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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Jacob Fox, Sep 16, 2018.

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  1. Rate Hell in a Cell and leave comments to let us know what you thought of the show!

    Hell in a Cell: Randy Orton vs Jeff Hardy

    Randy Orton won by pin fall

    Smackdown Women's Championship: Champion Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

    Becky Lynch won by pin fall to become the new Smackdown women's champion.

    Raw Tag Team Championship: Champions Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

    McIntyre and Ziggler retained by pin fall

    WWE Championship: Champion AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe

    AJ retained by pin fall

    Mixed Tag Match: Miz and Marysse vs Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella

    Miz and Marysse won by pin fall

    Raw Women's Championship: Champion Ronda Rousey vs Alexa

    Ronda retained by pin fall

    Hell in a Cell WWE Universal Championship: Champion Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman

    Brock Lesnar came in, tore the cage opened and beat Roman and Braun and the match was thrown out.
  2. 0/10 for me. The overall PPV was boring and I would have given it a 3/10 as most of the matches were boring or easily predictable, but the shit at the end was beyond dumb and WWE went full retard.
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  3. I gave it a generous 3. A few of the matches were decent. The Raw tag match, Becky vs Charlotte, the mixed tag and Joe and AJ. However, some of the just stupid crap just stood out more.

    The Lesnar thing was annoying.
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  4. LOL Brock Smash. Vince is such a troll.
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  5. I have no idea what happened in the main event but seeing y'all lose your shit about it is making me want to tune in more than the actual build does

    PS. Cowboys suck
  6. Basically, it was a decent match and get done with a few big spots and then Cock Lesser came out and interfered and F5 both Roman and Braun and the match ended there. To me it was beyond fucking dumb, but then again I am just a Smark who knows nothing and this is a way to start a triple threat that will make Vince's dick explode.
  7. I actually really enjoyed this show

    The SDTT match wasn't jaw dropping as usual, but it was still really good

    Hardy v Orton was a great bloody and brutal match. It was absolutely stomach churning and I loved it. The disgusting screwdriver, the studded blood marks, and not to mention Orton's fleshy thigh

    MotN, no question. The pure emotion brought by Charlotte vs Becky was awesome, it was nice and technical, while still super personal. I loved every second of it, especially with the twist Becky win

    The New Day promo was cringe surprisingly

    The RTT match was really really great with so many believable near falls. Despite giving zero shits about the Shield, I legit wanted them to win just through the way they did this match

    AJ vs Joe was awesome, and the dusty finish was actually really interesting. It isn't like your typical double win where I normally think it's dumb, for some reason something about this finish made me dig it

    The mixed tag match was surprisingly not awful. Brie Bella annoyed me, but she wasn't bad, and everything else was really good. Being from Washington, I dug the Seahawk gear. The finish also helps with the storyline, and while it wasn't necessary, it could have been much worse

    The RW match was fine, just fine

    The main event match was actually tolerable till the end. The match was entertaining and they balanced putting each man over really well. I love when Strowman hit a running Reigns with the stairs, and threw it against the cage wall. When DoW came out it was meh, when Shield came out it was meh, when they fought it was fun, and that's about it. The top of the cell spot was dumb, and Seth and Dolph spot for spot recreating the Seth and Dean cell spot was just stupid. On top of that it was for nothing. These four did what they did for nothing, and Seth and Dolph nearly killed themselves for nothing. It was stupid. Then that ending... I don't even need to talk about it, it was absolutely positively awful

    8/10 if you ignore the overbooked ending, 7/10 if you do, I'm voting 7/10
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  8. it's not even that anyone is losing their shit over it, it was just nonsense. A HIAC match is supposed to have a definitive ending. Previous to this, 38 of 39 HIAC matches had a definitive ending. It's the whole point of the match to cap off a feud. Nothing has been decided, Braun lost his MITB contract. It's like if the World Series was tied 3 to 3 and the players decided not to play the seventh game. There are certain things you expect to end and these matches are one of them.
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  9. Brock coming back makes total sense for the storyline. I bet the plan is doing Roman vs Brock vs Strowman at Wrestlemania
  10. Pretty bad show.. This PPV totally sucked ass.

    The highlights were, if any.

    Joe and AJ had a pretty good match.

    Orton and Hardy was decent.

    Brock returning was a surprise, nobody expected that.

    This PPV was a snoozefest.. 2/10
  11. Smackdown tag match was good and fun.

    Hardy and Orton started the night off well.

    Becky and Charlotte killed it, glad my girl is champ.

    Raw Tag match was also really good, surprised Dolph and Drew retained

    AJ/Joe was also really good.

    So overall, a really good sho... oh wait, we still have:

    DB/Miz with wives match. Ugh. How can I go from being invested in The Miz/DB feud the most going into SummerSlam to not caring about their match at HiaC? Adding their wives and banging on about their reality shows all the time, that's how. At least the match was ok.

    I hate Alexa Bliss now. That should have been a squash. Took away time from the other matches that were good. Ugh.

    And the main event. They refuse to commit to having a winner. Either be behind Roman 100% WWE, or don't be behind him at all. Braun and Roman laying on the ground for so long as the sidekicks had their fight and then when Lesnar came down was just dumb. I was looking forward to a Lesnar-free title scene. Ugh.

    So, all in all, 6/10. That last stretch ruined what was otherwise a really good show for me.
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    Brock coming back was fine, awesome even, it's calling the Hell in a Cell match between the two baddest men in the company a draw because they each got one F5 that makes no sense. Like... Roman reaches over and puts one hand on Strowman's chest, 123, sure, whatever, we were all expecting Roman to win anyways so it's not that bad, but even after we all accepted Roman winning, they still managed to find a way to disappoint us by having a non finish.... In a Hell in a Cell. What?!

    Oh, and fun fact Foxo, actually only 36/38 have finishes, once Mankind and Kane had a HiaC match where Austin did basically the same thing done here on a random Raw is War episode
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  13. Entertaining show.

    Rusev Day vs New Day...entertained

    Hardy vs Orton...entertained

    Becky vs Charlotte...entertained

    Drew and Dolph vs Dean and Seth...entertained

    AJ vs Joe...entertained

    Miz and Maryse vs The other two...entertained

    Roman vs Strowman...entertained

    Only match that was a dud was Ronda vs Bliss. Every other match delivered. Best B ppv of the year.


    Smarks are pissed with Brock tho. The booking was questionable. Brock interfering is great but the match ending in a no contest is not good. Like...why did they stop it? Roman kicked out of 6 f5's once that finisher move means nothing. It did get them out of a tricky situation though. Braun or Roman losing would of been more offensive to me.

    Brock vs Braun vs Roman at the Royal Rumble

    ...Brock interfering is by all means is not bad booking. The match not having a winner is.
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  14. I wouldn't say it was bad but it wasn't all that good either lol
    • Randy vs Jeff was a good opener and probably one of the more brutal HIAC of the modern era. That screwdriver spot still makes me cringe just thinking about it
    • Becky vs Charlotte was a bit of a let down and the ending kinda fell flat as well. I guess they had no other option because they couldn't make Becky lose but also didn't want Charlotte to take a definitive L, so a sloppy roll up will do. They should've really done the double turn after it because that ending was awkward af, they're probably gonna do it some other time tho
    • the tag title match was great and definitely match of the night. I was actually hoping for the Shield to win but maybe another time
    • Joe vs Styles was getting quite slow and that ending just had Road Dogg written all over it
    • the mixed tag was as lame as expected and let's just hope we can send Brie back home to her baby again because this ain't it
    • Bliss/Ronda was ok but the thing that interests me is, what are they gonna do with Bliss now that they can't put the womens title on her repeatedly? Are they just gonna put her on the shelf until Ronda leaves so that she can win every title match again or..?
    • main event was good and complete chaos as it should be, but that ending was the most WWE thing I've seen in a while. I was watching this with a friend of mine and after the last F5 I asked him, why does this feel like the show's ending on this? And he couldn't believe it but they actually called a HIAC match a no contest. Mick Foley, 20 years ago, fell off of the cell 2 times, took a bump on thumbtacks and they still finished the match lmao. You'd think that after promoting the Taker/Mankind stuff and showing that footage that they wouldn't pull pussy shit like this now but I guess so. It's frustrating because it would have been so easy to fix this by simply letting them pin each other or have someone hit 1 more finisher to end it all but instead they made them look weak as hell by having to end the match for them
    far from a perfect PPV but it's not terrible, I'd give it a 4/10
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  15. [​IMG]
    worst bit of the ppv
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  16. Honestly, just thinking about it I'd say - not including NXT - this has been my favorite WWE event of 2018, which is funny since Hell In A Cell 2017 was my favorite WWE event of last year. Sure the ending was disappointing, but the ending is always disappointing

  17. What was the last satisfying end to a main roster ppv? Fastlane probz
  18. Greatest Royal Rumble if it counts and yeah, Fastlane before that. That's six straight months of disappointing endings
  19. Becky is Savage and Charlotte is Hogan. Charlotte going to shake Becky's hand trying to remain in the spotlight is heelish. Becky is being booked brilliantly. Charlotte is slowly turning into a monster.
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  20. Why wasn't the United States Belt and the Intercontinental Belt defended last night for?
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