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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about tonight's PPV in this thread.
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    Can't give this any higher than a 4/10.

    EDIT: Nah, 5/10. Didn't dislike the show all that much.
  3. I'll go as high as a 6/10, but part of that could also be because of the moments I got to :gusta: .

    Love Bad Influence, Roode, AJ and Tapa as ever. Overall just a lackluster, letdown of a PPV though, even more so when you consider it's suppose to be their biggest event of the year. Disappointed, but still had segments in the show I enjoyed.
  4. Wasn't expecting a negative vibe coming into this thread, but I've yet to see the show so I can't comment. But BFG should not be getting lower ratings than some of their television shows that's for sure. I hope I won't be as equally disappointed, but have a feeling I will :emoji_slight_frown:.

    What was it specifically you guys didn't enjoy?
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    Ultimate X was a major let down especially the ending, Why use a fucking ladder?

    Most matches were okay, Angle declining the HOF? Not sure if kayfabe or not. Magnus heel shit :why:. Styles winning means a new contract.

    7/10 +1 for seeing Farooq
  6. If anyone can get a screenshot of Farooq, I'd mark.
  7. Tried but it was in the Styles crowd thing so I lost him quick.
  8. Gonna get a cap of him, hold on.
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  9. I'd say 4/10 for the Bret reference, but that's giving the show too much credit.

    3 out of 10

    2 points for me laughing my ass off when Styles went through the table, and 1 point for Lady Tapas almost injuring that girl with a powerbomb.
  10. 6/10. Some decent matches but Magnus/Sting and the ME were pretty underwhelming sadly. Angle/Roode was fantastic however, Roode's ring work is as good as just about anyone's at the moment.
  11. 8/10.

    Would have been a 10/10, but no one wanted to do the Guns N' Roses chant with me :downer:
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  12. I was so excited for you because I knew being there live you were definitely enjoying it more than we did. :haha: Can't wait to see the screencap since I missed out on seeing you.
  13. I was the only person cheering for the Bromans :why: #BroForGlory
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  14. I know, right? I told them you needed Aids with you. :lol1: What a sucky crowd. No Guns n' Roses chant, no cheering for the Bromans, haha.
  15. Would have been GOAT. Started the Lets Go Jobber chant though :haha: me and a few people were cheering on Gail too, and I no sold cheering for Chavo and Jeff Hardy.
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  16. I tried watching but it just felt like an extended episode of Impact. The Bro mans are booked like complete jokes for the entire year and suddenly at BFG they win the belts? huge turn off. I didn't really like Sabin's heel character either.

    I'll probably watch Angle/Roode at some point
  17. Watched it earlier today and after taking a couple of hours to let it simmer I have this rating to give. 4/10.

    X Division match was pretty boring, and I don't think most of the guys in it will stick around in the X division (if they do great since it would put some more life in it, but I don't see it) so it felt like a cheap way to get Aries, Hardy and Joe on the show.
    Tag match was boring and Bromance just isn't credible, like D'Z said they were made up to be jokes for most of the year and now they are suddenly sneaky heels.
    The Angle stuff was headscratching, either a punishment or they are trying to do the best they can with what they have.
    Dixie is trying a bit too hard to be Stephanie/Vince. Hopefully she grows into it.
    Knockouts was boring, and the end result was the TNA answer to AJ and Tamina.
    Angle vs Roode was match of the night, but the ending ruined it. Had they actually carried Angle out I feel like it would have told a better story, have Angle build himself up from rock bottom instead of still being "unstoppable". Plus it would have benefited Roode more.
    EC3 was just a squash, nothing much to tell. I realize what kind of character they want to go for and I guess he portrays it well enough but I need to see more before casting judgement.
    Magnus v Sting was boring. I just wasn't interested in the program at all. Not sure what they want to do with Magnus now, groom him as a heel or keep him on the track as a babyface as they did before? They kinda teased a heel turn.
    AJ vs Bully was slow and clunky with some spots thrown in. Didn't really get going until Bully ripped up the ring mat. The ending was so similar to MITB 2011 as well.

    Like Dolph's said, it seemed like a longer version of impact. Nothing really special or memorable. Decent ring work in most of the matches but bad finishes put a bad taste in my mouth. I want to like TNA and hopefully they can reboot now (but if it becomes another stable war I don't know what I'll do.) A plus sign is that this is the perfect moment for TNA to reboot and set up a new direction, hopefully back to 2012 when it was so insanely good. Sticking by my 4/10.
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  18. Will give it a 6/10. Actually the buildup was way better than the show in my opinion. I was expecting something that could make me shit in my pants but didn't see that. I was excited because of the buildup and the importance they were giving to the show but it was a bit disappointing in my opinion.
  19. 4/10
    Wasn't awful, but it wasn't amazing either. Angle and Roode for sure was MOTN.
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