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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Feb 17, 2013.

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  1. You know what to do :dawg:
  2. 8/10. I wanted brock. :sad:
  3. 8/10

    -1 for divas
    -1 for random kofi/ziggler match/ no cash in. Otherwise I loved it
  4. 4 or 5/10
    Pretty crap show, but some of the outcomes were good.
  5. 8/10

    Solid from start to finish.
  6. 9.9/10

    Shield FTW.
  7. Gonna throw my hat into the basket that says Strong 8 out of ten. Random Dolph match with lack of cashing in drove it down for me. Otherwise this was a PPV that hit it right. Right kind of swerves and I was content with all endings.
  8. I would say 9/10. I wish the Divas match had been longer and that Dolph had cashed in his MITB, but other than that it was a very entertaining PPV.
  9. Though some of the outcomes weren't the best, the quality of all the matches for the most part were outstanding. Even Miz/Cesaro with the dirty finish was good. 9/10 from me.
  10. I'm guessing I'll have to re-watch the show considering all these high ratings.
  11. 6/10

    WHC Title, who cared.
    US Title, who cared.
    Divas Title, who cared.
    WHC Chamber, a little slow but good match. Did not expect the outcome at all. Probably should have guessed when he came out with new music.
    Kofi/Ziggler, pointless. Ziggler is definitely cashing in at Mania though as he finally got a win.
    Shield/SuperSayans, a slow start but gradually got better. Glad Shield won.

    Also, where the fuck was Wade Barrett.
  12. I cared. Destinyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

    I cared. Cesaroooooooooooooo.

    Lol true.

    Kinda called it as soon as they gave him a huge promo at the beginning, but I still thought Henry would get it.

    Was pointless, but their matches are good.

    Was incredible.

    Who cares? The guy fucksucks at the moment.
  13. Yeah, pretty much this for me too.
  14. Lol @ Crayo's mark rating.
  15. It's not unjustified. The PPV last night was really really good.
  16. Odd one to grade. The work was solid throughout (outside of the ME) and I marked so hard I woke my neighbors up after the Shield won... but Swagger and Rock winning may have ruined Wrestlemania for me.

    Assuming you mean this as a "how will you remember this PPV" as right now I'm really happy with it but will look back at it fairly negatively if it set up a bad 'Mania card:

    If we get a triple threat anyway, 8.5/10
    If this set up Rock/Cena II, 6.5/10
  17. 8/10
    I liked the show alot, Rock/Punk was way better than their Royal Rumble match, and the EC match was great imo.
  18. Well, not only am I here after finally getting around to watching Elimination Chamber but I am here with a slight announcement that in the long run, I think only I care about. But what the hell, I'll share it with you guys. I've currently decided that I'll be watching every WWE PPV this year, and keep track of the top five matches of the year and a ranking of all the PPV's so by the end of the year, I'll be good to go if any of those threads come up. These will be presented at the end of my reviews under the name "Rankings". I suck with names, leave me along.Plus, it gives me reason to actually watch every PPV and while I can't see I'll actually see this through, I can say I plan to. Anyway, Elimination Chamber review . . .

    Elimination Chamber Review

    World Heavyweight Championship

    I'll admit that I find it kind of admirably that they've managed to end a feud in a regular match while the previous ones were Last Man Standing matches without compromising any narrative fluidity. In layman terms, the fact that it made sense within the story to have the feud play out like that is something I really enjoy. That said, while I like the twist on the conventional set up and progression, comparing the two PPV matches solely on their value it can't be ignored that the quality went down hill and that the stipulation definitely aided the match. Not that this was terrible, it wasn't. It was average. A few good moments, like Del Rio getting the sneak Cross Arm-Breaker in the first few minutes of the match. The only moment that came across as bad was he bucket botch. Like, I'm really suppose to believe that Big Show didn't hear Del Rio or that he did and instead decided to remain stagnant?

    Match Rating: 5/10

    United States Championship

    Not that anyone remembers, but for my Rumble review I kicked the whole thing off by saying how my opinions about wrestlers rarely change from my first impression. I used Del Rio as an example, stating that he is a decent wrestler with one good move (enzuigiri) with poor mic skills. Elsewhere, I've also stated that that's how I felt about Cesaro, only replacing the enzuigiri with his European Uppercut. The only reason I'm bringing this up is because Cesaro is becoming one of those "exceptions that prove the rule" here. The dude's a BAMF, who else would intentionally get himself crotched to keep that title? Exactly.

    The match was pretty good, I enjoyed several moments of it. I enjoyed the story of the match, and several elements of it. Cesaro catching Miz in mid-air and then delivering him a shoulder breaker was cool. Miz's constant pin attempts helped the story a lot. Cesaro's selling was really great here. I even really enjoyed the finish here. The only complaint I have is one spot where Cesaro is suppose to be landing on Miz's bad shoulder, he clearly lands on the ground. Just breaks suspension of disbelief. Doesn't really kill it or even hurt it that much.

    Match Rating: 7/10

    Elimination Chamber

    Man, they couldn't have made it anymore obvious Swagger was winning. New theme music (though that admittedly could've debuted earlier), promo time, the way Henry was booked here, and the fact that Del Rio won earlier meaning that Jericho was eliminated from the running. That said, predictability isn't an issue (especially since I knew the results going into the PPV) but unfortunately results do matter and I have to be honest, Swagger winning is like the least interesting choice they could've made here. I have no interest in seeing Swagger get catapulted to another title match. I don't know why WWE seems to have this idea that Swagger isn't allowed a month of build before giving him main event time. I mean, when he won MITB he was doing practically nothing prior (except qualifying for MITB obviously) and then he cashed in within like a week and became World Heavyweight Champion.

    But enough about that, how was the match? It was really good, and thanks for that thought provoking question me. I was entertained all through out with only two exceptions. When Jack Swagger first entered and proceeded to dominate the match. I was bored out of mind until Kane came out pretty much. Also, the hug it out moment, it cracked a smile from me but that quickly turned to a frown. What I liked was pretty much everything else. Mark Henry was absolute gold here and this is coming from someone who thinks he's vastly overrated. And from the final three to when Swagger won was just great wrestling.

    Match Rating: 8/10

    The Shield

    I just loved it. Plain and simple that's really all I've got to say. I suppose I can say that their TLC bout was slightly better, and that Ambrose has the best body language in wrestling today. You know, just to beef this section up. Oh, I totally knew they would win. The build made it obvious. Close to perfect, but didn't quite reach there.

    Match Rating: 9/10

    Filler Match #1

    Dolph won! Wooooo! I don't care if it was an entirely pointless match void of any kind of relevance except to get Dolph on the card, it's been so long since I can actually recall Dolph winning a match. I certainly hope that's because I haven't been paying what you'd call "close attention" and not any indication of WWE's booking of him. While I enjoyed it, it still is a match void of any kind of relevance except to get Dolph on the card and wasn't even five minutes so that knocks it down a bit.

    Match Rating: 4/10

    Filler Match #2

    Tamina's second annual title match at Elimination Chamber sucked. Her first match was much better, then again she was wrestling Beth Phoenix not Kaitlyn so it was to be expected. I'm not even convinced Kaitlyn's a wrestler by the way. Every match I see her on all she ever does is get her ass kicked for the vast majority of the match and hit at most three moves. Also, to praise Eve once again. Not to long ago when Eve lost her belt, I claimed she was the reason Kaitlyn's spear looked good. I'd say this match proved my point as her spear in this match looked poor.

    Match Rating: 1/10

    WWE Championship

    Maybe it's because I'm at the end of the PPV and getting lazy, or maybe it's because I legitimately don't know what to say, but I almost have no comments for this one. It was good. It was by far Rock's best match since returning and I don't know, I'm surprised. Color me surprised that Rock finally had a match that based off it's own merits wasn't either average or crap. I liked several parts of the match, but I really can't translate how much I enjoyed for whatever bizarre reason so I'll do what I always can do and find the problems. I really only have one major one and that's the other ref stopping to check on his colleague. It sounds like a weird thing to complain about since I'm essentially bitching about a human showing compassion for his fellow man but when every other time I can think of this scenario happening ends with the second ref just going straight into the ring it kind of kills it. And besides dragging a bit in the middle that's pretty much it.

    As a side note, this was a pretty perfect conclusion to their feud. If we're going just based off what would be best for the story, I'd have to say that Punk not being involved in Rock/Cena would be better. Not that I don't want that, but the ending of the match felt more like a solid conclusion that just didn't hurt Punk. There is really no reason he should get another shot at the belt. And yes, I'm aware he's basically already been added in but my point doesn't reflect WWE's booking decisions.

    Match Rating: 8/10

    PPV Rating: 6/10


    I. Elimination Chamber ~ 6/10
    II. Royal Rumble ~ 4.9/10

    I. The Shield vs. The Justice League (Cena, Sheamus, Ryback): Elimination Chamber ~ 9/10
    II. WWE Title, The Rock (c) vs. CM Punk: Elimination Chamber ~ 8/10
    III. Elimination Chamber (Jericho vs. Bryan vs. Swagger vs. Kane vs. Orton vs. Henry): Elimination Chamber ~ 8/10
    IV. WHC, Del Rio (c) vs. Big Show, Last Man Standing: Royal Rumble ~ 7/10
    V.US Title, Cesaro (c) vs. The Miz: Elimination Chamber ~ 7/10

    And again, my rating system isn't weighted, if that was the case Elimination Chamber would've been higher obviously.
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