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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 28, 2018.

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  1. Rate Evolution and leave a comment or two to let us know what you thought of the show!

    Trish Stratus and Lita vs Mickie James and Alicia Fox

    Trish and Lita won by pin fall

    Battle Royal

    Nia Jax won the battle royal

    Mae Young Classic Final Lo Shirai vs Toni Storm

    Toni Storm won by pin fall.

    Sasha Banks, Bayley and Natasha vs the Riott Squad

    Banks, Bayley and Natasha defeated the Riott Squad

    NXT Women's Championship: Champion Kairi Sane vs Shayne Bazler

    Bazler won her second NXT Women's Championship due to referee stoppage

    Smackdown Woman's Championship Last Woman Standing: Champion Becky Lynch vs Charlotte Flair.

    Becky Lynch retained her title when Charlotte could not answer a 10 count.

    Raw Women's Championship: Champion Ronda Rousey vs Nikki Bella

    Ronda Rousey retained by submission.
  2. After Charlotte lost Again to Becky they should give Becky a new challenger at the next ppv... Don't you Think? :emoji_slight_smile:
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  3. I will give it a 7, mostly based on the strength of the Charlotte and Becky match. Most of the other matches were solid if not great. I enjoyed the show though.
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  4. I was entertained by every match. It also included a MOTY candidate in Becky vs Charlotte. More importantly it did not go on for 5 hours.

    Also liked how The Riott Squad vs Nattie, Sasha and Bayley actually had a story running throughout the match.

    Battle Royal was a bit shit but who cares its a battle royal. Asuka and Moon have a great rivalry and Nia vs Ronda is cool.

    The 2 NXT matches were great. Io and Sane are amazing.

    The opener was entertaining because of the botches and the crowd were red hot so it worked.

    I didn't like that Becky was begging Charlotte when she rose from the pile of chairs. Like why the fuck was she begging? The match was great and Becky is a superstar.

    Ronda vs Nikki was a good match. Maybe Nikki had too much offense, but then again Ronda's head hit the ring post 3 times and I don't care who you are that needs to be sold. So Nikki dominating a portion of the match is 100% justified.

    Very enjoyable show. 8/10 better than Crown Jewel
  5. 6/10. Becky/Charlotte bumped it up to a 7/10. If I could include the House Hardy Halloween post show it would be a Perfect 10
  6. Toni Storm vs Io Shirai was good! I wish they got another five minutes
  7. Its too bad Chyna is dead and erased from WWE history.
  8. Wish Trish & Lita would do more :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. it was pretty good. I guess the one big gripe I have with the event itself is that it felt like a charity case, and rather than empowering women you kinda had to exclude them from the men, which doesn't really sit that well with me. For example, a match like Charlotte/Becky or Storm/Shirai would have meant so much more for womens wrestling if it competed head to head with the men's matches on a normal PPV. Ronda said it best, back in her UFC days, when she said that it's best when you don't act like there's a difference between male and female athletes in your company, and you just let things happen organically. If the women outperform the men, then they get the main event spot (like they did in NXT with Sasha/Bayley or Sasha/Charlotte on the main roster).

    Evolution as a whole just felt like a big PR project to make the company look better, while the wrestling and storytelling aspect just played a side role for most of the matches on this card. The "women who paved the way" from the past were all pretty shite to put it bluntly. Both Trish and Lita stumbled their way through the ring and the battle royal speaks for itself, really. So if we could stop doing that for future womens projects, that'd be nice. I feel as if many people give these things a pass tho because they feel pity for womens wrestling, which seems counterproductive to me.

    A small thing about the Charlotte/Becky match was the awkward stopping of the count because Charlotte apparently thought that kneeing counted as standing in a Last Man Standing match lol. But it's all good tho, the match was great.

    Overall I'm feeling a 6/10. The 3 matches that stood out to me were Storm/Shirai, Charlotte/Becky and the main event between Ronda and Nikki. The rest just kinda fell flat and might as well have been a Raw or Smackdown match, quality wise
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  10. A small thing about the Charlotte/Becky match was the awkward stopping of the count because Charlotte apparently thought that kneeing counted as standing in a Last Man Standing match lol.... Well said SWL Charlotte's Stuff Up was Funny & Embarrassing for Her :flair:
  11. (Becky Retaining The Title - showing an advertisement for this groundbreaking show about a PPV where the girls aren't allowed held in a place who's king kills Journalists) x Toni Storm winning + Ronda murdering Nikki / 10
  12. that's not really how I meant it but ok lol
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  13. I think I agree with the whole PR project criticism. It is great that they are showcasing women more but the issue comes with how it feels forced rather than natural. It undos the whole message and it labels women doing big things as the exception rather than the norm.
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  14. Char and Becky seem to be getting the most praise for this PPV and plenty have said they should have been the main event. I am not surprised.

    Still would have been better had this PPV happened a year or two before the Saudi deal cause it just looks like forced marketing. Oh well.
  15. Watch this ppv you cant help but think that woman are inferior to men.

    Its like when all the other kids let the disabled kid win the game.

    When will woman's wrestling in WWE just be treated as a norm
  16. I wouldn't get that impression from watching the PPV...
    I'd get that impression from REAL oppression of women happening in Saudi and several other places in the world today.
    I guess in a way... this PPV kind of highlights it without addressing it as a problem.

    They are more then capable of putting on good matches during normal PPVs... They just aren't treated the same in WWE.

    Never. They will be treated as victims or they will be treated as above men, depending on the PR. Welcome to the way of the world!
    I don't think dividing men and women is very equal at all... Oh well.
  17. These woman are very talented but the world love the empowering girl power narrative. Would be way more of an evolution if they didn't have to push this narrative.

    The storyline elements and wrestling on this show was great. That is the only thing I choose to direct my attention. Therefore this show was great.
  18. That is what is trendy for marketing. That is why they are doing it. Can't blame them, plenty of other companies take advantage of people's causes/views/etc. like this.
  19. If you get past all the annoying girl power bull shit, this was a very enjoyable show.

    Toni Storm winning was BS tho
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