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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Apr 26, 2015.

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  1. Below are the results for the show, use them as a refresher to help you rate the show!

    ER Results (open)

    1.) Kickoff Match between Neville & Bad News Barrett; Daniel Bryan was hurt so he was unable to compete in his match and this was booked instead.. This was a pretty solid kick-off match IMO, Neville avoids a bullhammer and hits the Red Arrow followed up with a pin for the victory..
    WINNER: Neville!

    2.) Chicago Street Fight match between Dean Ambrose & Luke Harper.. Brutal match to start, main weapon seemed to be the stick and a chair.. the fight proceeded back stage until both wrestlers left the arena.. this match didn't finish at this moment..
    WINNER: No One?

    3.) Kiss Me Arse match with Sheamus & Dolph Ziggler.. Match started off pretty average, definitely picked up at the end with a handful of attempted pinfalls/reverse pins.. Dolph Ziggler ended up getting the pin on Sheamus when all was said and done.. Sheamus attempted to flee but ended up going for the kiss and then low-blowed Dolph and roughed him up.
    WINNER: Dolph Ziggler

    4.) Cesaro/Kidd & Kofi/Big E for the Tag Titles.. Match was fairly entertaining most of the way through, some good spots throughout it.. A New Day wins the title off a few distractions by Xavier Woods.
    WINNER: New Champions, New Day

    2 Continued...) Ambrose & Luke Harper come back during a backstage interview with the New Tag Team Champions, they are still brawling with eachother after it starts with Harper getting thrown out of the SUV they left in. Harper & Ambrose re-enter the arena. It ends with Dean Ambrose hitting the dirty deeds on Harper over a bunch of chairs and pinning him.
    WINNER: Dean Ambrose

    5.) Cena & Rusev in a Russian Chain Match.. Kind of interesting match but I didn't really get too much enjoyment out of it. Cena is the victor.
    WINNER: John Cena

    6.) Naomi vs Nikki Bella in a Divas Championship match.. The match went back in forth for a good like 7 minutes.. not too long not too short. Brie got involved a little bit.
    WINNER: Nikki Bella

    7.) Roman Reigns vs Big Show in a Last Man Standing Match, the match was pretty brutal with a lot of close 10 counts as well as a crapload of high 7 and 8 counts.. Big Show dropped a nice chokeslam on Reigns out of the ring into a table.. Reigns dropped Big Show with a spear through the announce table and then buried him with the other one after Show stood up.. Pretty solid match actually.
    WINNER: Roman Reigns

    -- Ryback vs Bo Dallas in a random filler segment.. Bo came out and started badmouthing Chicago, Ryback's music hit.. As Ryback approached the ring Bo started to attack, Ryback got him eventually with the Shellshock and it was over.

    8.) Randy Orton & Seth Rollins in a Cage Match with the RKO banned from usage.. Pretty solid back and forth action within the ring. J&J tried to come out and get Kane to open the door so they could help Rollins but Kane refused to let them as the Gatekeeper and pushed them away from interfering.. Orton stole the Pedigree and used that as his finisher instead of the RKO.. Kane got in there choke slammed them both, Randy RKO'd Kane and then Seth RKO'd Randy and pinned him to win.. Good Main Event!
    WINNER: Seth Rollins

    Rate in the poll & comment about the results down below!
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  2. About 3 hours ago I was pretty bored so I thought fuck it I'll try to watch this PPV. I made it to the Ziggler match, then fell asleep. Just woke up.

    out of 10.

    That Ziggler match was weird btw. Cheapest win ever completely erased and then some by the post match happenings. Its a shameful thing, Ziggler's booking.
  3. I forgot to say I rated it a 6 out of 10.. it didn't drag on by any means, but wasn't the BEST quality PPV.. I found more good about it then bad I would definitely say.. The Reigns/Show match I expected to be dog shit and it didn't end up being that bad.

    I had two options.. Extreme Rules or go play Cards Against Humanity for the Bazillionth time (with only beer and no hard stuff this time though) soo I chose to watch the PPV.. If I hadn't napped earlier I may have fallen asleep myself right before the Cena match.
  4. 6/10 as well.

    Slightly above average because of the Neville/BNB kickoff match and the Big Show/Reigns match (never thought I'd ever say a Show match was good ever again).. main event was okay but became totally predictable once Kane entered the ring.
  5. I did see the very end of the Main Event.. everything really involving Kane after HHH refused to let Orton out. Which btw, what a stupid spot. Orton acting all surprised HHH didn't just let him walk out. Of course the bigger problem is that cage match rules are fucking stupid to begin with
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  6. I gave it a 7/10. While it wasn't a spectacular show, it was a good show. There were no match of the year caliber matches, but it was a solid show from a poorly promoted card.

    I liked:

    Neville vs Barrett. It was a solid match and was happy to see Neville win

    Ambrose vs Harper. It was sort of stupid the way they interupted the match by having them leave and come back, but if you cut that out and just look at the beginning and end of the match, it was very solid.

    Sheamus vs Ziggler. A solid match. Sheamus's reaction when he lost was priceless.

    Cesaro and Kidd vs New Day. It was a decent match and New Day will make a solid heel tag team. I liked Kidd and Cesaro, but they really brought little attention to themselves as champions. New Day will.

    Reigns vs Big Show. This may have been match of the night. Reigns put on an excellent show, pun unintended. As mentioned in the chat, he has looked great in four straight pay per views. I think he is still working his way up to an inevitable title reign, pun unintended.

    Main event. I liked the ambiguity of Kane's actions. The match wasn't nearly as good as it could have been, but it has opened up a lot of possibilities going forward.

    I disliked:

    Bo Dallas and Ryback segment. I like Bo Dallas and didn't enjoy seeing him fed to Ryback.

    I was indifferent to:

    Divas match. It was okay, but I am not invested in either Diva.

    Cena and Rusev. I found myself really not caring, but it wasn't terrible.

    All in all, this was a good show. So that's two in a row for WWE. Hope that is a sign of good things to come.
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  7. so skipping this wasn't such a good idea? It's a shameful thing.
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  8. Kiss My Arse match? the fuck is that, lol.
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  9. A way to get a cheap pop from the ladies (and me) by having Ziggler show some booty
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  10. Woah what? Screen shot that for me pls
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  11. Overall 5 maybe 6/10

    Neville vs BNB -- Ok but was distracted (MK fucking X). Where a few good spots but nothing to special.

    Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper -- I did enjoy this match and the way it ended was different, although I would have preferred it if they fought backstage longer before driving off. But again nothing to get too excited about.

    Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus -- Pretty upset tbh. The way Zigglers getting booked is a travesty and if WWE stop releasing talent and putting shit shows on the network and turned their attention to the current talents booking then we might get somewhere.

    The New Day vs Kidd Cesaro -- Again nothing to get exicited about. Hated the finish. And we can already predict the next three PPV tag matches.

    John Cena vs Rusev -- What a stupid fucking Stipulation. What is this bullshit. Nuff' Said.

    Nikki Bella vs Naomi -- Anyone got a Noose? Didn't like Naomi but don't like her even more.

    Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton -- Was cool to see Kane lose his shit. Not too bad I guess but to say it ended the night is pretty lame.

    Save the best to last shall we;
    Roman Reigns vs Big Show -- Main Event caliber IMO, Actually enjoyed this match and it made me put down cities skylines and watch it. Some great spots and it ended how it should have ended.

    I know I have complained a lot but what can I say, My Opinion
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  12. Decent PPV. 6/10

    - Neville vs BNB was a solid pre-show match. I'm glad Neville ended up getting the win!
    - Ambrose vs Harper was a decent street fight. First PPV win for Ambrose since splitting with The Shield?! Sweet, the streak is broken!
    - DZ vs Sheamus was decent, although it could've been much better. I really thought this one would steal the show. Oh, well... Oh, and I totally expected Sheamus refusing to kiss DZ's arse after his loss. Because LOL, he's a heel. Also, LOL'd at Sheamus' reaction when he lost.
    - The New Day vs Cesaro & Kidd was decent. Everything was booked well here, I think. I would've preferred TK & Cesaro retaining here, but hey, The New Day is prolly gonna draw more attention to the titles, seeing as how they're fresh heels and all.
    - Reigns vs Show was surprisingly good, it was prolly MOTN. Hopefully this feud is over now!
    - Rollins vs Orton was too predictable, but it was an alright match, nonetheless.

    - Cena vs Rusev was meh. Their bouts at Fastlane and WM were miles better, though. They should've just had that 'I Quit' match at ER instead of stretching it out till Payback and doing it there.
    - Bo Dallas/Ryback segment.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Skipped the divas match.
  13. 6/10
    Neville vs. BNB I missed
    Harper vs. Ambrose
    It was solid but what I was expecting was after they drove off they would end up somewhere in Chicago, not just have them come back not knowing where they were and ending the match, that was kind of a downer when they came back and they left us at using our imagination to tell what happened.
    Sheamus vs. Ziggler
    The fuck was that? Waste of a good spot for an Extreme Rules match, and it ended the way I expected it to end, good old heel Sheamus playing bitchy
    New Day vs. Cesaro and Kidd
    Solid tag team match, upset with New Day winning though
    Cena vs. Ruzev
    Mehh... it was alright, good use of the chain anyway
    Bella vs. Naomi
    FILLER, and come on... WTF, is Nikki taking a page out of her man's playbook? "NIKKI WINS LOL" We need a title change sometime!
    Reigns vs. Show
    This was actually mad nice, I guess when you give guys with little moves in their playbook weapons they put off a hell of a show, so many fuckin tables getting destroyed, props
    Rollins vs. Orton
    What kind of ending was that? Rollins banned the RKO for fuck's sake. But it ended how I thought it would end, Kane helping Rollins win.
  14. 7/10.

    Not a bad match on the card. Storylines were advanced, crowd only chanted for CM Punk once. Can't expect much more from a B PPV.

    Also I'll give the MVP award to Big Show. To have a guy as bloated as him taking the bumps he did for Reigns at his age is impressive.
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  15. It was a good show I liked it all
  16. Wait, why did Neville go over Barrett? I get that they book Barrett like a clown, but seriously? Barrett was booked to compete with DB to get his IC belt back right? A match that will still presumably take place at some point in the future? Meaning Barrett is still, at least by WWE standards, involved somewhat in a storyline. You would think they would try to make him look strong over Neville, who loses no credibility by losing, he has no credibility.

    They shouldn't try to rush to push Neville, especially over guys who need wins right now, and for Barrett I 100% mean NEED. Dude still has top heel potential but they treat him like a joke. Guys like Neville fresh to the main roster don't need to be collecting Ws on the reg.
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  17. He isn't, IIRC. His only win on the main roster so far was via DQ.

    I haven't watched the Pre-show, I probably will at some point.
    Overall it was a decent PPV, none of the matches sucked. Cena Vs Rusev was probably my least favourite match, kind of zoned out after a while.
  18. I... surprisingly... half agree and half disagree with this. (meaning the solution is "don't book the match".)

    Neville should not be jobbing to Barrett. The entire point of the IC Title reign Wade had was to bury him and the belt to the point where the likes of R-Truth were believable champions. Barrett lost every single match except maybe one, he lost after losing the belt, all he does is lose, lose, lose. Yes, Barrett was booked to face DB, but that's just because of the rematch clause. You don't have to make Neville this huge star right away, but him jobbing to someone who's been painted so much as a loser is a big no-no.

    As for the Agree part? If I was to pick one of these two to push to the moon right now...... it would be Barrett. :blackshock: How many faces are WWE trying to spotlight and get over right now? Orton. Cena. Ambrose. Reigns. (kinda-sorta) Ziggler. Bryan when he comes back. Add Neville to the mix now, and you've got a bunch of guys to spotlight against a heel group of... Sheamus... We can still count Rollins as credible... Rusev for another month... Maybe Luke Harper? They need Barrett in the worst way possible.

    Here's the other thing: I cancelled my Network (again) and didn't want to watch this show in large part because it had a "Kiss me Arse" match on it, and I'm sure I'm not the only one... just for them to use the stipulation in the worst way possible. Yay, Ziggler kinda got a win... woo
  19. He started out the gate with a win over Curtis Axel, then lost to Rollins, then won against Curtis again, then lost vs Dolph and then won with Dolph against Sheamus & BNB.

    so he's 4-2 with the match at ER.

    I wouldn't say he's collecting mad wins fresh out the gate, it's been an okay start for him so far, nothing too worrisome.
  20. My bad, kind of forgot that I don't bother with Raw and Smackdown every week.
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