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  1. Post your ratings and thoughts about the PPV in this thread.

    Extreme Rules recap:
    - El Dorito defeated Hornswoggle
    - Cesaro defeated BVD and Jack Swagger
    - Alexander Rusev defeated Xavier Woods and R-Truth
    - Bad News Barrett defeated Big E
    - The Shield defeated Evolution
    - Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena
    - Paige defeated Tamina Snuka
    - Daniel Bryan defeated Kane
  2. - El Torito defeated Hornswoggle
    The WeeLC match was actually the most entertaining match of the night... it was funny, it was extreme, it was unexpected. I liked it a lot.

    - Cesaro defeated RVD and Jack Swagger
    Cesaro looked strong again, RVD surprisingly looked good and very much like himself 10 years ago, Swagger was just Swagger... can't expect anything more from him.

    - Alexander Rusev defeated Xavier Woods and R-Truth
    Rusev looked strong but Lana was the focal point of this match, the crowd was into her with the "We Want Lana" chants.. the announcers talked about her... the match had zero significance.

    - Bad News Barrett defeated Big E
    Congrats to BNB... very good match and a very well deserved victory.

    - The Shield defeated Evolution
    HOLY SHIT! Match of the night without a doubt. The Shield truly shined in this match... especially Rollins, he stood out more than everyone... with the leap out of the ring to the leap from the stands... he is going to be something special without a doubt.

    - Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena
    Wyatt went over in a clusterfuck of a match.... wasn't very good at all. I did like the ending though.. the psychological damage done to Cena will show tonight. But who in the hell thought to use a voice changer on the mic for the little boy? Would have been much more effective with his regular voice.

    - Paige defeated Tamina Snuka
    Paige looked strong.. there were a couple good spots here... congrats to Paige on retaining... without AJ the Divas division is pretty much dead.. hopefully she will return soon.

    - Daniel Bryan defeated Kane
    Actually not a bad match... some of the spots didn't work like they should have... I like the use of the stadium, the forklift was a nice touch but should have been utilized better. The flaming table was a terrible 2 second spot... Bryan came out on top but it is not over yet.

    Overall I will give the "Special Event" a 7/10... I enjoyed most of it.
  3. On the curve of "I was just looking for an entertaining way to kill 3 hours" since that's the way they set this show up, 7/10.

    Really don't have much to say. Every single thing about WeeLC was freaking awesome, you haters can suck a small one. Cesaro is strong enough to pull a good match out of Bob (marked for the BVD Shadow), which sounds like a farfetched Chuck Norris joke but it's not, Cesaro is the man and they match up together well. I was looking for a can of ravioli I lost and missed the Rusev match, that was a better use of my time anyway. All of Big E's matches are surprisingly good and this was no exception, good match, great finish, but after how great he's been seeing BNB win the IC Title was depressing. Shield and Evolution was sleep-inducing for the first half of the match, guess I just expect more out of Shield six-mans, but the second half made up for that and more and it was AWESOME! Chaotic, action-packed, made you unable to stay seated... Wow. Leo C and I spent the first half of Wyatt and Cena talking about bugzappers, that'll show you how interested I was in that one (and with Bray Wyatt involved that is absolutely unacceptable), the psychology was actually well done if not funny, but the less said about this the better. I'd love to see a Divas match in front of a crowd who gives a shit, it's a shame that only happens on NXT. Paige and Tamina tried just like so many other Divas matches have tried. And Bryan and Kane had a really fun brawl by PG Era standards. the stuff in the backstage was really sports entertaining and the action got pretty brutal, the end was silly but it's wrestling. Good show, would have been an 8/10 had "that match" gone better.
  4. 5/10 - average 'B event'.

    Triple Threat Elimination
    As expected this was really good. Lol'd at the commentary team not knowin the stipulation. Cesaro is really going to get over with these entertaining wins on PPV. The superplex to frogsplash spot was cool.

    Rusev squash
    wtf was Woods even selling when he was out there for ages. Lana… damn.

    Bad news for Big E
    Glad to see Barrett win the title and put Langston out of his misery, though the boos were unnecessary. Solid match.

    Evolution job again
    This was MOTN but it was nowhere near as good as Shield/Wyatts. Sucks to see Reigns getting the push while Ambrose and Rollins outperform him again.

    Steel cage cluster fuck
    This shit was terrible. How/when did Wyatt get over with most fans? Yep, royal rumble vs Bryan, where they were focused on putting on a great match. Against Cena, both times, it has sucked, due to too much storytelling/psychology. End that feud, though I can see it continuing.

    Tell Hell No
    Awful throughout. Meh spots. Kane's music just starts playing at the end wtf?! No, kill that feud.
  5. Wondering if im only one who enjoyed this event gonna give it a nice 7/10. Only fight i got bored of was the cesaro/swagger/rvd.

    Actually watching it for a second time the now with my kids. Cant be bothered going through a breakdown of my views just at moment but will when more time.
  6. Extreme Rules recap:
    - El Dorito defeated Hornswoggle
    With no joking or hyperbole, this was just a fun match that got everybody interested early on. The crowd really made this match seem "bigger". I especially loved the miniature announce table, and I called the fact that someone would go through it. The audience's reaction to the progressively longer short ladders for Hornswoggle (or is it now Horn-woggle?) was priceless.

    - Cesaro defeated BVD and Jack Swagger
    Just an all-around solid match with good high spots (you always get high spots with RVD.....) and good storytelling. Will this be the end of this 3-way feud or will a longer Cesaro/RVD feud continue from here?

    - Alexander Rusev defeated Xavier Woods and R-Truth
    For what it was, it was fine. Thank God Lana was out there. Without her, this match was completely pointless.

    - Bad News Barrett defeated Big E
    Good to see Barrett win the IC Title again, particularly if this sets up a decent feud leading up to a Payback rematch (or even a Raw ME rematch). His comments after the match (the post-Extreme Rules Press Conference) were about how the IC belt would be more sought after now that there's only one main title (sounded like he was taking notes from some of the IWC). Barrett's a believable champion and showed the last couple of weeks that he can put on good matches. His victory gives me hope for the IC Title.

    - The Shield defeated Evolution
    The first half was a little dull, but the last half was well above average. Enjoyed the crazy spots by Ambrose and Rollins and thought it fitting that Reigns got the duke. Taken as a whole, the match was well-constructed and gave the fans a good story.

    - Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena
    I think was a well-done match that exhibited some terrific things about the Wyatt/Cena feud, particularly the kid with the creepy "I am Legion" voice on the mic. I do figure this feud has one more match in it.

    - Paige defeated Tamina Snuka
    Good match, but I join Rain in wishing that more WWE fans gave a damn about women's wrestling.

    - Daniel Bryan defeated Kane
    This was a fun match, with some interesting back-stage stuff (when Bryan rolled Kane onto the forklift pallet, I told Mrs. Wacokid27 that Mick Foley just got up and cheered.....she rolled her eyes, like usual). Apparently, this feud will continue, which is fine. Giving Kane "one more shot" (figure there'll be a "Loser leaves WWE" stip) makes sense. I thought the fire table spot felt a little clunky as I like those sort of spots more when both guys end up going through the table (see Edge/Foley at Mania 22), but it was entertaining.

    Overall: 7/10.

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  7. Alright now here's my take on this.

    Pre-show match: El Torito vs Hornswoggle.
    Out of every match tonight, much to everyone else's chagrin, I enjoyed this match the most. Which quite frankly shouldn't happen, but you know what I genuinely found great entertainment value out of this. They utilized the whole mini and extreme theme to a tee, and it wasn't too overdone either. I thought both guys did a good job with what they were given, and it was a great way to kick off the show. Fun match, and I think that should be the end of the feud.

    Match 1: Cesaro vs RVD vs Swagger.
    Oh dear god, must I really review this match? After a great pre-show opening match, this match was slow paced and sloppy (mainly on RVD's part). There was nothing too special about it, and there was nothing exciting about it in terms of spots. Cesaro and Swagger meshed decently, but nothing was really done with that considering the whole focus was behind having Cesaro beat RVD, as RVD is a former main eventer. Cesaro and RVD failed to mesh at all throughout the match, hence why I continue to reiterate the point of sloppiness. The trash can spot didn't do much in terms of spots, and neither did the spinning heel kick from the ropes. The high risk spots were also not too great other than some nice splashes by RVD. Overall, not an enjoyable match my most means, and it should've just been Swagger vs Cesaro.

    Match 2: Rusev vs Truth and Woods
    I don't think any of us expected anything special going into this. I do like the fact that they had Rusev destroy the two outside the ring using the ring and the outside environment. It briefly helped showcase him as a dominant force, but again, having him face someone like R Truth and Xavier Woods does not give him credibility. Squash matches don't help build up his power, and imo, he should face another big guy or at least someone credible. Hell, there are even some reports coming in that Sheamus fell asleep during this match, that's downright embarrassing. It was just another squash match that we've seen on RAW, and it served no purpose on this PPV.

    Match 3: Bad News Barrett vs Big E
    This match was good. They had some nice spots, mainly with Barrett with the beautiful Winds of Change, and a nice Wasteland. Had decent back and forth action throughout the match, no one was too dominant in my opinion, and the pacing was fine. I'm glad to see Barrett win the title and hopefully bring some prestige back to it. As for Big E, it's sad to see how far he's dropped with that title. When he won it originally, he got a good pop and continued to get somewhat good pops, but with the lack of good booking and no real feuds or title defenses and no gimmick, it's easy to see why they gave it to Barrett, and they had every reason to. Good match, should see a rematch at Payback or something, which should be good.

    Match 4: Shield vs Evolution
    Okay, I know I'm going to get ragged on for this, but I didn't enjoy this match at all really. It was usually either dominant offense from one side or the other, never really back and forth. With that being said, most of the match was way too dependent on spots rather than actual wrestling. Literally, near the end, once all the spots and finishers came in in and outside of the ring, you knew it was almost over. Especially when Rollins, Ambrose, HHH, and Orton spilled outside of the arena, you knew that of course both meatheads would finish the match but with Reigns on top. As much as I hate Reigns though, I'll avoid the whole ending aspect considering it was extremely predictable. For what this match could've been, there could've at least been something extreme in it instead of the spots involving mainly moves, mainly to fit with the PPV gimmick, but sadly that didn't happen. Oh well, more wasted potential, and more wasted time.

    Match 5: Bray Wyatt vs Cena
    One of the if not the worst match of the night. The whole match was so amazingly predictable with boring "spots" and outside interference in what is supposed to be a STEEL CAGE match. I don't care if they're trying to have the Wyatts interfere or not, it's downright stupid and defeats the point of a steel cage match. It also makes Bray look completely weak, by having him appear as unable to win the match without the aid of the Wyatts. There was nothing to like about this match in my mind, and the whole chances where Cena could've easily escaped made the match look even more stupid. Now, the ending. Dear god, the ending. The ending to this match was the worst thing I've ever seen in wrestling in a long time. It was that bad. I don't care if it's trying to serve a psychological aspect or something along the lines of that, having some little kid come out and sing the stupid song in a distorted voice is the dumbest idea ever come up with. He could've easily escaped countless times throughout the match, and here, where escape is easy, he just doesn't? Especially because it's some kid? I'm not buying any of that crap. Oh, and Wyatt wins, as predicted. Stupid as hell match, god awful ending. I'm surprised I still watched after this.

    Match 6: Paige vs Tamina
    Obvious "cool down" match after the "exciting" match that Cena and Bray had. This match wasn't bad, but it wasn't good either. Their styles didn't mesh together too well, similar to the problems Cesaro and RVD had. Pacing wasn't too bad, and we had some decent action. There were several obvious botches, most notably the referee botched 3 count. Overall, nothing too special, just a quick filler before the main event.

    Match 7: Bryan vs Kane
    Again, for the PPV theme, I understand that this is supposed to go with the Extreme gimmick. Unlike the Shield vs Evolution match though, this one actually did some nice extreme things, mainly with the going backstage and all. Again, nothing too special in terms of wrestling, but the whole weapon usage was fine by me. Played off the whole Kane monster gimmick thing, which I had no problem with. The forklift spot was just plain weird though, as I would've imagine Kane would've been able to get up in all that time. As for the spot after that, it was a completely obvious ripoff of another spot seen at Wrestlemania 21 MITB match, with Benoit doing the diving headbutt to Kane. I didn't appreciate it for one thing, and it just served no purpose being there. It makes sense cause the DH is his signature, but still, something more creative could've been done. There were more spots and such after that, but then the ending. Now, when you see Kane pour gas on the table, there's an obvious middle spot open with no gas, and although I can understand why he did that, it looked a bit too obvious. Kane went through the table and all which was cool, but nothing really happened, and Kane had to be extinguished immediately, unlike the spot where it was taken from with Edge vs Foley from WM 22, in which Foley wasn't extinguished at all. Then Kane gets back in the ring and knee, 1 2 3. It's all over, but the feud isn't and I expect it to continue at Payback.

    Overall, wasn't really that good of a payperview. I'll give it a 3.82 out of 10.
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  8. I enjoyed reading your thoughts and can respect those I don't agree with, but "3.82". What'd you do, average judges' scores, assign degree of difficulty? You had to have at least used a calculator or something.

  9. That's the final scoring, each other things were rounded to a specific number, then math.
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  10. Do you have an armored car to transfer your secret formula for wrestling ratings from your house to the forum?
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  11. No, but I felt that score summarized my feelings about the PPV well enough~
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  12. :lol1: Just imagined this situation and had a good laugh.
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  13. 7.5/10.

    Won't talk about the highlights of the show. I'll talk about the bad stuff.

    Cena vs Wyatt. Boring as a brick match with dumb spots. Crowd wasn't into it. I wasn't into it. Only entertaining/positive thing was the kid singing at the door. This match gets a 2/10 from me.

    Yeah, that was the only "bad" thing to me. Everything else was either AMAZING! like Evolution vs Shield or "Pretty Good" like Kane vs Bryan or "Whatever" like the Divas match and Rusev squash match.

    BTW congrats to BNB on the IC Title win. Made my night.
  14. Was just thinking about how much better it would have been had the kid run out of the crowd to stop Cena instead of the horror movie BLERRRP thing. Think this feud needs to go in a more realistic direction, but they're just dead set on making it ridiculous. "Now that Wyatt has escaped the cage, his message can be spread to the masses" shut up JBL

    Also, why didn't Cena just pin Wyatt? The story of "Cena can't get out of the cage due to Harper and Rowan" was kinda interesting, and the way he dragged Harper and Rowan inside the cage was clever in theory, but... was "escape by pin/submission" turned off in the options menu? Ahh, well, it was fun laughing about just how much more effective steel cages make interference.
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  15. Post your ratings and thoughts about the PPV in this thread.

    Extreme Rules recap:
    - El Dorito defeated Hornswoggle
    Didn't care for this match on the pre-show, it was ok, not my absolute favorite pre-show.

    - Cesaro defeated BVD and Jack Swagger
    A nice PPV Opening Card Match, Cesaro had a really good push in the match, Swagger wasn't completely pushed aside in the match. RVD got his spots in, but the end result made Cesaro look great. Also RVD busted his eye on the trash can, some ECW stuff right there

    - Alexander Rusev defeated Xavier Woods and R-Truth
    Waste of a match, If your going to add squash matches, keep them on Smackdown

    - Bad News Barrett defeated Big E
    Surprisingly not as bad as I thought, Decent in-ring match, Big E is proving me wrong about him, but he did have to drop the title, Barrett's gimmick has him as a mid-card star and Big E was vanishing.

    - The Shield defeated Evolution
    MOTN imo, I have hated 6-Man Tag matches and had strong doubts about Batista & Orton in the match, Orton proved me wrong, Batista took sometime to get in the match, but way to put over the Shield. They are a hot commodity now

    - Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena
    A weird match to say the least, It got to the point when Cena wasn't going to win, and you just had to wait for it to end, The Kid was a meh ending to me.

    - Paige defeated Tamina Snuka
    Fairly good crowd soothing match for the main event, Few botches, but that's the case in any diva match

    - Daniel Bryan defeated Kane
    Good finish to the show, Glad there was no Brie invovled on the night, Forklift Headbutt should go down as an OMG Moment. The only fault with the match was that you knew fire was coming, Kane pulled out the table and you could see a crew member holding the fire extinguisher
  16. Basically it was an average episode of RAW. Had its moments but nothing much happened.
  17. El Dorito defeated Hornswoggle - 2 And A Half (See what I did there?)
    Cesaro defeated RVD and Jack Swagger 5/10
    Alexander Rusev defeated Xavier Woods and R-Truth 2/10 (Found this to be boring)
    Bad News Barrett defeated Big E 7/10
    The Shield defeated Evolution 10/10 (This match had everything I was waiting for in extreme rules.)
    Bray Wyatt defeated John Cena 6/10 (Bray carried Cena in this match)
    Paige defeated Tamina Snuka 0/10 (Sorry, Fellow diva fans. It sucked)
    Daniel Bryan defeated Kane 8/10 (Wanted more from the match but other then that I am satisfied.

    I'll give the show a 7/10.
  18. I'll second this.

    Rating Numberwise - 6.5/10.
  19. 7.5/10

    It was very good... Now it's got me wondering. Um, why the hell is Payback being called the way it is? It should be renamed Extreme Rules Part 2 :emoji_wink:
  20. Haha payback means like revenge so the Evolution is looking for payback on the SHIELD while John Cena is looking for a little payback on Bray after distracting him while Bray escaped the cage :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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