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Dat Kid

King of N*gga Style
There were some Solid matches with Banks/Lynch, Orton/Ali, Reigns & Bryan/Bludgeon Bros 2 Electric Boogaloo. However they were pretty average and unmemorable matches with the exemption of Banks/Lynch, which I felt only had some pretty creative spot and not much otherwise.

No Kofi, so there's that.

But the biggest upset was, of course, the main event and how it ended. Triple H clonked McMahon on the head with a sledgehammer in their HIAC match, so the ending made no sense to me. I didn't really want to see The Fiend with the championship but I also didn't wanna see Seth spam his finisher like this is WWE 2K.

I would've preferred a run-in or Bray attacking officials and the match then going to a legit no contest. Not sure how they bounce back from this. :willis:
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You Can't Beat my Meowcenaries
Seeing as i am King of the Rate threads :P i shall throw my two cents into this.

Sure, i do want yall to rate in the poll above and be a little serious, but i want your vote more then anything to just be honest, it doesnt matter to be if you hate WWE or love it, weither or not you watched the show, because truth is thats what the recap is for, you can read what happened on the show hwo good or bad things were and give your thoughts accordingly.

Truth be told if i had it my way it would be 1 to 5 rating system but that failed horribly LOL

The rate threads do good as long as yall share your thoughts and rate in the polls, i find enjoyment in the fact yall actually read the recaps i spend the entire showing writing on, and get a little excited when i get on the next day to see yalls thoughts on the show.

Thats part fo the reason i made the logos aswell, i enjoy it, even if WWE right now annoys me to quite a large degree lol.

All i ask is you guys and everyone else keep it civil and respect eachother opinions.

And most important check out the Wednesday Night War thread as i update it every thursday!
He's right about being king of the rate threads. Before you came along, I did them a majority of the time for nearly three years. Of course Snakey, Reag, Big K, Seto and others helped out a lot. I appreciate the way you and I do them. Having certain shows makes it more fun. I think Reag and I were going to do that at one point.
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white crow

The Serbian Butcher
It doesn't matter if Bray looked like he had some crazy ass durrability, point is that he got BEAT UP like a little bitch. Seriously, have you ever seen someone getting beat the shit out of him that much in a main event match? Way worse than what Lesnar did to Strowman. It was literally up to 10 finishers, objects, strikes... And besides presented to have good durability, Bray looked like a jobber Seth could bash any day. That fact by itself is worse than ruining the hiac match type by ending it in dq/no contest.
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Dave Meltzer has given his ratings for Hell in a Cell

Nattie/Lacey Evans: 2.25 Stars

Becky Lynch/Sasha Banks: 4 Stars

Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns/Luke Harper & Erick Rowan: 4 Stars

Ali/Randy Orton: 3:25 Stars

The OC/Braun Strowman & Viking Raiders: 1.50 Stars

Kabuki Warriors/Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross: 2.25 Stars

Chad Gable/King Corbin: 1.25 Stars

Bayley/Charlotte Flair: 2.25 Stars

Seth Rollins/The Fiend: -2 Stars

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