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  1. 9.5/10, Amazing Pay-Per-View :win:
  2. Great ppv overall, but really lame ending.
  3. 9/10
    Match of the night: Roode vs Storm Street Fight
    Bad: Kaz and Daniels dropping title, Hardy winning
    Good: Devon is Aces&Eights, Matt Morgan, Roode vs Storm, all matches good quality
  4. 9.9 best of the year.
    So glad Matt Morgan is back, just waiting on Crimson now.
  5. even though everyone I wanted to win lost, it was an awesome PPV


    best matches:

    1.) Roode/Storm
    2.) Hardy/Aries
    3.) Magnus/Joe
    4.) Triple Threat tag team title match
  6. 9/10.

    Was a fantastic PPV.

    - Tara winning the knockout title :yay
    - Samoa Joe/Magnus
    - Triple Threat Tag Match
    - Joey Ryan winning
    - Matt Morgan
    - Devon? :wtf:
    - Street fight

    All good things. :otunga:
  7. 8.5/10, results and swerves didn't go as I wanted them too but the PPV was pretty fantastic.
  8. Pretty much this. PPV of the year.:obama::obama::obama:

  9. :dawg:
  10. Just realized pretty much all title's on the line switched except Joe's.
  11. They all went to ex-WWE guys too :eww:

    Chavo, RVD, Hardy....





  12. Tara.
  13. lol ladies wrasslin
  14. Like I said I don't agree with all the booking decisions and who won the titles, but it was still a helluva PPV with awesome matches. BFG delivered.
  15. 9/10

    Roode /Storm was fucking insane, easily motn for me. Hardy winning put a wee bit of a dampener on the evening but it was a great match nonetheless. Enjoyed the TT tag team match as well, some awesome spots - wouldn't have had Chavo/Hernandez win the titles though.
  16. 8-8.5/10

    Enjoyed it very much, some parts were a little off.. Hardy winning was great, but the match itself was a bit.. Mehhh:maybe:
  17. Seeing that 8 is the lowest grade on here... It's just awesome. Thank you TNA.
  18. I thought about it.. Better now?
  19. Better. Eat Snickers commercial reference, was it? :obama:
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