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Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Prince Bálor, Jan 24, 2015.

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  1. You know the drill, ladies and gentlemen. Vote above and give your thoughts below.

    Full Results:

    * MVP calls out Bobby Lashley and he shows this time. MVP says he got Lashley everything he has. MVP says The BDC (Beat Down Clan) owns the World Heavyweight Title. Lashley says the title is his. Lashley wants nothing to do with this and MVP is offended. They hug but Low Kiattacks and Lashley gets beat down by the group. Ki hits a double stomp to the back and MVP hits him with the belt. As they leave, MVP says the title doesn't belong to Lashley, it belongs to The BDC. (Note: Our correspondent wasn't sure if this is the final segment for the 1/16 episode or the opening segment for the 1/23 episode.)

    * Havok vs. Gail Kim starts when they brawl on the ramp. The match ends in DQ when Havok shoves the referee. Havok drags Kim back to the ring for more punishment but the lights go out and Awesome Kong is here. Havok attacks but Kong no-sells it. Kong clotheslines Havok over the top rope and her music hits.

    * Koya, the former Mahabali Shera from India, defeated Tigre Uno in a squash match. James Storm and The Revolution cut a promo on The Hardys. Apparently it will be Storm vs. Matt Hardy tonight.

    * Feast or Fired match is next. British Bootcamp 2 winner Mark Andrews came out and took a seat in the crowd before the match began. The briefcases are on poles and wrestlers in the match are Rockstar Spud, Robbie E, Jessie Godderz, DJ Zema Ion, Crazzy Steve, Sam Shaw, Gunner, Eddie Edwards, Davey Richards, Bram, Magnus and Austin Aries. Spud climbs on top of Shaw to grab the first case. Aries acted like he was going to do a dive but ran to the top rope and grabbed the second case instead. Aries then dives out and retreats to the back. Apparently The Beautiful People got one of the cases, possibly for BroMans?, at the start of the match but nobody noticed. Magnus gets the last case.

    * Ethan Carter III comes out with Tyrus. He calls Jeremy Borash to the ring for a match. JB is wearing jeans and a hoodie, and has Spud with him. EC3 talks trash and when JB takes the mic, he attacks EC3. JB had the upperhand until EC3 got pissed. He spit on Spud. Spud attacked but Tyrus took him out. UK star Mark Andrews from British Bootcamp 2 came over the barrier from his seat in the crowd. He hit the ring and helped Spud take out Tyrus and EC3.

    * Matt Hardy vs. James Storm is next. Hardy gets the win with a small package. After the match, Storm offers to shake hands but Abyss attacks Hardy from behind. Storm ties Hardy up and Abyss grabs Janice but Jeff Hardy makes the save. He challenges Abyss to a Monster's Ball match for next week and gets the crowd to chant "Monster's Ball."

    * Low Ki and Eric Young defeated Kurt Angle and Bobby Roode. MVP and Kenny King distracted the referee, allowing Young to hit Roode with a steel chair. Ki got the pin on Roode.

    * Bobby Lashley vs a mystery opponent is next. Lashley comes down without the belt and is upset. He grabs the mic and tells them to bring his title out, now. Kenny King comes out and tells Lashley to go crying to the NYPD "if they don't choke or shoot" him first. This leads to King vs. Lashley with The BDC surrounding the ring. The whole group enters the ring and attacks Lashley, causing the end of the match. Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle make the save. Angle challenges The BDC to a six sides of steel match at tomorrow night's tapings.

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...-spoilers-for-the-12315-tna-impact-wrestling/
  2. 8/10

    I liked:

    F or F was decent... had a few good spots a few funny moments. Austin Aries' fake was funny. Aries' It wasn't much of a match but enjoyable for what it was.
    Lashley continues to be an idiot. He was right beside MVP with the belt on the ground. All he had to do was stop the one star performance and take the belt. Lesnar would have put the entire BDC in their graves.

    Awesome Kong promo was great. Kia is one of my favorite wrestlers ever and she can only mean good things for TNA.

    Havok vs Gail Kim it was going pretty good, sucks that it ended in a dq. But they were just trying to get an entrance for Kong. Kong's appearance was gold. I love that evil smile and her beating on her chest.
    Rockstar Spud with an X Division shot... I have no idea what to say out about that.

    I knew Magnus was going to get the tag belt shot.

    Robbie E was brilliant in his little hissy fit. When Velvet said "Oh my God," I was sure she got the World Title shot. Thank God Aries got the World Title shot. He's the one who deserves it.

    I didn't like:

    Tigre Uno vs koya. I hate squash matches and there are too many factions.

    Roode and Angle vs Low Ki and Eric Young. It is a sucky world when a Kurt Angle match is boring.

    EC III is the most pointless wrestler since Pointy J. Pointless, winner of last year's Pointless Wrestler contest. I know for some bizarre reason some people like him, but honestly he is easily the worst thing in wrestling that's not named Dixie. It was nice to see Borash beating on him for a while. Here's hoping EC III crosses Awesome Kong at some point.

    I hate seeing a good wrestler like Samoa Joe being the lackey of a terrible wrestler like MVP.


    Abyss in Monster's Ball might be fun... that is more up to Jeff since Abyss is pretty much done in my mind.

    The street fight thing was pretty stupid and anyone stupid enough to have a second chance to grab his belt and just walk into a trap like Lashley did doesn't deserve to be champ. It's nice that the four of them chickened out when Angle and Roode showed up.
  3. Wasn't a bad episode, I liked the Feast or Fired match this year.
  4. Not watched episode 'cuz UK delay (which makes me wonder, will the Glasgow UK taping be LIVE on Challenge like last year?) but 2 things stand out for me. Khoya squashing Tigre Uno is lame; the two should've had a longer match, Khoya's finisher looks ok but then again beating Tigre Uno means nothing because Tiger One jobs 24/7. He's not even an established midcard guy, he's been jobber since he first lost to Sanada. Would it kill TNA to build him up a bit (he's the only luchadore, too)?

    Also, I think EC3 will be more entertaining when he's in a big wrestling feud where he can put on a good match on PPV (hopefully they do a 1st quarter 2015 PPV) and I think he's partly injured now. I heard he had minor surgery during the TNA hiatus of 2014, but I'm excited to see EC3 turn the heel antics a notch up when he's moved on from JB and Spud (as good as I think this has been so far). EC3 and Mark Andrews confrontation in the UK is making me hyped, I hope they do this and then have Mandrews get a X-Division title shot.
  5. it was a good one
  6. Umm, I actually like EC III b/c the kid is great on the mic.

    As far as his matches go, I've yet to see him put on a good match.
  7. Maybe, but that supports my point since it's pro wrestling not pro talking. If he wants to talk and not improve in the ring, then he should be a manager or an authority figure and stay out of the ring.

    I know there are a large amount of people who like that guy. I dislike him even more than I dislike Cena, though.
  8. That's fair, I guess.

    Well, we can always agree on disliking Cena, though.
  9. Isn't it wonderful how despite differences, hatred of John Cena continues to unite the planet?
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  10. That's the beauty of it, brother.
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  11. Well, it was decent for what it was. I'm giving it a 5/10

    - 'Feast or Fired' was decent. Although, it had some cool moments during the match. I'm happy with the outcomes, especially about Aries and Spud! Hopefully both of 'em are going to have a successful cash in!

    - Bram going berserk in that backstage segment with Magnus was some good stuff, I liked it.

    - Gail Kim vs Havok was a solid contest, but then the never-been-done-before DQ Fest came out to play. Well, ain't that just grand?! But then again, this can't be a negative for me, 'cause Havok's won me over (never really got into her when she came to TNA), but now I'm into her and Awesome Kong, as well. No pun intended, of course!

    - I liked how EC III announced JB, and I seriously lol'd at Borash trying to look tough while walking down the ramp. Holy smokes, man. When Mark Andrews got involved, I thought it was Alex Shelley. Dat Shooting Star Press by Mandrews, tho! And also, dat Senton Leg Drop by Spud.

    - Robbie E being a freakin' goofball at the backstage reveal of Feast or Fired briefcases.

    - Lashley vs Kenny King was turning out to be a really decent match, but the BDC's DQ Fest just had to happen. Meh, so predictable.
    - Angle & Roode vs EY & Low Ki. Well, that whole gig was vapid.
    - Matt Hardy vs James Storm was boring. But hopefully next week's Monster's Ball match including Jeff/Abyss won't be boring.
    - Cheesy and predictable closing segment with Lashley walking into a trap set up by the BDC.

    The 'I don't give a toss about this' segment:
    - Koya vs Tigre Uno.
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