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  1. As said, with cm punk's carreer supposedly over, now is as much of a good time as any to say exactly how you felt about him.

    preferrably rate him on two categories, the first being Punk as a wrestler(which would be based on his in-ring work over the years) and punk the character(His promos, his angles, his gimmicks). My rating personally would be 7/10 as a wrestler and 9/10 as a character(Yup, i'm a mark)

    Ps: I would rather you be impartial about your rating, as in, don't give him a 0 under the pretext of "ERMARGAUD, PUNK IS SOO OVERRATED, HE IS SUCH A JERK TOO 0/10" also don't be a mark and only give him a ten if you really think he deserves it, avoiding at all cost giving your score based on "MAH GAWD, CM PUNK DID THE BEST PROMO EVAH, HE IS LIKE, DAH BEST IN DAH WORLD" of course, if you really believe he deserves a 10(or a 0, for that matter) it's all up to you, what I am asking is: Give me your impartial thoughts on his perfomances and his entertainment value, if possible, without taking his personality or work-ethic into consideration
  2. 8/10

    He's had the longest world title reign in the modern era. He's had big feuds against some all-time greats like Rock, Undertaker, Cena, Lesnar, Hunter, Jericho, etc. He's one of about 3 stars that WWE have 'made' since that weren't involved in the Attitude Era. Only thing it's lacked is obviously longevity.
  3. Memorable WWE title reign
    One of the few WWECW champions at the time I liked
    Straight Edge Society was entertaining
    Cult of Personalty was best theme
    Multiple championship reigns(although only his ECW, WWE and World Heavyweight title reigns were good.)
    Good feud with Jeff Hardy on Smackdown
    Multiple Money in the Bank winner.

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    He did a whole lot over his career. Most of us agree that the vast majority of the best feuds of this era involved Punk, and he put on many memorable matches and promos that the fans won't forget any time soon. The Pipebomb was listed as one of the top 5 moments in Raw history according to the company. He put on great matches with great wrestlers from the past and the future, took on the likes of Rock, Jericho, Lesnar, Triple H, hell he even went after the Streak. He was almost always in the upper midcard and even had a kayfabe claim to be better than the top guy in his era, Cena. He's a multiple time MITB winner, multiple time champion, hell he had the 8th longest title reign in history* in a whole different era than most of those occurred.

    Bad marks: Not being the top guy, longevity, and being saddled with too many crappy characters.

    EDIT: Nah he deserves credit for the good characters. 8.5/10
  5. The best thing in WWE's pathetic ECW Revival (except Elijah Burk). Then his ECW World Title Reign was meh, ok. I think he was at his best during the SES and the first few months of his return to WWE with Living Color. All in all, not a massive mark, I think he'll be remembered for the following

    Mocking Lawler
    2 Time MITB Winner
    Long Title Reign

    That is all he will be remembered as, he didn't usher in a new era and left because things weren't going his way
  6. 8/10

    His work from 2009-Early 2013 was absolutely awesome
  7. He's a Cubs fan, 0/10.
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  8. Wow, lots of cm punk love in this thread, that's...surprising(except for Aids johnson, but he does present a valid case, so I will let that slide)
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  9. Just wait, one of the haters will come in and the punk marks will flood this mafk.
  10. the punk marks have already flooded this mafk.

    *throws out the Longhorn-shaped batsymbol*

    Wk is on the way! Then Dolph's and Deth will handle things after dark and Black Jesus will wonder what the hell happened to his beautiful thread.

    EDIT: @Toonami Tom 2
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  11. Wacokid wont post here, my bet is a few WWEF members are waiting for his post before they come in to kill this. That, or Lockhard will write a college essay on the history and well documented past of Phil Brooks aka CM Punk and the thread will die.
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  12. Even though i read a lot of his full posts, would mark for Lockard to make a 3 full paragraph Punk essay, with the second one being about "Punks' time in WCW" just to see if anyone notices
  13. All i know is CM Punk goes to Wrigley Stadium to cheer the cubs. Fuck CM Punk [​IMG]
  14. 1/10
    +1 for being a cry baby bitch and leaving
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  15. I should have expected no less from the fake Black Jesus :pity2:
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  16. 9/10. He was one of the most decorated champions in the history of WWE. I would of given him a 10 but you know...

    The way he left was kinda shitty.
  17. I think his had a great career, I would give him a 8/10. His had great feuds, matches and won numerous championships.
  18. THIS!

    for me its a 7/10, if he had stuck with the company atleast till his contract was over I could see it being an 8.
    Will definitely remember his 'pipe bomb' and the Money In the bank PPV match against PG era poster child John Cena.
    SES was very good and I think they could've done a lot more with it.
    His Undertaker WM feud was great, Paul Bearer's death added another level to it.
    And not to mention one of the best heels of the modern era.
  19. 9/10 for me. He's had so many memorable moments (feud with Cena, 434 day long title reign, feud with the Undertaker, leaving the WWE itself) and if he had stayed with the company, he would've probably had many more.
  20. A solid 6.5/10
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