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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 19, 2013.

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  1. 7/10 for me.

    Shield looked great with all titles, Ryback/Cena was an awesome match, Ambrose/Kofi was an awesome match, Lesnar/HHH was a good match with a dope as hell ending.
  2. 7.5/10 for me, Shield and Bork winning made the PPV for me.
  3. 8/10. Fun PPV to watch. Was only really here to see the two Shield matches, but was pleasantly surprised by Ryback/Cena and Brock/HHH.
  4. Solid 7/10. Entertaining throughout for the most part, very few complaints.

    Also if we get Big Show and Cena injury angles Raw tomorrow will be awesome
  5. 5/10 in all honesty. 6/10 at best maybe.
    But I didn't watch 2 matches, so w/e.
  6. 7/10 seems like a very solid rating. The strap match was a snooze for me.
  7. Which matches?
  8. I rate this ER Extremely PG/10(5/10). I had another wrestling fan with me so we picked up on somethings each other wouldn't notice. The outcomes were cool, just not the quality.

    Positive was the orton boot
    Brock selling
    Team hell no dropping (DB Singles?)

    Negatives - It was just boring for an extreme rules.
    No Blood besides a little on swaggers shoulder.
    No Ziggler = instant loss of a point
  9. -The Shield brought home all the gold they went after.
    -Orton brought out the Punt Kick, which is just awesome.
    -Extreme Rules this year ended the exact opposite of last year, with Brock Lesnar standing tall as the victor. And finally, this feud is over.

    Those were the highlights. It was a good PPV.
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  10. 5/10, wasnt disappointed like i thought i would be. Not many worthwhile matches, only really great moments.
  11. Actually 3.
    Fandango and Jericho - The other half
    Swagger/Del Rio
    Ryback and Cena
  12. 5/10.

    Pros: Was mostly good up until the last couple of matches.
    - Jericho/Fandango, Ambrose/Kofi were both good (but ofc Ambrose can't wrestle though)
    - The tornado tag match was really fun, just needed more time.
    - The 'I quit' match was fine apart from that shitty ending.
    - Brock/Trips fued is over
    - I decided not to watch Big Show/Orton

    - Ryback/Cena was terrible IMO. It was just too slow. It was *Power move* then *lie down for a while* for the whole match. The only thing that I guess I can take out of that as a positive is the fact Cena didn't ashley win.
    - Henry/Sheamus was disappointing, and Sheamus winning was a terrible decision.
    - Brock/HHH was pretty dull from what I seen, although I'll admit to doing other things while that was on in the background and not really paying much attention.
  13. Shocker, R Albin doesn't give Ryback credit :pity1:

    Lol'd at the Ambrose thing though, you redeemed yourself.
  14. I've generally been pretty kind to Ryback over the last few months, just hated that pathetic excuse for a match :eww:
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  15. Where as almost everyone else sort of enjoyed it. You're weird. Of course it was slow, but even though they took breaks it was a great match.
  16. I honestly don't see how I'm weird for not liking that. I don't mind slow paced matches and, yeah, I didn't expect it to be nonstop action, but not a break every minute. Cena was selling the affects of moves for almost as long in the first 5 minutes as he was at the end. It was totally nonsensical.
  17. 5 out of 10 from me.

    + Entertaining undercard matches
    + Fandango came out looking good despite the loss
    + Ambrose working his best main roster singles match yet. Seemed much more comfortable working with Kofi.
    + Great tag match despite the short time. The Shield came out looking like complete stars from this ppv.

    - Very underachieving main event matches. Took up too much time and didn't deliver.
    - Cena underselling some of his spots really underminded Ryback's momentum in my mind.
    - Triple H vs Lesnar just didn't live up to the hype.

    Average. The less than great main event was lifted by the undercard.
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  18. You're not weird, the match sucked ass. Ryback no sold as well. AA through a table, and then got to a 9 count and just struts around like nothing happened. He didn't walk gingerly or anything, just RYBACK RULEZ!
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