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Discussion in 'Other Wrestling (US)' started by Jacob Fox, Aug 17, 2017.

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  1. Rate Destination X 2017 and leave some comments as to what you think of the show.

    Destination X Results (open)

    Gail Kim vs Sienna

    Taryn Terrell interfered and attacked Gail Kim. Sienna won by pin fall.

    GFW Championship Situation Promo

    Bruce Pritchard came out and announced that Alberto El Patron relinquished the Global Force Wrestling Championship. He was about to award the belt to Lashley, but instead Jim Cornette came to the ring. After talking, Pritchard called security to get rid of Cornette and the security came to the ring. Pritchard told Cornette that Cornette could not order him to do anything because Cornette was not his boss. Cornette agreed that he was not Pritchard's boss because Pritchard was fired. He took the GFW championship from Pritchard and security removed Pritchard.

    Cornette announced that El Patron was stripped of the belt. He did not relinquish it. He then announced that Lashley was not being given the belt. Next week, there will be a 20 man gauntlet match and the winner of that match would be GFW champion.

    LAX came to the ring to complain. Konnan told Cornette that Low Ki shouldn't be in the gauntlet match since he was promised a title match. He proposed that Low Ki be made number one contender against the person who won the gauntlet. Cornette refused and then told Low Ki he would be the 20th man in the gauntlet and that this was the best he could do. When LAX moved toward Cornette, he threatened to have them arrested... a threat which didn't intimidate LAX at all. They told Cornette they would beat him severely if he double crossed them. Cornette told them he always told the truth and left.

    Super X Cup Final: Desmond Xavier vs Tajii Ishimori

    Desmond won the Cup and then said he is after the X Division champion.


    Bruce Pritchard approached Karen Jarrett and asked her if she was happy she was fired. She and Pritchard got into a loud yelling match as Pritchard left and Karen screamed that he would never be in GFW ever again.

    Chris Parks told Grado he would leave GFW without complaining live next week

    Ladder Match for the X Division Championship: Champion Sonjay Dutt vs Trevor Lee

    Dutt retained his title when, after being double teamed, Petey Williams returned and gave a Canadian Destroyer.

    OVE vs Zachary Wentz and Jason Cade

    OVE won by pin fall.

    Matt Sydal vs Lashley

    Matt Sydal won by pin fall

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  2. An 8! This was a good show.. I enjoyed all of the matches, I loved the segment with Cornette and Pritchard. This was just good all around.

    It was awesome seeing Petey Williams again. One of my favorite ever :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. A non WWE rate thread?
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  4. We've done them before. I think they disappeared because most people don't really like making the threads. I'm watching GFW again so I have no problem putting up rate threads for them. I put them up for NJPW a few times a year.

    Damn, I should have put one up for the G1 Climax
  5. Good show, but it will be shit on anyway.
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  6. Some people might come around. I mean I was a TNA drone up until 2010 and then I hated it for years. Right now, I loved the show and I personally thought it was better than both WWE shows this week. Others might come around too.
  7. They almost had me then they brought in Cornette and i'm a russo mark so...
  8. I like Cornette over Russo as an on screen character. I don't particularly like what he does behind the scenes though. He definitely is a bit of a low life.
  9. Impact is really getting good. I don't bother watching WWE anymore but still cant get enough of Impact.
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  10. I mostly watch Raw and Smackdown out of age old habit at this point. But Impact has definitely been getting pretty good and I enjoyed the whole show :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. I actually really enjoyed the show, which is great because I was pretty hyped for the show. All the matches were good and I am fine with Cornette returning. Like others have said, he is a much better on screen character than Prichard (although I'm hoping his involvement remains on-screen only).

    I was pretty excited for some of the returns. I enjoyed Taryn Terrell in her last run, so I'm sure she'll be enjoyable now. Plus adding another knockout to the super thin roster is always helpful. When they said a former X division star was returning, I was thinking it was just going to be DJZ, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Petey Williams return. Plus we get to see the Canadian Destroyer grace the screen once again!

    The one thing I thought was weird was the placement of the Johnny Mundo (or Johnny Impact as I guess he'll be going by) video right at the end. That was just a weird way to end the show.

    Also, I thought it was pretty cool that they brought in the rumors of Lashley's MMA/Pro Wrestling conflict. Here is the video of the fallout.

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  12. Great show top to bottom. Lots of unexpected things happening, too. I actually can't remember the last time I was genuinely surprised that many times on one wrestling show. Honestly my only two complaints are that it's Cornette and not Russo (though either one being on my screen on an Impact show is a very welcome sight, even though fuck Cornette irl), and I personally was slightly disappointed in how sloppy OVE looked, especially as someone who has been as into them as I have for the past 10 or so years. Was very awesome getting to see Wentz and Cade in there with them. I've been wondering if Wentz was ever going to show up, considering they've signed Dezmond and the Crists. All of last night's show made sense, it flowed nicely, it didn't feel too long *cough* Fuck you WWE *cough*, and it kept me interested and excited for the whole show. Super beyond hyped for Johnny Impact. And even JB gets props from me for casually referencing a CZW show I was at lol. 10/10 overall from me (since Jacob didn't want people to see who voted for what :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:)
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  13. Oh you guys can't click on the "2 vote(s)" thing and see who voted?
  14. Nope, it says we do not have permission.
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  15. Oh sorry everyone, I never clicked on them before I became a mod so I guess I never thought about it. I was never informed it was just a mod thing. I just always thought the "Display Votes Publicly" was redundant. I'll make sure it gets clicked every time going forward.
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  16. Not a problem. But yeah, it's like that on about half of your other Rate threads as well. Maybe you could learn a thing or two from @Green Power Ranger BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. But seriously, though, I sometimes click on it when I think about it but honestly I thought it was a redundancy system. That's why half of them you can see and half you can't. And also, for some reason, once you create the thread, I don't have the ability to change that option... which I have always found a bit odd. But after all this, I likely won't forget in the future.
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  19. TBF I've always seen who voted who on these polls but I'm not sure whether that's because I'm a RWK mod or not.
  20. It's probably why. Some of the section mod abilities apply to the whole site. That's why not even Solidus can kick you from the chat. You actually would be able to kick people from the chat yourself if that ability hadn't been taken away because a previous section mod abused it.
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