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Post a comment or two about what you liked or hated or both.

Andrade "Cien" Almas vs Sin Cara: Andrade "Cien" Almas

The New Day vs Sanity: Sanity

Deleters of Worlds vs B-Team: B-Team

Finn Balor vs Baron Corbin: Finn Balor

Asuka vs Carmella: Carmella

Jeff Hardy vs Shinsuke Nakamura: Shinsuke Nakamura

Kevin Owens vs Braun Strowman: Kevin Owens

Team Hell No vs Bludgeon Brothers: Bludgeon Brothers

Roman Reigns vs Bobby Lashley: Bobby Lashley

Nia Jax vs Alexa Bliss: Alexa Bliss

AJ Styles vs Rusev: AJ Styles

Seth Rollins vs Dolph Ziggler: Dolph ZIggler

Jacob Fox

Foxiest Fox In Fox Land
I'll give it a 1 because I enjoyed the AJ match, but that's really it. This was awful and nonsensical. Thank god the G1 Climax is happening to get this awful taste out of my mouth.
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I gotta give this a 1\10 most of the matches were awful or boring. The two kickoff matches were good, buy everything on the main card sucked excluding AJ vs Rusev which was decent. This is also the PPV where WWE has officially buried Asuka, so fuck that. Thank God, Slammaverisy is next Sunday and G1 is happening to help me out.

Mr. Roman Empire

The Game
Main Eventer
Pretty boring night. AJ vs Rusev should of headlined. I guess they are trying to push the IC title to be main event material? Also 30 minute iron man matches are just stupid. Main events usually last about 30 minutes as it is, sometimes even longer. Iron man matches should always be an hour long. That's the whole point of the iron man match, because it goes the distance


Chillin' with the snowmies.
Getting the alerts throughout the work day this show sounded pretty exciting.
Guess I was wrong lol
Then again on paper the card was awful and the buildup was dog shit so 1/10 for those who watched it
Thank you G1. I need to watch you.
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The Sheik

The Architect
I skipped Ziggler/Rollins and Bliss/Jax, neither match had my interest at all.. I just skipped right to the end... Not counting those it was a 3/10.. It was a pretty bad show.

Lashley and Roman was a good match to, gotta give those guys credit for putting on a solid performance.

How was the Ziggler/Rollins match? People rave about Iron Man matches, was it any good?
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Grievous II

Iron Forged Orgasmatron
So...as much as I don't care...I have a couple of points to make...
even if it takes me an hour to type it. (I'm having issues with the
nerves in my hands at the moment FWI)

So...its clear the WWE main roster creative has no intentions of
pushing Japanese/Asian born wrestlers.

(Gail Kim is from Canada so Shut Up!)

I mean I'm not accusing the WWE of being racist against Asian people...

Wait...Yes I am.

Nakamura has been completely ruined with 6 failed World title shots
& now they've decided to give him a mid-card belt that hasn't meant
shit since A.J Styles dropped it to Baron Corbin.

Nakamura has been a complete failure on the main roster....and its
so fucking sad...

And now Asuka is getting the exact same treatment with 3 failed main
roster title shots...2 of them against an unskilled clown & her pet blobfish.

I guess next Asuka will turn heel, have some shitty raps added to her
theme music & start punching other women in the tits...I mean why not?

I'm sure some morons out there would say it was awesome...the same
morons who give the WWE a free pass week in, week out...and if you
don't like what I'm typing...hit the ignore function because I don't give
a fuck what you think.

And Alexa Bliss goes over Nia...meaning Nia was basically given a run
with the belt while Alexa was getting her new tits put in.

Maybe the WWE should do a PSA about that?

"Bullies will always win if they are more attractive than you"


"Bullies will get everything they want if they grease the right poles"

Seriously those titles aren't worth a puddle of dog piss while Alexa & Carmella
have them.

~ I guess Strowman will be booked as a loser because he has the briefcase now...

~ I'm happy for those who wanted to see Lesnar/Lashley...although personally
I don't care...

~ Why is the company pushing Ziggler again?

~ Why is Seth Rollins being held back? Why did they kill off all of his momentum?

Oh wait I know...because he was too over. Now stand next to Roman Seth & do your
best to get him cheered...even if he never will be.

~ I never thought I'd want A.J to lose a match...but this was the one.

Seriously...I hate the WWE with every fiber of my being now & I regret spending
the hours upon hours on here talking about their poorly written tripe of a product.

As much as respect the athletes/performers working for the company...the WWE
itself can eat a bag of rotten dicks.

The WWE doesn't deserve your money or your loyalty...so stop watching it.

And that took way too long to type...seriously...I have barely any feelings in my
fingers these days.
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The Game
Nakamura sqaushed one of the most beloved babyfaces of all time. It's clear they want to get him heat and push him.

Bobby Vs Roman was good.

Rollins Vs Ziggler was good

AJ Vs Rusev was good

Owens Vs Strowman was fun from start to finish. I don't care if Strowman lost, cuz Braun only wants to beat up Kevin. I think it was booked perfectly.

Bliss Vs Jax was ok, could of been better. Bit of a messy match tbh. But Ronda is still over af.

B Team winning means nothing. No-one cares

I don't mind the Asuka Vs Carmella match. Means nothing

Sin Cara is great give him more time to do shit.

Corbin Vs Balor meant nothing. Don't know why it was booked.

Team Hell No Vs bludgeon brothers was bullshit. Team Hell No big comeback pov match and it was shit.

New Day Vs Sanity was fun.

Yeah the ppv was just average. It also doesn't get you hyped to find out what happens next with people. So 4 or 5 out of 10. This ppv had too many screwy finishes that made the whole show unfulfilling. Apart from Bobby beating Roman clean. If Ambrose returned to help Rollins fend off Drew this ppv would of been a bit better. But what you gonna do?

Summer Slam has to be a hit. Then I think everyone on this forum may stop watching altogether....not
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I skipped Ziggler/Rollins and Bliss/Jax, neither match had my interest at all.. I just skipped right to the end... Not counting those it was a 3/10.. It was a pretty bad show.

Lashley and Roman was a good match to, gotta give those guys credit for putting on a solid performance.

How was the Ziggler/Rollins match? People rave about Iron Man matches, was it any good?
The first 15 mins were awful, but the last 15 mins was decent. They only real annoying thing was the crowd, and you could tell neither man trained to be in a iron man match.


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
It all pretty much boils down to what we talked about yesterday in the other thread regarding our overall thoughts on the PPV. With such a poor build-up, with barely one interesting storyline going into it and with the majority of the matches either worthless or meaningless, how hard could it have been for the actual PPV to exceed expectations?

Don’t get me wrong, this was still a poor show overall but it at least had a few good moments here and there that kind of made it okay at the end of the day. Personally went with a 4/10, basically giving it a point each for the good preshow match between Sanity and New Day, Lashley winning, KO taking that crazy (as long as scary and dangerous) bump and AJ vs. Rusev. Everything else, even including the main event, was below average. Quick thoughts:

- It’s no secret that the RAW tag team division has become a joke but I guess WWE decided to take it to the next level, didn’t they? No disrespect to either Dallas or Axel for their work ethic and effort but, seriously, this is the lowest of lows. They never gave the belts to Enzo Amore and Big Cass when they were white hot, they never treated Gallows & Anderson as serious as they should, they haven’t given the Revival a chance and then they got AOP feuding with Titus and co. Yet Dallas and Axel get the tag titles…just like that. I’m sure it will be a short lived reign but still, you get my point…

- It has now come to a point where the word “coincidence” gets thrown out the window because the bottom line is it actually takes talent to take something so successful from NXT and destroy it within a few months upon its arrival on the main roster. Aside some of the aforementioned tag teams noted above, what can anybody say about Bailey or now Asuka? How can you possibly mess up Asuka’s story?

How do we go from a woman impossible to beat to almost a jobber? As if it wasn’t enough that they just couldn’t resist ending her undefeated streak against Charlotte, they now have her basically job to fucking Carmella of all people. And, granted, while I get the idea that they have to make Carmella look legit, the way she keeps winning is just ridiculous, not to mention it makes Asuka look like a complete fool.

And here’s some stupidity for you: we supposed to believe that she got knocked out when Carmella shoved her and Asuka’s head hit the steal shark cage, yet…two minutes later she’s up kicking ass between Ellsworth and the “security people”.

- So they finally acknowledged Brock Lesnar and the Universal Championship situation by having Kurt Angle making the announcement he did.

Talked about this about a month ago in another thread and the gist of it is this: Brock has one more match on his contract and that match is happening at Summerslam. Whatever it is WWE think they are doing, this ain’t the 1990’s anymore where most of the fans were, no offense, more ignorant or to put it better, less informed. Nowadays with thousands upon thousands of outlets, whether it be social media, wrestling related websites, podcasts or basically the internet as a whole, we all pretty much know what the deal is.

As far as RAW tonight, if I were a betting man, my money is on Brock NOT showing up yet again. If anyone will show up, that will be Paul Heymann to sort of address his client’s situation. And if I were WWE, I’d cut the crap and have Braun Strowman just come out and call out Brock Lesnar, announcing that he’s cashing in at Summerslam. It’s not Braun’s character anyway to choose an opportune time to cash in, nor is he the typical chicken shit heel, so just have Strowman call out Brock, do the match at Summerslam, crown a new champion and let us all move on.

The way I see this, if Vince hasn’t pulled the trigger already with Roman Reigns, it almost tells me he may have realized the obvious and got cold feet about it. We can all joke about the old man and accuse him of many things but being stupid ain’t one of them. Can’t say I know too many stupid billionaires, do you?

Granted, I could have this all wrong but maybe, just maybe, Vince has swallowed that “pill”. This situation almost reminds me of Lex Luger, when they were seemingly pushing him as the next top guy at the time whilst looking for a new Hulk Hogan. For Christ sake, they had the guy literally touring on a bus, the infamous Lex Express, for over a month, almost as if he was running for president and when the match with Yokozuna was set for Summerslam, everybody considered him winning a lock, just like we thought with Roman Reigns against Brock Lesnar at Mania a few months ago.

And what was the outcome? A…count out win for Luger, thus meaning no title, only because Vince could see the reaction was not there (and it wasn’t nearly as bad as it is today with Roman) and just changed his mind; cold feet.Could it be a simillar situation? Alls I know is that Roman was...barking "my yard", only to be speared and pinned five seconds later...

The argument, of course, to all the above is, what do you do with Reigns and Lashley, which is why I'm guessing they will eventually hold off on Braun and not make my proposed Braun announcement. Likeliest scenario? A triple-threat will three men (Reigns, Lashley, Lesnar that is) involved at Summerslam and maybe a cash in midst of the match by Braun...

- Looks like we got us a Randy Orton heel turn. I'll drink to that...

- Also looks like they just planted the seeds for the inevitable Aiden English/Rusev decention...

- Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey at Summerslam I also consider a lock and we can all expect that visual spot with the arm bar and then Alexa doing her thing, being double jointed and all, for a great visual...

P.S.: You could probably tell the World Cup is over :emoji_slight_smile:))))
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The Artiste
I Rated It A 6, Because The Second Half Of The Show Was Actually Decent In My Opinion. Daniel Bryan Looked Really Good In The Tag Team Match, Roman And Lashley Was Actually Solid And Didn't Main Event (Thank God!), And AJ Vs. Rusev Was A Great Match With A Lot Of Close Near Falls, And Finally, Ziggler Vs. Rollins Was Flawed, But Enjoyable In Places, The Ending To The 30 Minutes Was Genius.

However, It Easily Got Off To The Worst Start I've Ever Seen For A PPV. They Put All Of Their Weak Matches Up Front. The B-Team Winning Was A Joke, Balor Vs. Corbin Was Okay But Not Memorable In Any Way, And Carmella Winning Was Just Awful.

Leave It To WWE To Make Your Most Badass Female On The Roster, NXT Or Otherwise, Look Like A Complete Idiot.

At Least Shinsuke Winning The U.S Title Was Great.


The Artiste
Oh, Forgot To Mention One Thing. The Flaws In The Iron Man Match Were,

1. Too Many Falls In The First 10-15 Minutes

2. The Sudden Death Overtime Being Way Too Short, Making The PPV End On An Inconclusive Note

3. The Crowd Wouldn't Stop Doing Their Own Version Of The Royal Rumble Buzzer, It Was Amusing At First, But Then It Just Wouldn't Freaking Stop!

Mustafar Reginald

The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
So, I only watched Asuka vs. Carmella because I really thought/believed that Asuka was winning. Ever since MITB Carmella's been making her look like dunce week-in and week-out, constantly getting the advantage over her, with like the only strong moment for her was stopping Ellsworth from using the mace and beating him but then he used the mace anyway and Carmella superkicked her. The point was Asuka was constantly getting trounced in the build, her winning at the PPV seemed possible, and at this point I needed any victory I could get in WWE to keep me interested.

SO let me say this before I complain, on it's own, in a bubble, this way better than Money in the Bank. I admittedly liked the idea of Ellsworth constantly dropping weapons to Carmella for Asuka to render them basically ineffectually. And throughout the match, Asuka constantly dominated Carmella. At Money in the Bank, prior to Ellsworth, the two worked a competitive match, there was a spot in the beginning that highlight Asuka was a step above Carmella but overall it was a competitive bout. Not here, Asuka was clearly leagues ahead of Carmella and I appreciate that because that's congruent with the characterization of both competitors we've had up to this point. It even makes Asuka deciding to take her time beating on Ellsworth a little less idiotic because yeah, she was decimating Carmella, why wouldn't she think she could take her time to pinata kick Ellsworth? And ultimately, going head first into steel cage is a much better finish than Asuka essentially staring into space for two minutes straight.

So that bit of positive perspective out of the way, I hated this. Because this is Asuka, this is the end of the feud. I highly doubt we're getting a third match at SummerSlam, it wouldn't make any sense (though I guess that's apropos with WWE), and I'm pretty sure Becky Lynch is facing Carmella at SummerSlam and winning. Because, well that's what they've been building to since the shake-up, that's why they had Asuka, Charlotte, and Lynch team up, why the signaled Lynch out as the weak link (having her cost Asuka her first match on SDL), and why they're having Carmella come out victorious over both Charlotte and Asuka. It's all to help Lynch re-assert herself, and good for her I guess but her popularity endured despite the constant nothing they seem to do with her, so I don't know why the need to sacrifice Asuka for Lynch because look Asuka's character is founded on her reputation of being unbeatable. Back to the point, you know Asuka's beatdown on Ellsworth post-match. Yeah, that was her giving out the comeuppance. I guess the care enough to not just let Asuka lose without any sort of consolation prize, and that's it. She got her revenge on Ellsworth but beating the piss out of him post-match. I might be proven wrong tomorrow, but that's how I read it.

And look Asuka can recover from this, it's not Bayley/Bliss Extreme Rules level of bad, but I kinda doubt it. There's limited time for the women to compete anyway, hence why Lynch is constantly underutilized for that point, and it just seems hard for me to buy that Asuka is considered a priority at all after this feud, and it's hard to imagine that she'll ever hold the Women's Championship on the main roster again. And god damn, I just think back to the Royal Rumble 2018, to how hyped and excited I was leaving that PPV. How for a brief period of time, it seemed like WWE was actually building Asuka as a top commodity, the constantly strong performances, the uses of the Armbar, the rumours of Ronda vs. Asuka main eventing WrestleMania 35 felt like a tangible reality, then Asuka lost at WrestleMania. And I wrote at length using a Rob Thomas song how deflating that loss was for me, but one of the main reasons the loss worried me was because I had fear in my mind that the only reason Asuka was treated as a priority was because she came to the main roster with a history making streak. And admittedly, a few points since then alleviated that fear a bit but this kinda proves it's validity to me. Asuka was special, I'm not talking just from my perspective because clearly she's still special to me otherwise I wouldn't be typing this, but she use to feel special, she use to have equity, she use to feel like an honest to god superstar but this finish, while designed to "protect" her, makes her anyone else. She's just as susceptible to basic heel tactics as anyone, it doesn't feel difficult to defeat her at all when she basically loses in a singular hit.

I didn't watch the rest of the PPV, I guess I'm glad Lashley beat Roman clean from what I hear. It's not really fair for me to assign a score to this PPV since I watched so little of it, but if you wanted to know my thoughts on WWE leaving Extreme Rules, I cancelled my network subscription shortly after watching Asuka/Carmella.


The Game
8/10. All the matches kept my attention except for Roman/Bobby, and the only result I was unhappy with was Alexa winning. A stacked card with some great matches (AJ/Rusev and Seth/Dolph in particular)