Rate Destination X/10

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. 9/10 for me.
  2. ?/10
    Or to be realistic, 8. Main event was 10 though.
  3. Hate rating it this low, but 7/10. Too many bad matches and no-talent hacks on here to justify a higher grade...

    Screw it. 9/10. This is the anti-Extreme Rules. The ending made up for all the bad things that happened during the show.
  4. Man gotta download this PPV if Austin Aries won the championship in a 9/10 PPV!
  5. Still watching, up to AJ/Daniels.

    So far 8/10. Angle vs Joe was sweet, imo a really good climax. Good X-Division matches, and that Sorensen speech was sweet. Can't wait for the ME!
  6. 9/10.

    Yet another excellent TNA PPV. Thumbs da fuk up!
  7. 9/10.

    Just a balls-awesome PPV, go and watch. Angle-Joe was one of the best tehnically wrestled matches I've seen in a long time too.
  8. [​IMG]
  9. Man I need to see this.
  10. InBeforeCrayo burries the shit out of the PPV, gives it 3/10 and calls us marks.:yay:
  11. 9/10. Disregarding the shitty ass storyline, AJ/Daniels was fantastic. Marked at the end spot. Ultimate X match was good, Sonjay coming back after popping his shoulder back in is badass, and the main event was, well, fucking amazing. Marked like a little school kid.

    I seriously thought that Roode would retain :O
  12. Still waiting for Crayola to take a dump on the PPV. :baws:
  13. He already did. In a status reply he even said that Roode/Aries wasn't perfect. I was like 'you are on drugs. That is insane. That is insane for you to say. Someone spiked your tea, something is wrong with you if you are saying that.'

    The ME all things considered was the best thing in wrestling thus far in 2012 by a wide margin.
  14. Bitching about me? No match is perfect. I gazm'd over Punk/Bryan but their was elements I wasn't happy with.

    The PPV was awesome, a solid 8/10 for me. Rainman pretty much summed up my feelings for it. Both of you have period problems I swear...
  15. He did? :dafuq:

    That is the worst thing since Eric Bischoff called his son Garett the son of a bitch.

    EDIT: Whatever, he corrected thimself.
  16. Please, in as much detail as possible, explain to me the parts of the match that you felt weren't perfect and give us how you would have booked it instead.
  17. It started off well, the characters really portrayed their characters perfectly. Aries was booked as the face who doesn't give a shit really about the fans which I loved and was still his cocky self. The match itself started pretty slow but you expect that. It picked up with some high intensity spots being taken, but then it slowed down again which sort of took the edge off. Also, with matches like this, you take outside elements. With Bryan/Punk the problem for me was the storyline and nothing really on the line for either competitor. With this one, it was in front of the freaking IZ which automatically makes it "not perfect".

    In a technical aspect it's as close to a 5* as anything else we've had this year. The booking was perfect, you've tried hinting three times now that I'm not a fan of the booking. Stop making stuff up in your head Dolph, I'm starting to think you look for excuses to bitch. The booking was absolutely perfect and I'm more than thrilled that TNA has this much faith in Aries. I wonder how they'll book Roode now after losing his rematch.
  18. I wasn't hinting at anything, just asking why you didn't think it was perfect. To cite the IZ is a pretty weak point deduction though, and seems like you are pretty much ceding that the booking was perfect as were both men in their roles.

    I'm interested with what happens with Roode after this feud, but for now just sit back and enjoy the insane Roode lose his shit as he tries to get his belt back from Aries. If TNA keeps this up it will be the feud of the year hands down.
  19. That's what I'm hoping -- that the feud can be given time. It happens too often that the once heel who was obsessed with his title gives up at getting it back after losing one rematch. I want a long perfectly booked feud tbh. The more of Roode in the main event the better.
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