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    How would you rate the WWE Network's Elimination Chamber special that aired 5/31/2015?

    Kickoff Results Below:

    - Stardust def. Zack Ryder in a Kickoff match.

    - Miz TV episode with Daniel Bryan, Miz started talking crap at the end of the interview and DB called out the Meta Powers to give him a brief beat down.

    Main Card Results Below:

    - New Day retains title by being the last team standing in the Chamber.. the 3 members all dog-piled up on Titus O'Neil to get the win.

    Nikki Bella wins and retains the title with a rack attack followed by a pin on Naomi.

    Kevin Owens beat John Cena cleanly in a non-championship match.

    Neville defeated Bo Dallas in a singles match.

    - Ryback defeated Sheamus as the final two standing in the Elimination chamber after a Shellshock.

    - Dean Ambrose defeated Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavy Weight Championship however they claimed it was via DQ after Seth pulled the ref into Dean and Dean hit him and Seth was able to retain the title officially.. Reigns came out to make the save after a beat down on Ambrose started when Dean refused to give up the belt, Dean walked through the crowd with Reigns with the title still in his hands.
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  2. I'll give it an 8/10.
    Good show, but some matches were overhyped and didn't really deliver. I'm looking at you EC matches which were ehn/alright.
  3. Fuck, I'm glad I didn't watch this live. I would've been tooo pissed. Looks like a good event overall though. Especially with The Big Guy & Ambrose(not really, yet anyways) holding some gold.
  4. 8/10

    Owens/Cena was the best match of the night by a mile.
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  5. I ended up rating it a 7. I originally was a bit irritated with how it ended, but I gave myself a while and it didn't bug me as much.

    I liked:

    The tag team EC match wasn't anything special, but it wasn't terrible either. El Torito has a couple of good spots and the PTP were fun to watch. It was smart to keep the New Day as champs since they have the heat.

    The IC title EC match was decent. It was a bit sloppy with Mark Henry getting out before his time. It sort of drained the match of its structure. But even though I am not a Ryback fan, it was nice to have an unexpected result. The moment with Daniel Bryan afterwards was nice.

    Ambrose vs Rollins was a solid main event. Just like their last match, when everyone was saying that they have wrestled too much, they ended up having a great match. Plus, Rollins retaining was good for me. However, more will be said about this match in the dislike section.

    Bo vs Neville was okay but definitely not what you would expect from these two given their NXT encounters.

    The match and moment of the night was Kevin Owens defeating John Cena CLEANLY. This was the match that I've been waiting for a long time to happen. The match itself was outstanding, although Cena looked stilted in his offense. However, it was a rare mark out moment when Owens laid Cena down and did it cleanly. Loved it.

    I didn't like:

    Diva's match was boring. Get Charlotte up here already.

    The ending to Rollins and Ambrose. Yes, I am happy Rollins kept the belt. I'm a bigger fan of his than Ambrose. However, Ambrose winning the belt (seemingly) was an interesting moment because it was unexpected. I was just completely thrown, almost as much as when KO beat Cena cleanly. They got the crowd all excited and then shot them down with the idiotic DQ reversal. And yes, it is correct to call it a reversal. The knocked out ref could not have DQed Rollins right away because he was knocked out. Therefore the original decision was made by the replacement ref so the Ambrose ending was the valid one. What they did was a reversal and it stilted the show. I nearly dropped my rating because I hated the way they did that, but I really liked the match and I really like Rollins. However, they could have done without the seeming Ambrose win if they weren't going to stick with it.
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  6. I gave it a 7/10 mainly for KO/Cena & Ryback winning the IC (granted I did have the max bet on Sheamus).

    Not a bad show for a 2 week build up, I wonder if MITB will be as good if not better.
  7. seriously how hard is it to make the voting public.
  8. [​IMG]

    Watch the show, form your own opinions.. don't be a mindless follower, it's unflattering.
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  9. I'm not a monster mark the likes of you kev and @Trip in the Head, and I worked until 7:30 CT, as I do during most live events. I'm not asking much, and you are a moderator for fuck's sake. Make the voting public, it should be common sense. I realize only a few of you vote, but you playing the bitch argument is pathetic.

    Whether you are too stupid to figure out how to consistently make threads with public voting, or are willingly ignorant is your decision. You need to stop making threads or @Solidus needs to make public voting automatic, because we all know bias in this mediocre/good WWE product we are seeing exists on both sides. Do your job, or don't make the thread.
  10. Da big guy holding the IC title? Nice!
  11. You can read right?? Regardless if they click vote they still post what they rated it and what about it they like so that's public enough.. so if you don't want to watch the show and follow someone in the mindless manner then read the comments.. it's not that hard man.. I'd actually maybe raise the level in my care cup if anyone else at all cried about it on a weekly basis.
  12. my eyes.
  13. It's common sense and you are the one I have to explain this to I guess. There are marks who vote high and are interested regardless of the product while at the same time there are people who vote extremely low continuously even though they still dedicate hours of their time weekly to the show. Raise your care cup, because I'm one of the few people who actually are active on this site, and what I'm asking LITERALLY takes less than two seconds of your time. If you are too big of a piece of shit to adapt to that, I don't really know what else to say. Do you think private voting is necessary? Because I see no one argue with me that it isn't a reasonable demand.
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  14. If you were active on the site then you could learn to read comments and see who voted what and why yeah?? What the hell is a picture next to a number going to tell you? The comments are what you're looking for based on what you actually just described... you bitching about it is frivolous man, sure no one argues with you that it isn't a reasonable demand but no one also takes your side in demanding that that's what needs to happen.. I've LITERALLY never gotten this complaint from anyone other than you.

    If I could edit the polls and make it public just to get you to shut the fuck up about it I would but sometimes I don't scroll that low to create the thread so I don't click that check box.
  15. What the fuck do you not get about me trying to avoid spoilers? I don't read their comments before watching because - wait for it - I don't want any spoilers before I watch!!!
  16. Cool, so don't click to view the Rate threads until you get a chance to watch it then.. it's as simple as that.
  17. Aids, watch the Cena/Owens match in full (match of the night).. Watch the YouTube highlights of everything else. Simple as that and no spoilers =)
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  18. that, OR make the voting public and we can avoid the ENTIRE PROBLEM you idiot. I might be the only member complaining, but i'm hardly the first person to wonder who the fuck gave the show a 10 when it was a 6.
  19. First of all, the "Entire problem" of you moaning about this weekly? That's a very small problem that a click of the button takes care of.. Second of all name calling.. really? It's cool in a joking manner but you took it too far there..

    Btw no use in quoting me further.
  20. Just to get the thread back on track.. If anyone else doesn't have time to watch or whatever this is exactly what you can do to finish the whole thing in an hour.
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