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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jacob Fox, Oct 8, 2017.

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  1. Please rate Hell in a Cell 2017 and leave some comments below to let us know what you thought of the show.

    Kickoff Match

    Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin vs Hype Brose

    Chad Gable and Shelton Benjamin won by pin fall.

    Hell in a Cell Tag Team Championship Match: Champions the New Day vs The Usos

    The Usos won the tag team championship by pin fall.

    Rusev vs Randy Orton

    Randy Orton won by pin fall

    WWE US Championship: Champion AJ Styles vs Baron Corbin vs Tye Dillinger

    Baron Corbin won the United States Championship by pin fall.

    WWE Smackdown Woman's Championship: Champion Natalya vs Charlotte Flair

    Charlotte won the match by DQ when Natayla hit her with a chair.

    WWE Championship Match: Champion Jinder Mahal vs Shinsuke Nakamura

    Mahal retained his championship by pin fall.

    Bobby Roode vs Dolph Ziggler

    Bobby Roode won by pin fall

    Hell in a Cell: Kevin Owens vs Shane McMahon

    Kevin Owens defeated Shane McMahon when Sami Zayn interfered and made Shane miss an elbow drop from the top of the cell.
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  2. I ended up giving this a six and I think that is rather generous! It started out REALLY strong. The HIAC between the Usos and the New Day was very, very good. Then some of the follow up matches we okay but nothing great. The World Title match was a completely stinker. And the last HIAC had its moments but the heel turn by Sami Zayn there at the end was interesting, yet nonsensical at the moment.

    Best match: HIAC New Day vs Usos ***1/2
    Worst match: Nakamura vs Mahal 0 stars

    All else fits in between.
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  3. Whoa. Corbin won...?
    And of course Roode won. :emoji_slight_smile:
    I don't understand the Shane twist at the end there...? Why...? Well, this is WWE, where bullshit reigns supreme...
    I hope the USOs was a natural in HIAC.
  4. Ugh...a f*cked finish in the only match I really cared about...

    The WWE booking team can double f*cked on bed of crispy lettuce!
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  5. Crispy lettuce... how would that... chafing maybe? are you saying they're a tossed salad? I don't... maybe they have tomatoes for brains? or balls???

    meh, I was watching this instead

    out of ten
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  6. I think most of us can do a better Job being a creative team than WWE
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  7. Okay...I'll share my thoughts...not that anyone cares...

    ~ So I'm guessing Gable/Benjamin will be challenging for the tag belts next?

    ~ And The Usos won the tag belts back...and there was a no rematch clause
    on this match right? I think I read that somewhere.

    ~ Can this be the end of the Orton/Rusev feud please?

    ~ So they add Tye Dillinger to the U.S title match at the last minute...and then
    have him pinned so Corbin can win the title? I guess they wanted Corbin to get
    the belt without A.J being pinned?

    Well...it doesn't really matter...Corbin is still a Moron.

    ~ Okay...I'm pissed Charlotte didn't win the title...but what kind of finish is this?
    If you aren't going to give the title to Charlotte...then have Natalya win clean!

    I can see why they didn't put this match in the cell...because if they did Nattie
    couldn't use a chair to end the match.

    Why is Natalya doing this anyway? She's been a strong champion to this point
    and now she acting like Alexa Bliss.

    I'm guessing they are saving the title change for Survivor Series...but wait...
    aren't we doing the 4 Horsewomen vs. 4 Horsewomen match at Survivor Series?

    WWE...what exactly are you doing with your women's division? Apart from putting
    Alexa Bliss over everybody, screwing with Sasha & not using Becky enough.

    It really isn't looking good for Asuka...and unless they pair her with Heyman I'm
    afraid she is bound to be ruined by the main roster.

    ~ Jinder retains because of shows in India. You know I was happy for Jinder to
    be given a run with the belt...but now its just getting annoying. Put the belt back
    on Styles already!

    ~ Of course Bobby Roode won...so...can Ziggler be fired now?

    ~ And WTF?! I'm glad Owens won...but is Sami Zayn turning heel? Okay...as long
    as he gets more TV time.

    Rumor: Owens & Zayn vs. McMahon & Styles at Survivor Series...

    I picked 5 of the match results...but I honestly don't even really care.
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  8. Not true. I enjoy reading detailed reviews on these shows.
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  9. The preshow was good, nothing special

    The Orton v Rusev match was fine, disappointed by the ending though

    I'm VERY happy how the women's match ended. Charlotte's fighting for her sick legend dad, Natty losing the belt this quickly sucks, so Natty gets to keep her title and Charlotte doesn't look bad for failing her Dad. The match was fine

    The triple threat was good I think, I was busy doing homework. Same with the women's match, I finished near the end of that match

    The WWE Title match was okay, just okay. I'm fine that Mahal won, but I wish Shinsuke would've won. I guess Styles will win, then we'll get Styles v Owens or Styles v Shinsuke

    The Roode v Ziggler match was pure sh*te, no doubts about it

    That part of the show is a 6/10, very meh

    The main event was very good, I was so freaking scared while they were on top, absolutely horrified. 9/10

    And finally, the Usos vs New Day. Amazing, amazing amazing amazing. Screw Omega vs Okada 1, that boring thing was a 4.5 at most, you want to talk 6 stars, you talk this match. It was absolutely amazing. 12/10

    Overall I give it an 8/10. The normal matches were okay, but the hell in a cells really saved it for me
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  10. I don't get Mahal or Corbin winning, like at all. I am fine with the rest but the way they were done, eh.

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  11. #12 Grievous II, Oct 9, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
    It also worth noting that as of this event every
    champion on the SmackDown brand is a heel...

    Isn't that just delightful?

    And if you count Lesnar as a heel...Ambrose & Rollins are
    the only faces holding a championship on the main roster.

    I stand by my past statement...the WWE has no f*cking
    clue how to book "babyfaces" and as of result of this the
    creative team's default option is to simply give whatever
    title in question to a heel.
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  12. #13 SWL, Oct 9, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 9, 2017
    this was a good show, I like WWE's new approach by putting more into their less popular shows rather than waiting for the big 4 to pull good stuff out of the bag with Cena/Reigns and Shane/Owens happening on B PPVs.
    • Usos vs New Day delivered as expected and I'm glad that the Usos won because New Day can easily keep on doing entertaining bits without being champions, whilst the Usos kinda feed off of being champions and being the kings of the division.
    • Rusev vs Orton was actually a good match, I think if there was more hope of Rusev actually winning, this could have been something. But I did like the spot at the end into the RKO.
    • the US title triple threat was fine too and I think Corbin as the US champ is perfect. I'm glad that this is his first title in the WWE because that's how it should be. You win the US title before the world title, which is something WWE seems to forget most of the times so they first let someone win the world title and then go for the midcard title, which is completely pointless as shown with Reigns and Styles. Just keep them in the world division and let new guys win their first titles.
    • Natalya vs Charlotte was a bit of a let-down. The crowd wasn't really digging it and so was I. I think it was AJ Styles that once said that you don't have to pull out the big moves for every PPV match you have. It's good to have alternatives as your "spot of the match" rather than just going back to 1. Even though you're supposed to "put it all out there" every night, it's good to have special moves you only hit at big PPVs or really important matches and at this point, Charlotte's moonsault to the outside isn't even special to me anymore. I mean, why would you pull that out of the bag for a DQ finish? When she did it at both Manias, that's fitting but doing it on Raws, Smackdowns and in matches like this, it just seems like a waste of energy and prestige to me. But ye, at first I thought they were gonna have a chairs match at TLC until I remembered that TLC is a Raw PPV. Well whatever.
    • Say what you want, but the ending to Nakamura vs Mahal was well done, I don't have anything to say against it. Sure, the build up to the ending was a bit dreadful with Mahal's really really old school work method but the crowd was into it when they went home. I don't like Jinder and I think he should have already lost the title after his first defense but they did a good job here tonight. Also, Nakamura's new 70s disco pants look terrible.
    • OK, Roode is not cutting it as a babyface. I gave it a chance and I'm not interested anymore. Roode isn't a much of a technical wizard in the ring, so the arrogant Glorious gimmick is the only thing that kept him entertaining. Now that they're doing the babyface approach, that's a complete throwaway. Especially when he's struggling against someone like Dolph Ziggler.
    • Shane vs Owens was great which I honestly didn't expect. Owens has let me down so many times as of late that it's a pleasant surprise that he worked well against Shane. And the Sami Zayn heel turn at the end was picture perfect. From the facial expressions, to the commentary, to Zayn even making sure Owens won the match by pin. At first I thought they were gonna break the cell tonight with the popup powerbomb, but I guess falling off on the side a bit more safer. But yea, really interested in Zayn's heel work. I hope their main event scene is going somewhere now with Owens, Zayn and (maybe) Styles back on top
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  13. A lot of people say that if I was a WWE Superstar, I'd be Sami Zayn. Now...

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  14. Only watched the main event as that was the only match i was interested in seeing. Really enjoyed the match and feel like it was a good hell in a cell match. Not the best but for 39 minutes the spots were great. It had me on the edge of my seating and wanting them to stop doing spots on the roof or running on the roof in case it gave way. It made me feel the way they wanted me to feel watching it and as for the ending. I don't think Sami is necessarily aligning with KO, i think he's trying to start a feud with Shane because Shane hasn't delivered on the promises made to him when he made the switch from Raw to SDLive.

    On the main event alone i'd give it a good 7 out of 10
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  15. Wow, I actually got a lot of stuff correct for once

    Oh and Shane is 0 for 2 with the cell jump lmao
  16. Jinder Mahal and Baron Corbin are champions/10
  17. By now most of you are aware of my routine, thus the fact that I don’t get to watch any WWE programming live due to the time difference between the States and Greece (as I’ve mentioned before, by the time I get up for work in the morning, shows have either just ended or about to do so), which is why I’m always “late” as far as any commenting from my part is concerned, not to mention what a bummer it is not being able to join the fun in the chat room.

    Anyway, finished watching the PPV (do we even have to call them pay per views anymore?) a few moments ago and overall you can consider me a pretty satisfied customer. I ended up giving it a 7/10 which, quite frankly, could have been as high as a 9 had some of the booking decisions or finishes not annoy me so much. Either way, there’s no deny that almost every competitor last night really worked their a$$ off (more so everyone involved in the Cell matches) so just on that note, I feel a 7 is the least I could do.

    The main talking point obviously is none other than the ending of the main event, which had Sami Zayn get involved, practically saving Kevin Owens and apparently turning heel. As far as the execution, from all participants involved to the commentating team playing it out, I completely agree with our fellow member SWL above that it was done to the tee, pretty much picture perfect. But then there’s also the question of “why”. Why did Sami Zayn help KO? Why turn heel now and basically, why screw Shane this way?

    Having thought about it momentarily after it was all said and done, the best reasoning I could come up is probably the most simplistic of them all and, trust me, it’s not like I’m about to discover America or anything. Basically, my mind went back to that night on SD when KO was looking for a special guest referee for his championship match against AJ; you all remember that, right? Well, you should then recall that at some point during the “hunt” KO bumped into Sami backstage and asked him if he’d be willing to do the deed being “it’s not like you’re doing anything anyway”. Later on (might have been a week later) you may recall another segment backstage between Sami and KO in which both confronted each other after a short visit to memory lane and that ended with Sami talking about how he was about doing things “his way, the RIGHT way”.

    Well, come to think of it, it’s not like Zayn has done anything important ever since (quite frankly, he ain’t done sh*t since moving to the blue brand) so my simplistic explanation is that he perhaps came to the realization that “the right way” didn’t get him anywhere after all this time and decided to do something about it; something drastic, something major, something to be talked about, even if not “right”. One thing’s for sure, it has got people talking and it remains to be seen how the story plays out come Tuesday, where I assume they will follow the story line with an explanation.

    Elsewhere, New Day and Usos I thought tore the house down and the triple threat for the US championship was also very good. On the other hand, I did not like the finish of the woman’s championship match (though I guess I do understand why they did it) and I also wasn’t a fan of the Nakamura/Mahal match either. Granted, Jinder retaining was pretty much a lock but I figured they’d at least protect Nakamura with some DQ finish instead of pinning him YET AGAIN clean in the middle of the ring.

    I also feel that Randy Orton winning was stupid. I mean, how does this benefit Orton and most importantly, how does this benefit Rusev? Am I really that naïve myself?

    P.S. Oh, how amazing was KO once again, between his promo and the trash talk in the ring? That spot where he asked the cameraman if he got a good shot was just gold....
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  18. Because Rusev (& Lana) are still being buried because they got married...
    or because Rusev cut his hair...or whatever lame a$$ reason the WWE
    could possibly give.

    Rusev should just ask for a release at this point...I'm sure there are many
    other wrestling companies around the world who would treat him with more
    respect than the WWE does.
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  19. I don't think Rusev is made for the indies, he's a pure WWE creation. Kinda like Cody is, I mean sure he's a big name because of the exposure WWE gave him in the first place but you're not gonna see real bangers out of any of them. They learned how to wrestle the WWE style and most of the time, it doesn't adapt well to the ROH/NJPW audiences. Rusev is also more of a gimmick guy than a wrestler so there's that as well. Besides, I'm sure Rusev and Lana enjoy their monthly paychecks from the E, just like Ziggler and basically any other person that has been brutally "disrespected" by the company
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