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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jacob Fox, Sep 25, 2016.

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    Clash of Champions Results (open)


    Nia Jax defeated Alicia Fox by pinfall.

    The New Day vs Gallows and Anderson

    The New Day retained the WWE Tag Team Championships by pinfall

    TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Championship

    TJ Perkins defended the Cruiserweight Championship when he forced Kendrick to tap out. After the match, Kendrick pretended to shake Perkins' hand and hug him but then cheap shot him with a head butt.

    Cesaro vs Sheamus Match 7 of best of 7 series, tied 3 to 3

    Cesaro and Sheamus went to a draw in match 7 of the best of 7 series. Both wrestlers beat each other and couldn't get up while outside of the ring and the referee called the match.

    Chris Jericho vs Sami Zayn

    Chris Jericho defeated Sami Zayn by pinfall following a code breaker.

    Charlotte vs Bayley vs Sasha Banks for the WWE Raw Women's Title

    Charlotte pinned Bayley to retain the Raw Women's Championship

    Rusev vs Roman Reigns for the United States Championship

    Roman Reigns pinned Rusev to become the new United States Champion

    Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship

    Kevin Owens retained the WWE Universal Championship by pin fall after hitting a pop up power bomb. Rollins had hit the pedigree twice before, but the referee was knocked out. Stephanie McMahon sent in a new referee right before Owens hit a pop up power bomb which made it seem as if she was setting him up ambiguously.
  2. 4/10

    I didn't enjoy very much of it at all.
  3. I am giving this a 9. There were a couple things that I really didn't like, but I think the positives far outweighed the negatives.

    I liked:

    TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick. **1/2 This match was disappointing but it was still enjoyable. I really think these two could have put on a much better match. I would have preferred a Kendrick win but at least Kendrick got in the cheap shot.

    Cesaro vs Sheamus *** This would have been a ***1/2 if not for the ending. A draw was an absolute lousy way to end the match. May have been MOTN but awful ending.

    Chris Jericho vs Sami Zayn *** Another excellent match. I enjoyed everything including Jericho winning.

    Sasha vs Charlotte vs Bayley ***1/2 This was probably MOTN. I dunno... the main event was pretty good too. But this was just an other example of the women's division getting some of the respect I have thought it should have been getting for years. Awesome match.

    Roman vs Rusev *** I really enjoyed this match. I really didn't have a horse in this race as I don't really care for either guy. It didn't bother me that Roman won. Maybe he will hold the belt for a while and remain out of the world title picture.

    Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins ***1/2 This is the other contender for MOTN in my view. This was one of the matches where I would have been okay with either guy winning. It was enjoyable. I loved Owens' trash talking and his "suck it" motions before the table spot. This made Rollins look very strong in his defeat. Great match.

    I was indifferent to:

    The New Day vs Gallows and Anderson **1/2

    This match wasn't bad but I just didn't care. I am tired of the New Day and I think Gallows and Anderson have been pretty lousy as a team. I just didn't feel it at all. Decent match but meh.
  4. Goin 8/10 here. Really enjoyed pretty much all the matches.

    Women's triple threat was the match of the night for me.

    TJP vs Kendrick was probably my least favorite match of the night which sucks but the match was still good. There really wasn't a whole lot wrong with it, both of them did their thing, it was just all the other matches were better.

    Did not like the ending to the main event, but I didn't like the Backlash ending either so I guess they even out? Idk.

    Cesaro vs Sheamus and Rusev vs Reigns were a lot better than expected, but did not like the finish to Cesaro/Sheamus either. Oh well, was still a good match.

    Enjoyed this PPV much more than Backlash and don't have many complaints with it at all. Would watch again tbh.
  5. 8/10

    I can't believe i'm saying this, good job Reigns

    Something tells me everyone here on this forum is on ppv overload... seeing a loss of enthusiasm here lol
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  6. It's a bit much, especially with another one coming in two weeks. I was all for the brand split but the amount of content is getting ridiculously out of hand.
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  7. I'm giving this an 8 purely because of TJP's entrance.
  8. omg just for TJP's awesome entrance music alone this is TEN STARS

    *keeps watching*
  9. Predictability isn't always a bad thing when it comes to booking. I mean look at Backlash, most of us knew every outcome a week prior but the show still delivered. Don't get me wrong Clash of champions had some good matches but the booking was just...odd and lackluster. The two titles that should've changed hands tonight didn't and the one that did...well we knew it was going to happen. 6/10.
  10. 9/10 for this guy.

    I enjoyed most of it. I skimmed through the second half. Watched most of it though. When each match is over 10 minutes, if I'm watching the next day, I know I can skip atleast half way through and still see most of the action. So I skimmed though some of the womens match, figured that'd be the outcome. Skimmed through the us title match... I had a feeling roman would win but I was hoping rusev would. I honestly don't like the fact that rusev was killing him with that accolade, looked pretty well rested then 1 spear ends his day, laid flat out. I don't agree with the way they book roman matches. Now that's not saying I hate roman.... but his matches are booked turribly.

    Owens/Rollins. I figured ko would retain but through a HHH interference not a y2j. It was a nice surprise, and the right guy won. ... keep that strap on him past survivor series pleeeeease. I want to be able to see him walk into there as champ and walk out as champ. Please wwe lol.

    Glad the boo gay opened the show, just to get them the fuck out of the way. Not happy at a gallows and Anderson loss though. That might have ruined any chances they have of being a legitimate threat. Btw what is the tag team titles record?

    The cruiserweight match was nice. Knew TJP was going to win...but holy shit his intro won the match lol. Good stuff from these guys and I'm happy to see cruiserweights back.

    Sami zayn and Jericho is all it had to be really. I'm glad Jericho won that though. Y2j all the way. Drink IT in maaaaaannnnn.

    So yeah overall a great ppv.. and in just 2 more weeks we get another one. I really think they should be doing 1 brand ppv per month. Because 1 each is too much. That's 2 weeks in each month with 8 hours of wwe (3 straight days....and that's not including nxt or the other low level shows they put on tv) that's alot of wrestling in a month lol :henry3:
  11. Quite entertaining of a PPV overall, I feel it deserves an 8/10....

    My only complaint, if I may, was having Romman Reigns win and this, just to be clear, has nothing to do at all with me being a Roman hater or anything like that. I said this from the beginning of this feud, I just feel that having Rusev lose against the first really legit opponent would practically kill any kind of build if the idea is to make him look like a force, like a heel to be reckoned with and someone overall to be taken very seriously. I mean, beating up jobbers like Kallisto or Titus Oneal, ok, was a start, but you can't have the guy beat the insignificant midcarders and then immediately lose to the first really serious and legit opponent. I would have prefered if they at least had Rusev pick up the first win, preferably and then perhaps drop it to Roman in some rematch down the road, even as soon as next month but anyway, that's just me.

    Elsewhere, if I were to make a couple of notes generally speaking:

    a) HHH still not appearing at all to address his actions - it's been 4 weeks now - I find rediculous...

    b) too many PPV's coming at us in such short notice. As several fellow members already stated above, overload man. It's just too much and I fear it may come to a point where these PPV's wont feel as special as they should do...

    c) while I understand everone's argument about New Day and the fact that they should soon drop the belts but there was no way WWE was going to kill the run on the verge of 400 days and beside, as far as Gallows and Anderson are concerned, that boat I'm afraid has sailed. WWE fucked up big time with these guys from the getco so there wasn't really any point in them winning last night. If it were up to me, and I've said this before, I'd have the two hottest baby face tag teams go at it. The two admitedly best teams in the division, thus New Days vs Enzo & Cass, which could produce gold in their promos, let alone tear the house down in a match. Oh, and of course, Enzo & Cass come out winners...

    d) The way the main event ended I wasn't the biggest fan of but one would assume that will be their excuse for a rematch at Survivor Series...

    e) Since last night ended in a no contest, do we call Sheamus vs. Cesaro a tie? And if that's the case, do thet perhaps get awarded a...tag team title match by being teamed up together? Meh, probably a stretch but most likely scenario, Cesaro will call bullshit cause he clearly wanted the match to contunue so maybe he decideds to walk out and join Smackdown, per the rumors that have been going on for the past couple of months...
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  12. I... shouldn't be the negative nancy I am over here, but 7/10 for this viewer. Yes that includes a bonus point for TJP.
    If anyone who wrestled on this show said hello to me tomorrow, I'd shake their hand and tell them just how damn great they are. But............

    One small thing to point out though is... I've been nothing but negative towards Gallows and Anderson ever since they came in, but they really stood out to me on this show. :emoji_slight_smile: A lot of that feels like they loosened on the tag formula - maybe Scott Dawson gave them pointers - and they were able to come across as brutal and ruthless as they do in the brawls. Great! Where has THIS Club been all this time?

    Can't wait for the next Smackdown PPV!
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  13. #13 SmackChat-Luke, Sep 26, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2016
    Well, that wasn't a total disaster.

    Nia Jax Vs Alicia Fox: This match went on for too long, with Fox giving Jax a little too much of a fight for me. Jax should still be pushed as an absolute monster, until creative decide who the hell they want to put her against in a proper feud.

    The New Day Vs Anderson and Gallows: It's about time The New Day lost their belts. I want to see them chase after something, since the last time I had any real interest in them was when they were against the Wyatts. Anderson and Gallows were much better here, as there was no doctor gimmick for them to demonstrate. Christ WWE, they're not a comedy act. I really want to see someone else with the tag team championship now.

    TJ Perkins Vs Brian Kendrick: An excellent start to the Cruiserweight Division recently, with this being another excellent match. Shame about a couple of botches in this one, particularly the neckbreaker at the apron mid-match. Nice to see the heel/face dynamics beginning to drop into place with this match. More high-flying needed in the division, I hope the rumours about it being toned down are false.

    Sheamus Vs Cesaro: When I heard about the result and Cesaro's neck injury mid-match, I assumed that these were related. Having watched the match and seen that the ending was clearly a work I have to say I am disappointed. Unfortnately, I have to admit that I'm intrigued enough to tune in to RAW and find out what happens next, so WWE wins. Damn you WWE. The overall match was far better than I would have expected it to be, lots of new spots for Cesaro in particular (Including that awkward 619). A pleasant surprise up until the ending.

    Chris Jericho Vs Sami Zayn: I was a little disappointed with this match. I think I got myself overhyped given that I know what they are both capable of. I was still getting my head around the ending to Cesaro/Sheamus, which probably didn't help my enjoyment. I know now that this isn't the final match of their feud, which I'm glad of, but my expectations were probably a little too high to begin with. Give them some time to string a few matches together, let my hype come back and they really could put together a MOTY candidate.

    Charlotte Vs Sasha Banks Vs Bayley: I said it once already. Bayley should not have been in this match. I know that WWE are trying to make her seem like a top contender, but I honestly don't think she looks like one at the moment. I've never been able to join in with the hype over her anyway, which makes it hard to care if she is doing well, and I know it's exactly the same sort of push Balor received (Which I loved), but she doesn't look like she is on the same level as her opponents in this match-up. Charlotte retaining was a surprise, as I predicted Sasha would regain the title, but I quite like that. It made Charlotte look like a strong champion and opens the door for a possible Dana Brooke programme.

    Roman Reigns Vs Rusev: I'm too angry to really comment on this fairly. What a stupid thing to do with someone who's just got back from a wellness violation. AND MAKE HIM HEEL GODDAMNIT!

    Kevin Owens Vs Seth Rollins: Match of the night. I enjoyed every second of this, and they have managed to make me care for both competitors. It's nice watching a match where you don't mind either guy winning. I loved the "suck it" reference (In fact, I loved everything Kevin Owens did in this match), and both of them looked incredibly strong throughout. It wasn't the interference I was expecting, but I only asked for no Triple H so I win! I actually liked these shenanigans for a change. Big grin on my face for the whole match.

    Clash of Champions 2016 Review :emoji_wink:
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  14. Clash of Champions was a good show. 7/10

    If it wasn't for some of the finishes/booking decisions, I would've rated it higher. Other than that, most of the stuff was enjoyable.

    - The New Day vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson was a rock solid show opener. **¾
    I liked the pacing and the action kept going, but the booking at the end sucked. I was hoping G&A would pull off a win finally, but deep down I knew The New Day would take it and so they did. Meh. It was time for a change, I felt. The New Day's gotten so stale, man. Other than that, I liked how G&A came flying out of the gate and looked to put New Day quickly, this was the best they've looked since arriving and I thought this was the match to put 'em back on track, but instead, they lost. What a waste. Speaking of waste, WTF is Big E still doing with the New Day? Stick a rocket up his ass and push him to the moon. He's a top babyface material.

    - TJ Perkins vs Brian Kendrick was good. ***
    Alright, the early portions weren't exactly great, they were a bit sloppy, but overall, it was good. The closing stretch helped, a lot. TJP's theme is weird, but I kinda like it. Also loved Kendrick headbutting TJP post-match.

    - Sheamus vs Cesaro was great and MOTN. ****
    I may be the only one who has liked the series, the matches have been good, the whole "heel takes a big 3-0 lead before the babyfaces makes his big comeback" shtick was predictable, but whatever. I was hoping to see something special right here and so I did. I absolutely loved the match. Cesaro and Sheamus know each other so well and never disappoint. The match was brutally physical and full of little callbacks to their previous matches, CESARO ALMOST BROKE HIS OWN FUCKING NECK, but is thankfully okay, and it looked like were going to get an epic conclusion to the series, and then that finish happened. And I was like, WHY? Okay, first of all, let me go on a record and say I was hoping Cesaro would win, because that felt like the right call. On the other hand, I was totally expecting Sheamus to pick up the win, because I thought they were not going to make Sheamus look like a helpless idiot who loses 4 matches in a row. The final match in the series was supposed to have a winner and was supposed to make the winner look like a star. Then, they went with a no-contest and it just felt bamboozling. But, it got me thinking... What if, (and it's a big if) they take a tag title shot opportunity? Like, Sheamus and Cesaro get together, they go to Mick and show him they've earned each others respect, then attack The New Day and actually win the tag titles. Would that make sense after everything that's happened? Idk. I'm just thinking of possible scenarios and I'm really curious to see what they do with this one. Anyways, that was a GREAT match with a not-so-great finish. Oh, well.

    - Chris Jericho vs Sami Zayn was good for a meaningless midcard match. ***¼
    Outside of a few flaws this match had, it was enjoyable. Zayn losing is silly, but I'd be lying if I told you I was upset at Y2J winning, I predicted it and all, but damn, Y2J's been so perfect since turning heel, I cannot hate anything he's involved in.

    - Charlotte vs Sasha Banks vs Bayley was solid. **½
    I do not want to say this match was bad, but I just couldn't get into it. They never kicked it into high gear, it felt like a paint-by-numbers triple-threat, it was clumsy and just... Not particularly good. Plus, Charlotte retained. So even though I really didn't like that, I was expecting it. Oh, well.

    - Roman Reigns vs Rusev was good. ***
    I felt this was better than their previous 25 minute match on the go-home show for SummerSlam. I was expecting a DQ win for Roman, but thankfully, they didn't do that. These two athletic hosses delivered a good, physical match and I liked it. I'm fine with Reigns winning, but this would've been so much more special if Reigns was a sympathetic babyface and if Rusev had defeated some bigger names during his title reign to make the end of his title reign feel like a big moment. But, oh well. Now, we're probably going to get Reigns vs Rusev at HIAC again because obligatory rematch clauses. Oh, well.

    - Kevin Owens vs Seth Rollins was good up until the finish. ***
    As expected, the guys were going to put in some good in-ring work and then the finish would be messy, overbooked and it would suck. It did. The crowd sucked, too. And of course, the McMahonMania continues. Oh, joy.
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  15. I gave it a 7/10. Overall it was good just a bit meh nothign really exciting. New Day Match, TJ match I found a bit boring, MOTN I enjoyed the womens one.

    I actually enjoyed the Roman vs Rusev one. I'm new to the modern era so no big beef with Reigns but I think I wanted Rusev to win.

    I liked Backlash better as I was drawn in from the 1st match and it had a great last match and I liked the middle as well.
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