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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Shadow, Oct 27, 2013.

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  1. Post your thoughts and ratings on tonight's PPV in this thread.
  2. 8/10
    Solid PPV, these Hell in a Cell matches were booked better than i thought they would be. Orton is the new Champion, Punk got his revenge, besides some of the lower card matches like Fandango/Summer vs. Khali/Natalya and the divas, it was a great PPV.
  3. 7/10
    Enjoyable PPV.

    - Another great tag-team match with The Usos, The Shield and The Rhodes. Probably MOTN.
    - Kane returned. Gotta mention this.

    BFG - Bad Influence comes out, EY comes out and gets beat down. Abyss returns for the save.

    HIAC - The Miz comes out, Luke Harper and Erick Rowan come out and beat down The Miz. Kane returns and demolishes everyone

    - Los Matorodes Vs. The Real Americans was a fun match
    - CM Punk Vs. Ryback was better than expected
    - Big E getting that push
    - Alberto Del Rio and Cena was decent
    - Daniel Bryan Vs. Randy Orton was a good storytelling match
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  4. 9/10
    Other matches were great but I don't like Randy Orton being the WWE Champion.
  5. 6/10.
    Awesome tag team match to start it off.
    Looks like Big E is getting a push which I'm happy about.
    Good to see Summer Rae finally wrestling and she even picked up the win.
    AJ Lee kept the title. Meh.
    Real Americans lost which is a shame.
    FINALLY the title is off Del Rio. Hopefully for a long time.
    Ryback once again drags down CM Punk.
    WWE completely killed the crowd in the main event yet again tonight. Not too thrilled with the outcome.
  6. ???
  7. Punk was pointing out how coincidental it was that TNA and WWE had very similar segments at their PPVs.
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  8. I see now. I need some sleep.
  9. 7/10.

    Punk vs. Ryback and Orton vs. Bryan were solid HIAC matches, which is pretty unusual for HIAC matches at this PPV. I was trying to figure out how they were going to get HBK to screw DB. I also enjoyed Punk finally giving Heyman "what was coming to him".

    Kane Returns segment was interesting.

    The Divas match was pretty good. AJ is a good Divas Champ and she can actually wrestle. I'm just trying to figure out why it keeps being a case of "give Brie one more chance", but I guess that's where the division's at right now.

    The Tag Titles match was very good. Solid, all-around action and everybody got to do some great spots but they were still able to tell a good story with the match. I adore the chemistry between Cody and Dustin. You can tell that they have a strong relationship and it will make it all the better when the eventual break-up and feud occur.

    Most predictable event of the night: John Cena is the new WHC. Everything else aside, this match showed both his and ADR's work ethics and they put on a very good match and now the groundwork is started for the unification of the WHC and WWE Championship.

    I was bummed when they told us no Langston vs. Axel. I was happy when they changed it to Langston vs. Ambrose. I can't wait to see Langston as US Champion.

    The other matches were not noteworthy, but they weren't terrible. All in all, not a great PPV, but a good one. I find myself wondering where they go from here.

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  10. Going with 7/10 as well. The Pay-Per-View wasn't bad, I think it was great, but it just wasn't the best. It's definitely a huge leap better than Battleground was, and is an above decent Pay-Per-View. It is enjoyable, and I hope that WWE can continue to make Pay-Per-Views of this caliber and better. Aside form Daniel Bryan losing the belt, and the predictable Kane return, and also Great Khali getting screen time, not much to complain about from me.
  11. 7.2348367 / 10
  12. 7.50/10
  13. 6.5/10

    People have mentioned the good bit. Negatives:
    - I thought the 2 HIAC matches didn't use the cell well. I wanted some innovative spots but they barely went near it
    - The Shield came out of the show looking so weak. Rollins gets pinned and Ambrose bails, meh
    - Khali. Just Khali being there
    - Cena botching his STF move
    - No attempted Sandow cash-in
    - Los Matadores didn't use their beast finisher

    Solid PPV, far better than the last two.
  14. 6.5/10

    Liked some matches, disliked others. Thought the tag match was superb, and so was the main event match for the title.

    Cena vs Rio was ight.

    Sweet chin music > all
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    - Tag match was really good
    - The mixed tag match was pointless
    - Langston busted +1, match ended by count out -1, good match although
    - Kane returned +1, no new attire or mask -1 but idc.
    - Punk vs Ryback and Heyman was good
    - the cell could have been used more in both matches
    - AJ retained
    - Cena won the WHC, but no cash in -1
    - The main event was quite good couldn't really complain
    EDIT: No punt kick or tombstone. It looked like Kane was going for his tombstone on Harper but botched.
  16. 9/10. Great show. The matches that were supposed to be red hot certainly were, and the filler matches did their job.

    Brie Bella is the greatest woman's wrestler of all time. She fucked AJ's shit all up with that half crab.

    HBK did what's best for business. He knows in his heart that Bryan doesn't have the main event bulge to be the face of the WWE.
  17. Show Spoiler

    -The Tag Team Title match opening the show was odd, as it was the match I was looking forward to the most. Rysenberg let me down, man. He said this would be tornado style. :why: That would have been fun! And it was during the second half where they stopped doing *tag match rant deleted*. Plenty of great stuff happened there, and the Rhodes Brothers clearly have a lot of fun tagging together. (Like that the Shield ate the pin, they're a known quantity that doesn't lose much with the losses.)
    -Was thinking earlier about how Miz is a second rate Anderson, well make it 3rd. Watched some Miz promos earlier just to relive how "cool" he used to be, and it's stunning how much his promo work has fallen. This promo SUCKED. The Wyatts were awesome beating that ass, and then BOOOM! Kane comes out, takes out the Wyatts in believable fashion (TAKE THAT CENA) and then chokeslammed Miz for fun (WOOOO!!!!) Kane feels like the biggest star he has in a long time, thank you Kane.
    -I found this spicy crab meat on clearance. Looks super tasty and it was only a couple of bucks, so I got it out of the fridge and quickly noticed this had the most confounding contraption of a lid ever. It had a lock mechanism up front, and a couple of lifty-pushdown things up top, and I had no idea how to open this damn thing and kept pulling and pushing and... oh, right, the mixed tag. Sorry, was too busy messing around with this damned thing and missed this match. Sure I missed a lot.
    -Nobody cared about Big E vs Ambrose. The crowd was Tennessee levels of dead, the match was nothing to get you excited about it... I want to like both guys, but halfway through I just started dicking around with the crab again and missed the finish. Can someone tell me what happened?
    -I think rating things Crab/10 may be a thing.
    -Ryback's theme has never been more fitting, except it's all about Heyman. Got pumped for this match, laughed at Heyman being a lamb being led to slaughter, yayyyyyyyyyyyy Punk! But then Heyman went up to the top, which meant Ryback vs Punk one on one and I grabbed the crab again since nothing good will come out of that... then got pissed and grabbed a knife, stabbed it, and ripped open the lid in a blaze of SuperCena glory! Felt like a badass for a second, but then realized my big mistake called "darn, now I may actually watch this match." And it wasn't very entertaining outside of a few cool spots (haha, Ryback stealing Bully's casual lay on the table was beautiful). Punk wins, because the Heyman guys are jobbers, and... It didn't feel like Punk got his revenge though. It was roughly the same thing as Night of Champions except he won the match. Can totally see Punk wanting another piece of Heyman, but this feud needs to end.
    -Los Mata...dammit, there's gotta be some other contraption in the fridge to mess around with... *walks away, sees dropkick* Oh, right, it's a bunch of good wrestlers (and Swagger) battling it out, so watched this for sure. Gimmick's still silly but this turned out to be nice little fun, and the Giant Swing gets more awesome every time I see it.
    -John Cena's back... yayyyyyyy... The commentary wouldn't shut up about it, so I'm already sick of him again, and it's not even enough heat to get you behind ADR. The match seemed fine, there was some good psychology and yadda-yadda, crowd was into it... but I cared so little about both guys that it was really hard to sit through it regardless.
    -Couldn't believe the reactions the Divas got, and somehow AJ Lee and Brie Bella had one of the best matches on the show. See what you guys say about Brie doing her best to improve and deserving her rewards. Applause to both girls, they showed themselves well tonight. :emoji_slight_smile:
    -One definite positive to this show: They gave Dolph Ziggler a mic. (And those other two people who made complete buffoons of themselves, but w/e). Ziggler's personality just pops off the screen when he speaks, truly a shame that they don't do more with him. One thing stuck out to me: Dolph said at the end after he really put over Cena, put over how great of a comeback and how well he did, he immediately said "I want a shot at him!" I GUARANTEE this got him heat backstage, but that'll be bullshit. Those few lines alone were the best build to a WHC match I've seen since the brand split.
    -I've never seen anything like Bryan. As formulaic movesets may help cause overexposure, Bryan seems immune to that. He'll do the same stuff in every match but you'll pop for the same stuff again and again. It works for the crowd AND for me. He was dominant in this match, and boy was it fun to watch. Orton feeling like a paper champion is better because it's Randy Freaking Orton with years of built-up credibility + wins on Raw, we have a hook for Raw, another screwjob finish left me concerned, but hey. Glad Orton has the belt so it can't be stripped from Bryan again. Have a whole bunch of other thoughts but am pretty tired of writing right now, lol.

    4/10... nah, bonus point for Bob Backlund going apeshit on the Prime Time Players. That ruled. 5/10
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  18. Didnt like the show. 3/10

    Tag Team match of the night
    Khali gettin PPV time? Seriously?
    Cena gets a random and shot and lol he winS
    Kane was cool. But expected
    Lol at Brie no reaction during the match. AJ is the best face this division has at the moment. Anyone is at her lvl right now. She will always get the biggest pop
    Lold at heyman. Horrid match
    Bryan vs Orton was okay. Another dirty finish whatevs. Great to see the GOAT deliver a SCM
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