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Stone Cold X

The Lunatic Fringe
Apr 16, 2014
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But going back to the Austin and Rock comparison, they also had Mick Foley, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle. Big Show, Chris Benoit, and in wrestling I'd argue the most important figure of them all, Mr. McMahon himself.
I wasn't trying to "compare" the characters themselves. I was trying to talk about the drawing power of these people.. WWE (today) doesn't have superstars who are money makers, merchandise sellers, ratings boomers, front-page news stars. Austin was that guy, The Rock was that guy.

- Mick Foley wasn't a merchandise seller, a ratings boom, and so on. He was more like a New York brawler, a hardcore wrestler, and a sort of child of Undertaker - The child Undertaker gimmick exemplifies Mick Foley under Mankind. But people remember Mick Foley as the lumberjack, hardcore legend. He is marketed sometimes, but only on hardcore-themed PPV's, matches, and like-minded events. He's not on the forefront.
- Triple H is more like Shawn Michaels. He's sometimes on the forefront, sometimes in the spotlight. He is known as a technical wrestling guy, modeling after "a Shawn Michaels." Bret Hart, The Miz is in this group.
- The Undertaker is the ABSOLUTE legend. But he doesn't use the mic to say he is the best, he just uses his actions speaks louder than words. He also thrives on atmosphere. He is only marketed on two fronts: Hardcore themes, Halloween themes. Coming up, that was true, but once he established his gimmick, his shine, his marketing power, he became the forefront of WrestleMania every year. Some films are even inspired by Undertaker. Death Race? The big boss is the EXACT gimmick of Undertaker. I put taker up there with Austin in every way. But, the thing about Mark, is he isn't trying fight with Vince, like Brock Lesnar. I'm of the opinion that Taker shouldn't have been retired by Lesnar. Sigh...
- Kane: See Undertaker. As a gimmick, he's Undertaker's brother. He is marketed similarly. But he has never broken outside the main event idealism. Kane is more of a "in the shadows" gimmick. He is well-known superstar, but never got outside that. Complicated gimmick I'd say. Not often spotlighted, marketed, but when they do it's because Undertaker isn't scheduled. For example, his gimmick is about being a demon, with a thirst for fire. So, it stands to reason he's on "Hell in a Cell" poster.
- Chris Jericho is one of the top guys, its a little complicated to explain this one. But I will say this; Jericho is more like The Miz, than I put The Miz into the same class as Shawn Michaels. Jericho is a technique wrestling person. He beat Austin and The Rock all in the same night. Undisputed.
- Kurt Angle is a technical wrestling person. He was marketed more of a patriotic American hero. Because of his background in Olympics. He debuted on TNA, and was a BIG deal. Hulk Hogan-level. However, leading up to that switch, he was marketed as a heel person who was unleashed, kinda like Taz in his ECW days.
- Big Show is marketed more of a colossus wrestling person because of his size, but he isn't intimidating. He WAS intimidating with the long hair, in nWo. I barely remember him being marketed as much, unless he is in a huge match. If there was a Big Show vs Shaq, THAT would've been a blockbuster match.
- Chris Benoit? Technical wrestler. Thing is, in WCW, he was marketed more of a technical wrestler than anything. Sometimes used in PPV marketing. But in WWE, he was made fun of... that whole "Toothless Aggression" thing. That was after Vince coined "Ruthless Aggression" era.
- Mr. McMahon is only big under the shadow of SCSA. I know he had a role in the rivalry, but he is famous because of his rivalry with SCSA.

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