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Rate iMPACT 1/16/15

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ShaRpY HaRdY

Main Event Mafia
  1. Kurt Angle & Samoa Joe happened a bit too early but overall was an okay match.
  2. Hardys vs Wolves was awesome, those four have had some very entertaining matches.
  3. EY vs Roode in a No DQ was pretty solid.
  4. Knockouts segment between Taryn/Brooke, The Beautiful People, Awesome Kong, Zema and HAVOK shows that TNA knows how to write proper women's wrestling stories in the small time alotted.
  5. The BDC allowing Low Ki to get his X-Division title back from Aries was a little bit irritating considering Aries & Ki's match previously was awesome and Ki could've very well won cleanly but oh well, the important thing is he has the title back.
  6. The BDC segment with Lashley getting the beat down and MVP taking the title away should've happened last week but it was pretty obvious it was coming and it seemed to work out pretty well.
Overall the episode was solid enough and didn't lose my attention so it seems they're starting 2015 off decently.

Prince Bálor

I'm kind of a big deal
Just watched it. 6/10

- Angle vs Joe was okay for what it was, I guess.
- Decent Bobby Roode promo.
- Really liked The Hardys vs The Wolves match. I always like watching these two teams going at it!
- Roode vs EY in a No DQ match was decent.
- Low Ki vs Aries was good, but the rematch happened way too soon, even though Ki regained the X-Division title. Also on that note, Low Ki shouldn't have lost the title in the first place. But, oh well...
- BDC turning on Lashley was predictable, I was expecting it to happen sooner, honestly. But this should be an awesome feud, regardless. Looking forward to next week's episode!

- Meh openning segment and a shitty little explanation for why they turned heel. 'Me against the world, me gunna find some like-minded people to fight by my side/You were supposed to be my friend, dammit!'. Awesome explanation from both BDC and EY. lol
- The whole Beautiful People/Bromans/Brooke & Taryn/Kong & Havok segment. Meh, wasn't into it at all.


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
7/10 - I thought that the BDC opening segment was decent, EY's explanation as to why he turned heel was welcome but still not as good as it could've been. Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe was good, Angle's still got it but I'm surprised it happened so quickly. So who is the new Authority Figure? :P Roode vs EY was good, and Roode's promo was good. EC3 is gold and JB is becoming badass. Hardy vs Wolves was Match of the Night, possibly best since the move to D-A, and Aries vs Low Ki was a good main event. Lashley being a tweener (think that's the term) would be fun, and him getting his title back next week will be fun to see in what I believe will be a real NYC Street Fight.


You Can't Beat my Meowcenaries
I finally got around to watching it. I once was as die hard a TNA fan that ever existed but have found it difficult to get into the product. The return of Awesome Kong has got me back though.

I gave a 7/10.

I liked:

Hardys versus Wolves. An absolutely fantastic match. Easily the best televised match of the week.

The entire knockout segment. TNA has always been at its best when their women's division is strong. Seeing my pal Kia show up was wonderful and I love how such a sweet lady can look like a raving psycho. Kong versus Havock is easily the match I am most looking forward to right now.

Aries versus Low Ki was good, but I don't like when a company plays musical chairs with its titles.

Angle versus Joe was all right but nothing special.

I didn't like:

Eric Young in any capacity, which sucks because I used to be a huge fan.

All the BDC segments. MVP is a third rate talent in my view and the less screen time he gets, the better.

EC 3 crap.

I can't see myself making any long term commitment with TNA again, but as long as Kong is there, I'll be watching. Having her on any show automatically earns a higher grade from me.

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