental Title Reign / 10
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  10. I tend to forget he is champion out of ten.
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  11. Like others I am unable to give him a rating out of 10 because he has not been given enough opportunities to shine, whether this be defending his title at PPV's or actually being involved in any kind of storyline. Big E has been champion for 5/6 months? And I think we are yet to see him involved in an actual title-feud, it's insulting for him and the title.
  12. Hasn't been as good as he was on NXT (100% due to booking though, obviously), and to be fair, when he won the belt he was pretty over. Seemed like maybe he was going to have a decent reign at first, then after a while started getting pinned in tag matches, jobbing in singles and etc as usual with the IC champ. So, yeah, it has been pretty boring, but that happens all the time.
  13. Typical Intercontinental Championship reign, unfortunately. Hardly any title defenses in the past 4-5 months that he's been champion, no actual feuds revolving around the title, almost non-existent mic time (all champions should get adequate mic time), etc. Not memorable at all.
  14. Agree 100% Brother, almost like TNA's TV Title reign. Big E becomes another carrier and nothing more. Shame, him and Swagger had some good chemistry during their PPV bout
  15. 2/10 would not reign again

    It gets a 2 because of how good the start was. He was over, he won the IC title and we all got excited like we always do when a rising talent wins the IC title or the US title, he then got to be in the big 3 man tags in some main events but then WWE did the whole "lol you guys think we're gonna let them bring prestige back to the title NOPE" thing.
  16. 11/10 but needs less defenses
  17. Very bad. He rarely appears and may as well not have it. It's more irrelevant than Ambrose's US title reign. I think I may have included too many sentences.
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