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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Apr 27, 2018.

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  1. #1 Solid Snake, Apr 27, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2018
    Share your thoughts on the special and vote!
    (Thread will be opened and fully updated when the special has ended)

    John Cena def. Triple H via pinfall
    Cedric Alexander (c) def. Kalisto via pinfall to retain the title
    Matt Hardy & Bray Wyatt def. The Bar via pinfall to win the titles
    Jeff Hardy (c) def. Jinder Mahal via pinfall to retain the title
    Bludgeon Brothers (c) def. The Usos via pinfall to retain the titles
    Seth Rollins (c) def. The Miz, Finn Balor and Samoa Joe to retain the title
    AJ Styles (c) and Shinsuke Nakamura double count out, AJ Styles retains
    The Undertaker def. Rusev in a Casket Match
    Brock Lesnar (c) def. Roman Reigns via escape to retain the title
    BRAAAAAAUUUNN! GET THESE HAND! won the royal rumble
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  2. It was better than I expect.
    Shin and AJ had a better match than at Mania.
    The RR was decent with a solid winner
    All the matches were good.

    I rate this Titus O'Neil/10
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  3. enjoyed the show,the only disappointment was brock and roman.The was supposed to be pinfall,over the top or thru the door and the winner is the first person whos feet touched the floor first not whos body,when they went thru the cage technically brock was on the part of the cage which is still part of the ring and it clearly shows romans feet on the floor while brocks legs n feet were still in the air.I feel brock doesnt deserve to even hold a belt when he only has to defend the belt every couple pay per views.Any other belt if a person doesnt defend it they are stripped.Also i dont agree on any person getting a title shot if they havn't wrestled in months or years.They should have to rework themselves up the ranks like everyone else does.For example the rock or even goldberg.Even tho they are a couple of my favs i just dont agree on them getting title shots on name alone.IT to me is a slap in the face to those who wrestle day in and day out all year long and thats why i just do not agree on brock being champ.I thought this way long before roman even started mentioning this.
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  4. Thanks Snakey for putting up the thread. I got a little bit behind because I like sleep but I was gonna get it :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Seriously though, so far I have only seen the cage match and the Rumble and they both were good. I seriously began to believe they were gonna give it to Daniel Bryan but I am happy Braun Strowman got something. I mean the championship belt thing is silly. But it's good to see they are giving Strowman something.

    In regards to the cage match, I wonder what are they going to do next? WWE has lost a lot of credibility with how the portray Reigns but Lesnar has now beaten him twice in the same month. Perhaps WWE is thinking about going another direction? Who knows?

    The Rumble was good and I enjoyed it a lot. It's weird because I remember the 40 man rumble and I found that tedious. I think by having less time between entrees, they did this right. Very enjoyable.

    I don't know if I can fairly judge an event I haven't seen the entirety of, but I enjoyed what I have seen.
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  5. Titus O'neil made this show a show to remember.
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  6. I wasn't sure if you were going to be on. I watched it so it wasn't an issue. :kitler:
    And sleep is important, like I said, more important than WWE. lol
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  7. A lot of his matches as of late (Brock) end suddenly and don't last long. I still think this was better than mania at least.
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  8. Rusev did better than Cena. And people said he was going to get buried...well he did...but you know what I mean
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  9. Several times I woke up and looked at the clock and thought, "Is it worth it?" haha.
  10. I honestly wonder what they are going to do next. I mean, at this point, Roman has had 3 tries to beat Lesnar and has failed each time. If they give him another rematch at this point, it's nonsensical. He has lost two matches in a row. With the Royal Rumble win, it seems Strowman is the most rational contender at this point.

    It would be weird though if after all this build towards this Lesnar/Reigns goal to completely pass it by. Then again, this is the company who passed on Hulk Hogan vs Ric Flair so who knows how much they're willing to pass up.
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  11. Maybe Roman not achieving his main goal of finally beating Lesnar, may warm him to his haters...probably not.

    I don't know what Roman is going to do. He can't possibly get a rematch, but then again he was screwed. As far as i'm concerned the feet touching the floor rule is bullshit. It's a technicality. Brock's whole body hit the floor first. His skin went through the mesh and touched Saudi soil before Roman. This should be the end of Roman in the title scene.

    AJ vs Nakamura was perfect way of building up to the Backlash match and the ladder match finish was great. Seth is the ultimate opportunist.
  12. 7/10

    Brock Won as expected, rumble was fun and Braun is the right guy to win this, Seth still the IC champ. That was a decent show.
  13. #13 Grievous II, Apr 28, 2018
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    Okay a few notes...(No I haven't seen the event):
    ~ No title changes...so it was a glorified house show with a Rumble match?
    ~ Matt & Bray are tag champs! Yay! (but it made the most sense booking wise)
    ~ I try to stick up for Jinder...but that botch was terrible...(saw a gif of it)
    ~ Another 5 minute Bludgeon Brothers squash match...(Naomi's Ass wasn't
    there to save the Usos this time...Granted Naomi could save the Earth from
    destruction with that booty of hers. I wonder how the crowd would have reacted
    to that "spot"?)

    ~ Rollins retains...great finish (Watched a gif)...
    ~ How was Styles/Nakamura? I know it was kind of pointless because of
    the finish...but how was their chemistry this time around?
    ~ SKIP!!!
    ~ I believe if you listen to the Cyborg & the Fox Episode 3...I actually (kind of)
    predicted the cage "breaking" open for the finish of this match. I still don't care...
    I'm just saying I'm awesome for predicting it.
    ~ And BRAUN!!! won the Rumble...which I predicted, Daniel Bryan lasted 76
    minutes, Roderick Strong got a run, Elias went 34 minutes, Titus O'Neil made
    everyone smile (It would have been better if he found James Ellsworth under
    there) & Braun now has a sexy new green title belt.

    Also does Braun eliminating 13 count for breaking the Rumble record of 12
    held by the Plank of Wood? I'm just curious is all.

    Also...does Daniel Bryan "time spent in the match" record count as well?

    So...it sounds like an okay show I guess...like I said a glorified house show with
    a Rumble match...but hey...No women allowed...so I score it 0 out of 10.


    Now...can we all move on & focus on Backlash!
  14. >Undertaker
    Why is he still around? I legitimately thought he retired.
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  15. #15 SWL, Apr 28, 2018
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    I feel like they could have done so much more with this, especially because I read that they eventually wanna repeat something like this again so setting the stage by having a great first time event of this kind would have been great, but instead it just felt like a filler event to progress towards Backlash. Which is fine but why would you keep it for a B PPV in front of like 20k people when you just had the opportunity to make history in front of 65k on a special occasion? The crowd also didn't seem like a bunch of rebellious 13 years olds like we usually have in the states now and they actually booed the heels and cheered the babyfaces.
    • Cena vs Triple H was a good opener with one of the best near falls I've seen in a long time after the first AA to Triple H. It was so subtle and close, the last near fall this good was from Kurt Angle at TLC. These newer guys need to step their shit up as far as near falls are concerned because it's a lost art at this point.
    • The Deleter of Worlds winning the tag titles is fine but they could have done something where the Bar wins it for a week, bring the Raw tag titles to Smackdown for a week and then lose it at Backlash, instead of just giving it to them right away but I guess that'd weaken Hardy's and Wyatt's status.
    • The IC title ladder match was the definite match of the night, as expected, with the most realistic ladder match ending ever lol. Seth didn't fuck around with trying to throw Balor off the ladder for a climactic ending, he just quickly took the title and dipped.
    • Rusev actually got a decent showing against Taker when you compare it to Cena's, so I don't wanna hear anyone crying over this with "Rusev got buried again".
    • Both world title matches were pretty pointless in my eyes. Especially Styles/Nakamura, because to me it felt like they had something going and could have continued the feud with an Orton/Christian type of storyline where Styles keeps on running away with a victory of some sorts which leads to Nakamura going crazy over it. But I guess they went a more generic route with it to save up for Backlash.
    • Braun winning the Rumble, as predictable as it was, is the only real possibility for them given that 75% of the match was just a bunch of jobbers who haven't been in a big match in forever and were basically deemed not-winners the second they came through the curtain.

    No titles changed hands, nothing monumental happened. So at the end of the day, as far as the wrestling alone is concerned, it was anything but historic. So if I was a Saudi Arabian mark and just paid a ridiculous amount for my WrestleMania-type seats and got this presented to me, I wouldn't go to the next one if they advertised it again tbh. For a person watching it from home for 9.99 or even free, it was ok
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  16. I'll give it an 8. Nothing mattered, but at least nothing sucked. It went by quickly, which is amazing considering its length, so that's a plus. The GRR itself was cool. I skipped the Roman match because the fued sucks, I'm not invested in either man, and I know who's winning. Then Brock won, and now I'm annoyed because I know we have to wait EVEN MORE for Roman to just beat this guy already. I just want to see the Universal Title man, I'm so sick of it just showing up once every five months, forcing talented guys like Rollins and Balor to be midcarders because there is no main event scene.

    Anyways, 8/10
  17. I think the ending to that match was really clever. Sure people don't ever like matches ending on count out, but it added to the story and setted up the rematch. The emotional hot head Styles blowing a gasket on Nakamura who has been a massive dick. AJ remains a babyface as his actions are justified and Nakamura will continue to get underneath Aj's skin. So yeah this match really progressed the story on.

    They have good chemistry and this match was waaaay better than Mania. Probably because they now have a good story to tell
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  18. Really good show, the Royal Rumble seemed like a huge waste of time. It was filled with mostly jobbers and not much star power was in the match.. Titus O'Neil and Elias stole the show in the match.

    The undercard was much better. I'm glad not many titles changed hands. The Ladder match and Shin/AJ were the best matches of the night.. Apparently they're going back to Saudi Arabia in October or November, hopefully the show is just as good as this one, if they're airing it on the Network again.
  19. I skipped around cuz 5 hours is just waaay to long for me to sit through and watch. I think WWE did a excellent job of putting on a special show for Saudi Arabia. The show was way too long tho. They could of done without the Greatest Royal Rumble and turned it into the Greatest Battle Royal and cut the show by an hour at least
  20. Also they should totally do King of the Ring in Saudi Arabia. That would be a cool theme to do it there
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