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Jacob Fox

Foxiest Fox In Fox Land
Sep 22, 2014
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Shinsuke Nakamura vs Rusev

Nakamura won by pin fall

United States Championship: Champion Bobby Roode vs Randy Orton

Randy Orton pinned Roode to become the new US Champion. After the match, Jinder Mahal confront Orton by Roode hit him and Orton with a DDT.

Naomi and Becky Lynch vs Carmella and Natalya

Carmella and Natalya won by pin fall

Smackdown Tag Team Championship: Champions the Usos vs the New Day

The match was thrown out when the Bludgeon Brothers arrived and destroyed both teams.

Smackdown Women's Championship: Champion Charlotte Flair vs Ruby Riott

Charlotte retained by pin fall

WWE Championship 6 Pack Challenge: Champion AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler vs Kevin Owens vs Sami Zayn vs John Cena

AJ Styles pinned KO to retain his title. Shane McMahon interrupted two counts, one from both KO and Zayn

Jacob Fox

Foxiest Fox In Fox Land
Sep 22, 2014
8/10 This was pretty good for a PPV with low expectation. It was absolutely idiotic to put the US title on Orton. I lwas so irritated with that. However most of the matches were pretty decent. The main event was really fun. The best part was AJ coming out of nowhere to hit the forearm and win. Very worth watching.

Also, the Bludgeon brothers destroyed the Usos and the New Day. That was FUN! Definitely worth a view.
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Grievous II

Has Entered Stasis Mode...
Sep 30, 2016
2,033 just some thoughts off the top of my head...

~ I still think Tyler Breeze is being wasted in the tag division...but is it
good to hear Breezango & the Perfect 10 scored a win.

~ Of course Nakamura defeated the WWE attempt to ignore
the most over guy in the company right now.

~ Glorious!
No, I won't give in, I won't give in...
'till I'm...OH SHIT! RKO!!!

I...I don't understand putting the U.S belt on Orton at this time...& I really
hope this doesn't mean the WWE will be putting the title on Jinder at Mania.

~ Becky Lynch hasn't had a win on pay per view in over year...and I'm sick
of her being booked so poorly. In fact I HATE what has been done booking
wise to Becky, Sasha & Bayley over the last 12 months.

Got to make Alexa long strong I guess...

Also Carmella earning a pin in a tag match doesn't mean shit seeing as the
bitch has still only won 4 televised singles matches in the last 15 months.

~ I called Harper & Rowan getting involved...& I'm guessing it will be a 3 team
Tornado tag match at Mania for the titles?

~ So...Charlotte retained with a little help from her "friends" & Asuka showed
up to challenge her at Wrestlemania...I called that to...

And that is a strange Charlotte about to bite her? WTF?! And why is
Asuka dressed in her ring attire? Does she not own normal dress clothes?

Also look at the height difference between these two...Damn...if only there
was a shorter champion who Asuka had already defeated before...


And while I'm excited as all hell for this match...Queen vs. Empress...I still
think this makes Asuka look like a moron & will give Alexa another excuse
to run her big fucking mouth...

If only the WWE hadn't booked that pointless fucking match...

Also I hope Carmella cashes in on Alexa vs. Nia...NOT Charlotte vs. Asuka.

Also...I kind of feel bad for all of the other women on SmackDown...I mean
Asuka just walks in & is like: "Yeah...I'll have my title match now"

Oh...& I know Asuka is going over at Wrestlemania...I accept that & don't
expect Charlotte to fact it would be a mistake if she did.

~ And Styles retains...Thank Anubis for that...but only 20 minutes? Really?
I thought they would a least got 30 minutes out of these 6.

This match lasted around the same amount of time as Orton vs. Roode...WTF?!

Ehh...all in all sounds like an okay show...I'll watch the women's stuff as soon
as I get a chance.

But anyway...I know what match is MY main event...

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Trainer Beavie

A Culmination of insecurities
Apr 16, 2016
For a B-PPV which was predictable, pretty good. The opener worked and it really pumped up the crowd. They loved both Nakamura and Rusev and at least Rusev put up a competitive match. Which I think that was what the PPV needed to start with. Plus I liked some of the counters and hard strikes. It got me up.

The US title match was slow, probably due to their styles, but near the end it started to pick up a bit and the ending was a bit of a shock. Randy as US Champ, in one way, I hate Bobby's time with the belt got cut short, but Randy completes the grand slam, alright I guess.

The Women's Tag, eh, it was there. Probably the weakest of the PPV and felt like filler, which it was. Shame as Carmella is solid, Natalya is good, and so is Naomi and Becky Lynch.

But, the Tag Team match was fun for the time they were given and the "stealing each other's spots" was fun, but then the Blugeon Brothers came in...and tore everyone up. And before anyone complains about it making New Day or the Usos weak, they were beaten up as they were in a competitive match by two big dudes with giant-ass hammers...

Then the Women's match, aside from the stupidity of Ruby hitting the Red Thunder Clap Riott Kick way too early and a couple of botches, the match started to get better as it went on. The final moves of the Reverse Alabama Slam into the turnbuckle, the spear (which was probably Charlotte's best spear) and the Figure-Eight was a great combo. Then Asuka comes out, leading to the dream match. The only thing I have to wonder is how will it be rationalized in storyline without burying the Raw division/hurting its appearance?

Then finally, the main event, pretty good. I wasn't a fan of AJ being taken out for the second half of the match, but then again, it kind of fit into the story of AJ Styles having to take his opportunity to survive the odds. As for everyone in the match, they all at least got their stuff in, it was chaotic, surprisingly had some storyline in it with Shane vs KO/Sami again (we're all tired of it, but hey, it worked), Baron laying waste to everyone, and Cena doing everything he can to get to Mania.

This show just gets a 7/10. For sure better than last year's event, enjoyable for what it was but by no means a show I will capitalize as G.O.A.T. It has set up two WM dream matches in AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura and Asuka vs Charlotte. The Tag Team title looks to be a three-way which I think can be a good match to get things rolling for the show and pump up the crowd. KO/Sami and Shane I have no idea what they'll do since rumours have it our favourite Quebecers will be in the Battle Royale, and the US title match is *shrugs*

Main Event Chaos
Women's Title Match
Blugeon Brother's Massacre of Everyone

Women's Tag Team Match as Filler
The United States Championship opening part. (near the end it got faster, and the post-match angle I am mixed about)


Moist Nephew
Mar 23, 2016
The preshow was one of the oddest matches ever and I think the wrong guys won. I love Breezango and I love The Dillenberg, but the heels needed it more and Fashion Police are bonified jobbers

Nakamura vs Rusev was the second best match on the card. It was great, nuff said

I expected Orton to win at Wrestlemania, but was surprised to see it tonight. I'm not mad, I don't think the wrong guy one, if anything I'm happy. I thought Orton HAD to win the title at one point, and since the win happened here, either Roode or Jinder can have their Wrestlemania moment

I love Becky, she is the absolute best (second best minimum), but I skipped this match and picked up a pizza instead. I'm sorry, a 3 minute build for a generic match isn't enough for me

Usos vs New Day was a no contest and still match of the night. These guys never disappoint. I've heard a lot of people bitter over the hype, but these guys deserve it 100%. I was on my seat the whole time, I loved the BB stuff, and I really think the impending triple threat of BB, Usos, and New Day will be one the level of Revival, DIY, and AoP. Speaking of which, Usos v Revival is my new dream match

Ngl, I also missed Usos v New Day while getting my pizza, and I decided to skip this to go watch that. It's nothing against the women, it's just they had two of the most boring fueds so far. Charlotte is great, I really dislike Riott, we've seen this exact match on repeat since Riott Squad debuted. At least Asuka vs Charlotte is going to be sick

The main event sucked. I wanted to love it so much but it sucked. It was a generic multiman match with the only difference being Shane McMahon is a piece of crap. To me this Shane is like this match, I want to like him so much but I can't. He's been uncalled-forly ruining Kevin and Sami's lives for months and will probably come out the winner, and why? Because KO did something all wrestlers do all the time? Point is he lowered the match for me, and it was a meh match to begin with

Overall, this was a two match card, and one of those match that was also the best match was a double dq, so no way can I give it a good score. To me, Fastlane is a 5/10

The Sheik

The Architect
Nov 29, 2017
Not knowing much going into the show, i'll give it 7/10

Marked out with Orton winning the US. Title and becoming Grand Slam champion, always been an Orton fan, just hopefully they don't give up on Bobby Roode.

I skipped the women's tag match, seemed like a filler with 4 women that don't have much going on.

The main-event was good, better than expected, just hated the way it ended, but it's cool AJ retained, he's the best performer in WWE right now... actually, he's the best performer in the entire business.
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Grievous II

Has Entered Stasis Mode...
Sep 30, 2016
Buckle up y'all, Orton is retaining at Mania. They love to put cool RKO spots in the mania highlight packages
Perhaps they'll book Orton vs. Cena Mk.73 for the U.S title?

Plus Orton could hit an RKO without winning right? I mean
I heard a rumor its going to be Orton vs. Roode vs. Mahal
at Wrestlemania for the U.S title.


WWEF's Resident Hologram
Apr 4, 2014
I wish PPVs were more unpredictable. But to be honest at the same time, the only unpredictable result here was Roode losing to baby oil man and I much rather have Roode be the predictable winner in that bout.
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WWEF's Resident Hologram
Apr 4, 2014
What? I don't get it...
He used to be dripping with the stuff (or some oil) back then wrestlers used to get their 'shine' on lol. He'll always be slithery viper for me. Because of the oil, not his 'mindset'.

Grievous II

Has Entered Stasis Mode...
Sep 30, 2016
He used to be dripping with the stuff (or some oil) back then wrestlers used to get their 'shine' on lol. He'll always be slithery viper for me. Because of the oil, not his 'mindset'.
Oh...that must be the same greasy crap
Roman puts in his hair these days.


The Architect
Apr 14, 2016
I had exactly 0 expectations going into this PPV besides the main event, because AJ was in it and I have to say, given that I didn't expect much I thought it was pretty decent for a filler event
  • Rusev vs Nakamura wasn't anything special but I don't see the point in having this match as a whole but whatever, it's good to keep Nakamura on PPVs while he's basically, in kayfabe, Smackdown's #2 guy. Also really thankful that he ditched the disco pants and went back to normal fitting ones, I hope he goes for the same style at Mania. Not too much, but also different than usually.
  • Orton winning the US title is cool I guess, never got to see him with the title but I don't know how this is gonna change a whole lot. The title is pretty much dead at this point and the last person that made it mean something was John Cena in 2015. But, what many people often disregard, is Orton's popularity. Because despite the overall negative reaction he gets off of the internet, he usually gets pretty big and positive reactions wherever he goes. When he won the title last night off of that RKO, they probably had one of their biggest pops of the night right there. So on one hand I get why people are frustrated with Orton but then again.. he's kinda over lol.
  • Natalya/Carmella vs Naomi/Becky was a nothing match that was just booked so they can say "look we have 2 womens matches on this card". But given the fact that none of them have a real feud nor reason to fight each other, it's just a waste of time as harsh as it sounds. I mean, what did the winners of this match accomplish? Carmella shouldn't even have to bother to wrestle while holding the briefcase because she could have her title match at any given time anyways and Natalya will always be Natalya, whether she wins a pointless tag match or not. Naomi and Becky are basically background characters for Charlotte now, so letting them have a win wouldn't effect anything on the title picture either, at least for now. It's just an endless cycle of not mattering until you maybe get a title shot and then you matter enough to get a feud.
  • Usos vs New Day was just an angle as it turned out, which is fine.. but they kinda promised a revised classic from their prior feud. We all kinda knew that Harper and Rowan were coming for those titles soon but I kinda expected them to get involved after a real banger to get people hoping for more. So I guess we're gonna get a triple threat at Mania, which I'm not against at all. It's just that this was nothing interesting to talk about for now.
  • Charlotte vs Ruby was ok, but I still think Charlotte shouldn't drop a moonsault during every PPV match she has. I think she thinks it might help the match but in reality it just makes the moonsaults less special in my eyes. If she'd only keep it for hot feuds like the one she's in with Asuka now, I'd get it but blowing big spots for matches with Ruby and Natalya who have no heat on them whatsoever, is kind of a waste.
  • But anyways, let's be real, this isn't about the match itself, it's all about what happened afterwards and let me just say I'm very happy about this match happening. It's definitely gonna be an interesting mix of styles given that Charlotte is a typical WWE wrestler and Asuka definitely more of an outsider to that tradition. But I'd almost compare it to a Reigns/Nakamura and I think that'd deliver pretty well as seen during their encounter during the Rumble. Sometimes it's even better to have a big WWE wrestler go up against an indie guy rather than having 2 indie guys in there.. just mashes up better most of the time. To get back on topic tho, all I'm gonna say is, WWE's really lucky in the sense of that the Rumble winner can choose which champion he wants to face, so in kayfabe it makes total sense to have Asuka randomly walk over to Smackdown, even though the real reasoning behind it was to have a big match for Charlotte even though the entire Smackdown women's division is kinda trash at the moment so they had to bring someone over from Raw. Generally speaking, Raw has way more going on with the women, even without Asuka, they had Bayley/Sasha and Bliss/Nia already planted, while Smackdown had Charlotte as a single act and not even that seemed all that exciting to be honest. So I hope they get back on the right track with Asuka on board.
  • the main event delivered, as expected. I really enjoyed the dynamic between all of them. Styles winning was predictable but in an obviously good way and I actually really like the way Cena's playing his role of disappointed guy who's not gonna be at Mania. Even the little things like pushing the camera away from his face while Styles was celebrating felt real to me, even though I know he's definitely gonna be at Mania, he's just been playing it so well over the past couple of weeks and it's a realistic story for him going into the show. The whole Shane thing is kinda getting old and I don't know where it's leading towards. I mean, they already had a HIAC match with all of them involved, how much can you do? The only way for them to drop this angle is to have Shane off of TV or Owens/Zayn go over to Raw again but we can't keep going with this until they retire lol. After all, this feud between Owens and Shane has been going on ever since Owens went over to Smackdown, so it's almost been a year ffs. Anyways, match was cool, result makes sense, everybody's happy.. except for maybe Kevin and Sami
I'm not really ready to give this PPV as much of a high rating as 7 or 8, because the only 2 great things I got out of this was the Charlotte/Asuka angle and the main event. The rest just felt like it was floating around the card (just like on any Smackdown PPV it seems like). So I'm gonna give it a generous 5/10


The Game
Jan 5, 2018
This show was pretty good. It had some really good wrestling and no major booking mistakes.
- Nakamura v Rusev was decent. Don't understand why they booked this match in the first place Bit of a nothing match to be honest.
- I'm a Randy Orton fan so I have no problem in him winning the US title. Its not like Roode was on a roll. Roode has done nothing to interest me since being called up to the main roster. Roode needs to get a character quick cuz he is boring. Hes more boring then Orton, How is that even possible? What happened after the match was bullshit, the epitome of 50/50 booking. The guy who lost the title leaves with hes head held high. Utter bullshit.
- Naomi and Becky v Carmella and Natalya. FILLER. Who cares about any of these woman? Smackdown womans division is terrible.
-New Day v Usos. Yeah this match was really cool and booked very well. Bludgeon Brothers coming out demolishing the two teams was very cool. I hope these guys get the ladder match at mania.
- Charlotte v Ruby Riott. No complaints with the match. It was a little bit sloppy here and there. It was a decent match.I have no idea why Asuka has chosen Charlotte over Alexa. Plz explain WWE.
- The main event was great. Despite being very predictable is was executed very well. Lots of fun spots happened throughout the match. Loved the ending of AJ standing tall, with Cena looking devastated. Cena is one of the best things in WWE right now for me.

I would give the show 7/10.They didn't do anything stupid and the main event was very good.

So after Fastlane it looks like we are getting the following smack down matches at Mania.
AJ v Nakamura
Cena v Undertaker
Orton v Mahal v Roode
Charlotte v Asuka
Usos v New Day v Bludgeon Bros
Shane v KO and Sami or Shane v KO v Sami

Seems ok....


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
Apr 13, 2016
Nakamura and Rusev ended up putting on a pretty good match. I know that this was just a filler feud for Nakamura, but I wish there would have been more of build to it. Why did they wait until the last minute to book this match when they were doing literally nothing with these two guys since RR. I feel like a better build would have given this match a little something extra. I really hope they do something with Rusev. He is super over right now, so at least him and Aiden in the triple threat tag match that is bound to happen at Mania so he is not stuck in the battle royal.

I'm not against putting the title on Orton, and the whole angle was clearly to extend the feud between him, Roode, and Mahal into Mania, however, I would have preferred to have a longer reign for Roode. Hopefully, this will give us some positives like a possible Roode heel turn (his gimmick just works better as a heel), a much-needed spark from Orton, and some relevance to the US title picture.

The women's tag match felt like nothing more than a match on SD. What's to be expected with no real reason for the match and little build. Additionally, there was little benefit to this match besides filling time on the PPV. Naomi and Becky are really doing anything, and a win would be much needed in order to put them back in the title picture. Becky hasn't won anything major in a long time, so another loss would only have hurt her even more. Carmella shouldn't be losing since she is likely a future champion. So I guess the right team won.

This was turning into a really good match, and I enjoyed the post-match beat down, but I wish they would have allowed the match to finish. I would have rather the no finish on the US match and had this match go to a finish only for the Blugeon Brothers to attack post-match. Either way, the tag match should be good going forward.

This was nothing but a filler for Charlotte and the result was pretty much known beforehand. The most important part of this was the post-match with Asuka. I am excited about this match and it was the best option for a Mania match for Asuka in my opinion. Asuka is all about the challenge of beating others. Maybe she wants a new challenge since she has run through every one worthy on Raw and want to switch to Smackdown so she has a new set of women to work with. Since she is the biggest star in the Women's division on Raw, Angle likely wouldn't trade her so she is using her title opportunity as a way to get what she wants. This is one kayfabe reason for the choice.

The six pack challenge was pretty good, with a ton of chaos as expected. Each of the people played their parts well and the right person won. I especially like the way Cena has been portrayed lately. Although no one is doubting that Cena will have a match at Mania, he is playing the down-on-himself role pretty well. The only part I didn't like the Shane stuff. I don't mind the Shane - Owens/Sami feud, but they haven't really built it any. It seemed to peak when the faced in Hell in a Cell and then they have kind of gone downhill since.

Overall this PPV was pretty good for the filler PPV that it was. I would give it a 6/10
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