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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roadster, Oct 26, 2014.

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  2. Good PPV. I actually called every winner too. No title changes either. I enjoyed it. 8/10.
  3. I was enjoying it up until the return of Bray Wyatt... it was the wrong time to bring him back, there is now no resolution to the Ambrose/Rollins feud.. typical WWE to not finish one feud and start another one. Terrible booking.

    If there was a definitive winner with Ambrose/Rollins and then Wyatt comes and attacks Ambrose then that's cool.. this was just stupid.

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  4. 8/10

    Thought the Undercard was alright and my thoughts on the Main Event have already been said in the LD.
  5. It would be an 8 or 9 out of 10 if some of the undercard matches were more.

    An enjoyable PPV though, happy I did watch, especially considering I almost decided not to....
  6. I won two bet so im happy
  7. Well it definitely exceeded my expectations, but that's because I had almost none at all.

    The thing that bothered me most was that they didn't pull the trigger on Henry's heel turn. I was waiting and waiting for him to lay out The Big crybaby, but it just faded to black. That was the best time to do it in my opinion. I just hope that they pull it soon instead of them doing a build up with them arguing back and forth every week. I have no interest in seeing Big Show continuing to pout.

    As for the thing I was most excited about, it involved the Rollins vs. Ambrose match. But, while the match was good it was the ending that really garnered my interest. The kickoff to Wyatt vs. Ambrose feud. After weeks and weeks of vignettes they finally bring him back, and in a nice fashion at that. While it would've been nice to see the closing of the Ambrose/Rollins feud, leaving it opened to revisit down the road is the better option. Neither of them beat each other in a clean fashion, and they're always going to have that tense hatred for one another. And now Ambrose has another meaningful feud while Orton will be able to go after Rollins. A much better option as well than the previously reported Cena rumors.

    Everything else taken in account I'd give the PPV an 8/10.
  8. Watching this right now. Will rate/review it later!
  9. Having Wyatt attack post match would be the bad decision.

    They are ending Rollins vs Ambrose but keeping it open for a revisit down the road, most likely with Rollins holding a certain title.
  10. As for rating the show. I'll give it an 8. Strong show with little to no bullshit
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    Overall, it was a great show. 8/10

    Wow, looks like they squeezed the first three matches in a little less than 30 minutes.
    Also digging that they made Hell In A Cell look like it was carved into the actual cell, at some point.
    By the way, does anybody know what was that song that was promoting the upcoming Survivor Series?

    - Cesaro vs Ziggler was good, but a bit short. This match should've been 20 mins long, with Cesaro getting at least 1 pinfall. But it's okay, I guess, this feud is likely to continue. So, it's all good. On a lighter note... Nice haircut, Cesaro. He looks even more badass now that he's bald.
    - Gold & Stardust vs The Usos was decent. Glad that G&S retained!
    - So much about Cena/Orton being the ME. lol Even though it's been done a zillion times before, this one delivered just like any other... Had some great moments. I'm not particularly okay with the decision of Cena winning, 'cause I thought Orton winning this one would further cement his face turn. But oh well... At least Cena's gonna get maimed by Lesnar once again! So there's an upside to it, after all.
    - Sheamus vs The Miz was decent... Mizdow was just hysterical outside the ring, as always, he stole the match. He also totally owned the segment after the match was over. Like the crowd was chanting 'Mizdow's awesome', indeed!
    - Dean Ambrose's promo!
    - Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins was so freakin' awesome! I marked out when they started off at the top of the cell, my stomach was churning 'cause I was afraid they were gonna go with the 'fall of Mankind'. When both of 'em came off the cell and fell through the table, I still marked out. I totally predicted Bray Wyatt coming back and laying Ambrose out. I told y'all.
    I thought it was cool how they pulled it off, it was super creepy. Ambrose/Wyatt feud is gonna be fantastic! These guys will bring something different to the table. Plus, after Ambrose/Wyatt is done, they can pick up on the Ambrose/Rollins feud again. I can see it ending at TLC (maybe) with the MITB briefcase on the line. I'd love it if it lasted even longer, though, I've been loving their feud thus far!

    Negatives + the 'I don't give a damn about this' segment:
    - Nikki vs Brie. Skimmed through that pile of crap, though.
    - Skimmed through the Rusev/Show crap, as well. Had no interest in seeing it.
    - AJ Lee vs Paige. Completely lost interest in this feud ever since the Bellas and Alicia Fox got involved... Anyways, while I was skimming through the match, I think I saw Mankind and Bray Wyatt in the crowd, lol... Right behind Paige and AJ, while they were struggling on the barricade.

    Things are looking real good for WWE right now. They've been going in the right direction and got back on track lately. Looking forward to seeing where they go from now on. Should be a good RAW episode tonight!
  12. Overall it was 8/10, except for the Bray Wyatt crap, he had no story in the fued, bad writing, have no idea were they are going with it.

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  13. Why butthurt so much? lol

    I'm pretty sure you'll take those words back once you see the Ambrose/Wyatt feud. They couldn't have found a better guy to feud with Wyatt right now. The fans are high on The Lunatic Fringe, and Bray Wyatt after being gone for a while attacks our guy, it draws heat to him. I'll say this again, these guys will bring something different to the table. Just watch it happen, dude.
    Plus, it was too early to end the Rollins/Ambrose feud. It needs to end with SOMETHING on the line, imo. They'll just pick up on the Ambrose/Rollins feud once Ambrose is done feuding with Wyatt. So, all's good.
  14. Just finished watching most of it (the watchable parts anyway) I'll give it a 6/10.. Thought Cesaro vs Ziggler would've went on a little longer but meh guess not.
  15. That match should've lasted 20 mins, at least... That's why it ended up being good, instead of being MOTN as we thought it'd be. Cesaro should've gotten a pinfall, though...
    The match quality suffered from the show having one too many matches. They squeezed the first three matches on the card in like less than 30 minutes. I would've been okay with the divas matches being thrown out. But, oh well... What's done is done.
  16. So, Bray interferes in Ambrose' quest to destroy Rollins, and he's now supposed to abandon that to get revenge on Wyatt.

    I think it's just a way to squash the two guys that the fans like, and move the top of the card back into HHH's desired direction.
  17. I like your response and will keep watching. Fingers crossed

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  18. No one seems to understand what I mean.. I understand why they did it, I just believe that the timing was bad. Wyatt should have attacked Ambrose on RAW not at the PPV.. there should have been a clean winner in that match.. not to end the Rollins/Ambrose feud permanently, but to end this stage of it. It will now make zero sense when Ambrose doesn't go after Rollins anymore but goes after Wyatt instead.. unless they are going to do a Wyatt is now part of the Authority crappy story line and Ambrose will feud with both of them. I really hope that that is not the road they are going down. We will see tonight. I love the idea of Wyatt/Ambrose feuding, I hate they way they did it. The promos are going to be some of the best we've seen in a long time.. but the way they started it doesn't feel right to me. That's all I'm saying.
  19. Bray Wyayy returned???? Whaaat!!!! I thought the 15 mins dedicated to.his vignettes were for fun
  20. Except it makes perfect sense.

    Ambrose character is an emotional being driven by his animalistic urges. He's spent 5 months chasing Rollins and just when he is about to go in for the kill this other big predator shows up and attacks him. So logically he is going to fight back. When one big dog attacks another big dog the attacked one is going to bite back. And Wyatt is a manipulator, he'll draw all of Ambrose's attention.

    A clean ending wouldn't allow the Rollins vs Ambrose feud to be picked up in the same way, since the mystique is gone. Ambrose would have most likely pinned Rollins, so restarting it would take some forcing. This is the better ending since Ambrose never pinned Rollins, not once in 5 months of hunting him. Rollins is still Ambrose's white whale, that beast he never could quite catch. So all that is needed to restart it now is for Ambrose to go "you didn't think I forgot about you?"
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